Do These Three Things For Your IRS  Problem ( Law of Attraction )

Do These Three Things For Your IRS Problem ( Law of Attraction )

hi this is Eyvette from my world of
metaphysics bringing you another law of attraction metaphysical lesson today I
want to speak to you about do these three things for your IRS problem and
make it go away yes people you know it’s that time of the year and some of us may
be smiling and then maybe some of us aren’t we know when it comes down to
that IRS there is no escaping yes we all know that that is the last thing anybody
wants to hear from the IRS listen you can use this technique for almost any
type of money matter that you have so listen watch this video all the way to
the end don’t forget to Like subscribe and listen tap that Bell so let me first
start off with my story okay and I want you to have a little more motivation by
listening to what happened with me knowing that you’re not alone knowing
that you too can solve your money matter somehow someway I attracted the
situation where one of my w-2s was not fun I get a letter from IRS people
saying there’s a discrepancy with what’s being reported to us and what you filed
on your income tax I’d say you know what I’ve been following my income tax since
I was 16 years old there can’t be a problem and I pay good money moving
along it ended up that there was an error after everything was over with
everything that was going on I was owing $28,000 I would not lie to you when I
say I got hit I got hit twenty eight thousand dollars out of the blue I owed
the IRS I was starting to sweat so what did I do
to solve my IR s problem and again some of you guys can relate to this other
people can relate with this in a different manner you can use what I did
to solve any money problem that you may have the first thing I did was write it
out everybody know that I keep a book to write out everything that I’m trying to
manifest now I can’t tell you guys more than enough please if you’ve got
something you’re trying to manifest write it out please write it out anytime
I’m trying to manifest or create anything in my life I write it out and
I’m trying to tell you to do the same thing the next thing I did which I was
doing is that I was visualizing myself getting my IRS statements stating that I
owe the money getting a letter back saying paid in full I kept visualizing
myself opening an envelope getting a statement saying paid in full again you
could use this for whatever situation you are in if imagine something coming
to you in the mail imagine you going somewhere and they
telling you the problem is resolved whatever the problem is you can use this
technique that I use to solve my problem the next thing I did is that I took a
picture of the IRS bills I took a picture okay with my phone click click
and you guys know what I did I headed over to Walgreens and I made a picture
out of it okay I made a picture out of it a four by four now the two of these
are from the state and the federal because you know this is how it works
people once the federal it’s you they send it over to the state
and then the state come and get you so regardless to the point they come
okay the two of them once you get rid of one the other ones coming that’s how it
ended up being around $28,000 okay then what I did after that is that I made
three separate copies of these I had them on my refrigerator on my vision
board on my mirror in my bathroom I had these pictures where I could see
them every day and on these pictures said I am free this is done complete
finished I am free complete finished done what I had written out I kept
reading it often not only that visualizing while I was reading what I
wanted to happen in my life so I was visualizing myself getting something
stating paid in full okay me being happy I was looking at it every time I went
into my refrigerator every time I went to brush my teeth or wash my face every
time that I looked at my vision board it was there God put people in my path to
clear this up for me my remind you God for people in my path
and what happened eventually I did not have to pay twenty eight thousand now
I’m gonna tell you I did have to pay listen I’m gonna tell you right now I
arrest them play they don’t play the thing is you want to pay something and
they don’t want to hear someone else made a mistake and that you paid someone
and they made the mistake then the whole thing is you should have caught it in
with your taxes not their taxes it was yours so when they said your taxes you
should have looked over it to make sure it was correct
you learn something new everyday people IRS don’t play at the end of the day I
may have paid 4000 and this took a long time to settle people because like I
said listen law of attraction works but you have to be patient you have to calm
your nerves you have to know that the God that’s inside of you is working on
this solution bringing people into play that help things work along for you okay
so it takes time at the end of the day I must have paid 4000 5000 and what
happened is my income tax for the next year was used to pay to us God is good
god is so good when you wake up and you got a twenty eight thousand dollar bill
sitting in front of you from nowhere it’s enough to make you roll over
because if I risk don’t play they’ll seize your house still seize your car
this sees your paycheck they don’t care that’s just the way it goes
you don’t want to mess with the IRS what I’m telling you
I did it worked I may have came out of my pocket myself maybe four thousand
dollars the rest of it came from my next tax my next tax statement I was able to
use that to pay off the remainder of what was due how did I do it I did it by
having the faith in the God that dwells inside of me
I did it by knowing that I caused my reality and it’s up to me to make things
right I took action I went out and did what I needed to do to solve this
problem and that’s what I’m telling you no matter what kind of
you have with money with anything you can solve your problem only you can
solve your problem the God that you seek for help is the God that dwells inside
of it once you guys all realize where your
true source is coming from you too will have a smoother road ahead listen this
is Eyvette from my world of metaphysics always bringing you a
metaphysical law of attraction information if you liked this video
please like it right now it keeps me going people if you don’t like it I
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20 thoughts on “Do These Three Things For Your IRS Problem ( Law of Attraction )

  1. Remember whatever situation you are in, have faith and take action no matter what. God will work miracles. But people or situations must be put into place to move you through. Many people say "well it's not working." Everytime you do that, you are sending out negativity to send you backwards multiple steps. Have faith no matter what and watch God fix it or do something better. Beleive me, I know. Blessings to all who watched the premiere and all those around the World. Eyvette.

  2. Evette, i think it's great but we all need to know how long did it take for you to pay it back together with your income interest meaning how long did the process take? And did you also procrastinate, angry, & depressed? You must have gone to your lows where we all have been there too. It seems people can't express how low they felt since the LOA won't allow it. I said Bull though you have to go low but also have to find a way to rise up our feelings again. Can't anybody admit that please? I am tired those LOA people say just keep on Behaving Positive while times are extremely hard. You have to release your stress with every-way you know how. Thanks Evette. Oh BTW, I'm delighted it all worked out for you. GOD Bless You For Sharing For Us.

  3. Grand Rising Family 💙❤️💙. Love the tips something I needed to hear. Love your hair looks nice u got it going on Family. Much Divine ❤️ light and Protection. Namaste

  4. I'm going thru the same thing with my property taxes I'm going to do the same thing you did thank you . Paid in full

  5. Eyvette, thank you for this video! I am experiencing a situation right now. I am putting your steps into play today. Thank you again for this knowledge. You ROCK! Love your new hairstyle. It looks good on you.

  6. Replay. Replay. This is so powerful. Thank you again for another energy packed lesson. I feel your blessing being shared. I will take action with the help of our might God.

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