Dryer Repair – Replacing the Door Switch Assembly (Whirlpool Part # 3406107)

Dryer Repair – Replacing the Door Switch Assembly (Whirlpool Part # 3406107)

Hi, it’s Steve from Partselect. You’ve
determined that the door switch has failed on your dryer. Let me show you how easy a
job that is. All you’re going to need is a putty knife and a Philips screw. Let me
show you how easy it is. They very first step to this repair will be
to remove the lint screen. It just pulls out of the top. Located beneath that are two Philips
screws that we need to remove. The next step will be to depress the clips that hold the
top cover down. There’s one located about an inch in from the right and an inch in from
the left. We use our putty knife for that and you may find that you need to pull forward
on the top. Now ideally we’d like to have a wall to
lean that top up against but if not take a cord and fasten it through one of these two
screw holes to a point on the cabinet to suspend it in an upright position. Now that we have our top secured our next
step is to disconnect the wire harness to the switch. Sometimes these are a little tight.
Take your putty knife and just disengage the locking tabs. Now our next step will be to open up the dryer
door, remove the two Philips screws that are holding the switch in place. They are located
on either side of the switch tab. As you remove the last screw you may want to hold the switch
in your other hand so that it doesn’t fall down inside out of sight. Pull it out through
the back. Now to reinstall our new one we need to make
sure that tab is faced toward the front. Slide it down through the square opening , line
up the screw holes and reinsert the screws from the front. Make sure the screws line
up with the holes in the switch, don’t over-tighten them. Our next step will be to reconnect the wire
harness. The last step is to put our top back down. Remove our support device, make sure
there are no wire harnesses to get pinched, line it up over the retaining clips. Just
press down on each corner and we’ll put the two screws that hold the lint filter in
place. Now all that remains to be done is reconnect the power. That really was an easy repair, wasn’t it?
Good luck with your repair and thanks for watching.

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98 thoughts on “Dryer Repair – Replacing the Door Switch Assembly (Whirlpool Part # 3406107)

  1. Thank you so much. Was getting ready to take our girl, to college and the dryer broke. Saw your vid and ordered the part and in 2 days its back up. Did it myself in a few minutes. Really appreciate you video. Stop by our music…

  2. Hi Steve. You know what you should do? Teach people how to repair door switcheson Dryers. I think you'd do well ! Ha ha…thanks!

  3. Thank you Steve! I ordered the part, replaced it myself (with your wonderful directions) and cant wait til my husband gets home so I can show him the properly working dryer.

  4. Thanks for the video although my problem was slightly different, this was helpful. My dryer is a different model Whirlpool, the door hinges are at the bottom with the switch at the same location at the top. If the door latch is worn on these models, the door may move just enough for the switch to open causing intermittent operation. Some day I may buy a new latch, for now a penny with double sided tape attached to the door at the switch location is enough to take up the slop.

  5. Thank you Mr Steve. We had an appliance electrician look at it and he wanted $200, I refused and used your video and it was done for $15 parts and my own labor $0, priceless to see the wife happy. Your videos fix relationships not just appliances.

  6. Part cost me just $6 on Amazon. Followed your excellent instructions and had the dryer up and running in under 15 minutes. Thank you so much. This is why Gore invented the internet! lol

  7. Mr Steve, my Whirlpool Gold Model # GEQ9800PW-1 still rotates the inside drum when the door is opened and the same time the inside light went out.  I replaced the inside light myself ( looked like a small Xmas or night light type bulb, however, the drum still rotates when the door is opened.  I don't know how to make it stop this and I'm sure it's not safe.  I found this video of yours, however, my lint filter is down inside the dryer when I open the dryer door….therefore, this video won't work for me.  I don't even know…if this part…the door switch assembly is what I need to replace.  I Googled my problem, however, no one with my issue came up.  Please help….single retired lady on fixed income…so repair man is out of question.  Thanks for your help!

  8. Steve, thanks for the video and how to change/install a new one. That was the problem with mine and after about $22 for the part and 15-20 min later our dryer is working again.

  9. FINALLY ,a man that speaks English well and can communicate in this country and doesn't have rapp music or some other low life trash screaming in the back-ground so no one can hear what he says….but mostly just a class guy that knows exactly what to do here. I wish he did all the videos on repairs. NICE work.

  10. Had my switch switched out in less than five mins and only 6$ on amazon Thanks, Used a flat head screw driver for the clips and a Philips head for the 4 screws

  11. Steve, Man you saved me a lot of dough by making this video simple and easy to follow. I'm following you! Thanks for the instructions. I spent about $13 on the part and fixed my dryer in 15 minutes. God bless you!

  12. You could cut this long video to 2 minutes by speeding up all the mundane things (undoing screws for instance), just sayin

  13. Thank you Steve. I made this repair tonight and it worked like a charm. The only hold up was the rusty screws at the lint trap.

  14. Just received my switch and we are up and running again, Thank you partselect !!
    Sure wish I would've found this video and link to the correct switch before wasting $32.00 on a ugly universal switch with a huge metal actuator that didn't work. (from sear parts direct)
    I do a lot of my own repairs and will be subscribing to you. Getting the right parts the first time sure makes the jobs faster not to mention safer and easier. Thanks again !!

  15. I'm an old girl and a handyman offered to "fix" my dryer for $125. I remember my brother-in-law making comments about dryers being simple machines. So I watched your video, ordered the part (paid a lot more cause I ordered from Sears) and with the help of my son's muscle, we fixed it ourselves. Saved $100 – THANKS!!

  16. A huge thank you for your help. I can't thank you enough. I know you saved me tons of money. My bf looked at me as if I were crazy for even attempting to try to fix the dryer myself. He called me crazy for not calling a service tech. The part cost me approximately $17 and I fixed it all by myself. Big Hugs!

  17. Awesome! I got the part for $6 on EBay, followed this video, and now my dryer is working again! I'm so happy. This saved me lots of money.

  18. I only have one problem:
    Part #3406107 shows to Maytag (three wires) (short wiring harness)
    Part #3406105 shows to be for Whirlpool.n (two wires) (long wiring harness)

    I have a Whirlpool and the 107 came in with a short 3 wire harness, and just wasn't long enough.

  19. We love you 🙂 it worked exactly as you suggested. We did change the order and removed the screws holding the switch in place before we disengaged the wire harness and the same when putting it back on, we engaged the wire harness first before screwing the switch in place. This way we didn't have to worry about making sure the part didn't fall inside. Thanks so much!!!!

  20. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video…because of that I was able to find out my dryer's switch was broken and I was able to replace it myself! I got my parts from www.repairclinic.com

  21. Thank you! Our Kenmore dryer would not stop running when we opened the door. After time, it completely stopped working. I couldn't see paying a fortune in repairs, especially if it was a major problem (i.e., drum, motor) . However, after a little research and viewing the video, the switch was the problem. Bless you!!!

  22. Thanks so much! Everything went as you showed us. The hardest part was getting the top off, and when I re-watched the video I saw the pull on the back part that I had not noticed before and all went well. Saved me a lot of money. Much appreciated!

  23. I ordered a new switch and watched your video. Unfortunately, my broken switch doesn't have a harness that you plug into. If the switch I get is like the one in this video (and I suspect it will be) I'll have to try to rig it. The switch on my dryer is connected by two female disconnect terminals. Does anyone have any tips?

  24. Thank you so much Steve. I ordered the switch and it came in a few days. It then took three weeks for me to get around to doing the job. It was so easy with your directions. My problem was I hadn’t cleaned behind the washer and dryer for so long that it took me awhile doing that. It works fine now. Thanks again.

  25. Awesome instruction video! I just cancelled the service call that was going to cost me $139 and ordered the part for $7 on Amazon. Thanks!

  26. I followed your step and it went all well. It costed me $7 to fix it. I felt so good for having fixed what would have costed me hundreds of dollars. All I can say is THANK YOU infinitely.

  27. i don't know how much money this video just saved me, but more than i wanted to spend on a handyman during the holidays. Thank you very much!

  28. Shouldn't the dryer be unplugged first? Ok l just heard you say to connect power at the end. Sadly, not everyone knows to unplug the power cord prior to working on anything, much less a 240 watt dryer. Thank you!

  29. thank you. It is so cool that i one was able to diagnose the problem and two you showed me how to fix it. I feel so smart! 🙂 Now hopefully it isn't so old that i can't find the part. LIz

  30. I have a hard time opening the top as was only able to release one side by pressing the locking clip on one side but not the other. is there a trick not mentioned in the video? I have whirlpool dryer model # LGR5600JT1. do I need to remove the screws in the back of the dryer to facilitate pressing and releasing the other clip of the Top in order to change the door switch?

  31. By looking at the comments it seems like this a common issue. Can't they make the part so this doesn't happen. Pulled the switch out and it says Made in China! That explains it.

  32. I own a Whirlpool Electric Dryer…My dryer is not heating. Will this door switch, if broken, prevent the dryer from heating?
    My door switch is broken in the "ON" position. I have looked at the thermal switch and heating elements and find continuity in both of those.
    I have removed the door switch and will be replacing it if the dryer does not have more complicated problems. Don't want to waste money if the dryer is too far gone.

  33. Wow. Same dryer. I called in model number to order the part and it is in fact the number you listed. My son helped me install it and i saved myself 600.00 dollars or more. When the one appliance dies i will buy twin set. These appliances were here when i moved in. Nonetheless, I have saved myself some money for the moment!. Thanks.

  34. Just a note to anyone about to order their new switch.
    I noticed in this video that the switch is a 2-wire switch.
    Our Dryer has 3 wires.
    Fortunately, the guy at the order desk knew his stuff, because the EXACT model number of our dryer was not listed. But he knew what was the right part number that would still fit ours.

    He was right. What was sent was 3 wires and exactly the same switch as the old one.
    It was as easy to install as the video shows.

    So, if there's any doubt as to the right part number, perhaps, before ordering, just follow this video to take the old switch out, take a picture or two of it and note its actual part number, how many wires and where each wire goes, from the connector to the switch.

    Thanks for the video. It saved me a lot of time.

    Now, time to fix the washer. I have to replace the braking system AGAIN!
    Yes, i replaced this about 10 years ago and already it's worn out. LOL 😉

    Interestingly though, the hub has only 3 nylon brakes, but spaces for 3 more (I think it's 3 more).
    So I'm very tempted that if the old ones are not a lot thinner, to take them off of the old, original hub and put them on the new one so as to have 6 nylon brakes.

    Oh what fun… 🙂

  35. I did everything the way you did. I received the new switch and connected it with no problem. I put the bulb in but first I checked the bulb on another socket to make sure that worked and it did. But…when I put it in the dryer socket. No go….can there be something else wrong inside the unit? I also changed the Thermal Fuse because that blew later on I cleaned the whole inside of the dryer plus the exhaust shoot that it looks like new inside. I try to clean the dryer every six month because of the lint build up. I like to prevent fires if I can help it.

  36. very helpful. Good visualization of what you were doing. Plus handy demostrations of tips the pros know but ,as amateurs, we don't. Thanks

  37. Thank you very much. I ordered Part # 3406107 from Amazon and it took me about 20 minutes to fix my Kenmore 80 series.

  38. I followed your directions and everything went perfect. I had to order part Whirlpool 3406107 Dryer Door Switch Replacement from amazon for $7. Saved me lots of $$$. Thank you again

  39. I believe I have this very issue, your instructions seem very clear cut and I'm going to order my part today. But I have one question and it's probably a DAH question, but you mention in the closing statement to turn the power on, but you didn't mention to turn the power off in the beginning, but I will LOL once I locate it in the back since the dry is up against the wall. TY

  40. A load dries faster than the new washer will wash a load, which is nice≖>allmy.tips/Whirlpool-Dryer?98T Second round of laundry today. The wife is happy with both. We recommend. The dryer has leveling feet. They allow you to level machine. The dryer has to be vented. Vents require routine cleaning. Failure to do so will affect drying times and can cause fires. There is a maximum length for a dryer vent. That information, along with lots of other information, can be found in the owners manual.

  41. Your simple how-to videos are so helpful for this single gal who can do these fixes herself; but, just need these helpful videos to walk me through it step-by-step. THANK YOU!!!

  42. As a retired single woman on a fixed income, I can't afford to make service calls for every little thing. I ordered the part and used your video and I am up and running. Wioohoo! Thanks!

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