44 thoughts on “Eddie Rispone concedes Louisiana governor’s race to Democrat John Bel Edwards

  1. Maybe he should have banned Trump from coming into the race on his behalf. Trump is toxic and everyone around him ends up in JAIL!

  2. See what happens if you don’t go out and vote? Trump can’t do everything for you.. if you just want to go his rallies and just sit back..then you might as well vote for the other party..

  3. John Bel Edwards is pro life and pro second amendment. He's a Republican in Democrat's clothing. Either man would be good for Louisiana.

  4. "he came down here 3 times to try to help us"… LMAO… the only person that humpty trumpty is interested in helping is himself, I watched and listened to him on stage with you and he sounded totally desperate. He is an extreme narcissist that doesn't give a damn about you unless there is something in it for him. Eddie you seem like a decent man and you should not hitch your wagon to that train wreck in the oval office.

  5. When are you republicans going to stop thinking Donald trump is going to save yo ass. Did you people learn from Kentucky and loseing Congress. I want you guys to keep thinking your savior Donald trump will be that super man stupid republicans. Because the blue wave has just got started, watch 2020 tsunami is on its way

  6. Thank goodness this beast didn't win the MOST HIGH GOD HAS TRULY BLESSED US, we dodged a bullet. Thank You Heavenly Father, "The wicked shall not go unpunished".

  7. Even with all the help from Mother Russia, by way of Trump and the Sleezy Republican party, Rightousness Prevailed !

  8. YouTube might take this comment down but who cares. Read the Willie Lynch letter folks. Politics keeps black people in bondage. When are we as blacks gonna stop running to white people for everything and do our own thing. Same old thing Pharoah did to the children of Israel by putting taskmasters (Politicians) over the children of Israel to keep them in bondage. Black people been in America for 400 years and ain't nothing change. Same old crap over and over. As long as black people choose to always run to the system for everything, nothing in the black community will change. Blacks are not getting married, more babies out of wedlock, single mothers raising kids alone (keep your legs closed), fathers are on child support (another reason why he doesn't care for the kids), blacks put themselves under slave minded preachers on Sundays, huge rise in HIV and LGBTQ in the black community. We have to allow The Messiah Jesus Christ to be the head of our life and not the system. God wants us to depend on him and not this Pharoah, Esau, King Herod, LGBTQ system.

  9. Look at his supporters and it's not hard to figure out why the republican party is headed for the dumpster, and is royally screwed. Old white, racist and thankfully soon to be six feet under. So this is trump's demographic, 65+ year old white folk-good luck with that agent orange.

  10. 🎊 Congratulations. I hope he is the type of governor that is helping the black community to be PROSPEROUS and SELF SUFFICIENT with STEADY employment with benefits, high wages, lower taxes, homeownership, good schools in the black community, Pre-K programs, college education assistances, and vocational training programs. Not killing black babies via abortion. And encouraging family unity, fight on drugs, fight on crime, and prison reform. BUILDING A FUTURE 4 the BLACK COMMUNITY.

  11. The man who committed BRIBERY, EXTORTION, WITNESS INTIMIDATION GAVE YOU THE KISS OF DEATH. You should have told him not to come to Louisiana.

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