Driving directions with Street View on Google Maps

Driving directions with Street View on Google Maps

Now you can use Street View
when getting driving directions on Google Maps. First, go to google.com
and click on Maps. Then, click Get Directions and
enter your starting location and your destination. If you’re searching in a city
where Street View is available, you’ll see a camera
icon next to each driving direction where imagery
exists. Your starting location will be
marked with an A, and your destination will be marked with
a B. Clicking the camera will open a Street View bubble
at each location listed in the directions. A blue path is shown to guide
you to your destination. Follow the white arrows in the
Street View window to better understand the path you’ll
follow when traveling to your destination. Remember to use the zoom buttons
to take a closer look at things and to pan the image
to get a 360 degree view. You can even use this feature
to help plan for your trip. For instance, check and see if
you’ll need to bring any money along for toll roads. Avoid parking tickets by
checking for No Parking signs. Investigate poor road conditions
like potholes, steep hills, and sharp turns. Not sure what your destination
looks like? Figure out exactly where you’re
headed by taking a street level look. Don’t forget that you can email,
link to, and embed these directions for sharing
or personal use. Wherever you’re going, we’ll
help you get there. Get your Street View directions
at maps.google.com.

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62 thoughts on “Driving directions with Street View on Google Maps

  1. This is an amazing feature. The only problem I'm having is the clarity of the picture when you zoom in. The resolution doesn't seem to be high enough to read street signs, etc. I tried this on Mercer Street in NYC.

    Otherwise, great job Google!

  2. And google maps gets even more creepy!

    Lol, it is amazing what they're doing over there though.. impressive stuff.

  3. Why isnt it like this anymore!?!?!? This is so frustrating. Grrr. This was awesome and so helpful. Im pissed.

  4. The classic version of Google Maps was great!  So sorry that Google has dumped the classic maps favor of the new version!  I hope you'll keep this video up. It's a good reminder of better times!

  5. Nice video! i strongly recommend proxydocker because it provides an added layer of internet security and privacy.

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