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  1. Society is society. By running away from it, you are doing something oppose to it but it is still about the society which will always be shaping your life. Society is like a monster which kills the one who is escaping it, but also devastating for those who lives with/in it.

  2. robots being taught how to become an employee and work for the system for a wage to buy clothes and food.

    modern slavery

  3. Great video and song, God bless and rip my friend, Chris. I'm sorry you had to suffer to finally break free!!! We shall are see you soon in our times brother. Thanks

  4. Many of us just want to live.. just exist.. but books, carriers has consumed us to such an extent that we are not true even to ourself..

  5. you are all alone life is all superficial there is are no unions in what cause to human existence we all live in the mystery of life and there is no collective connection living in an illusion

  6. "Hope you're not lonely without me" … One of the best modern sentence society could have birthed … Btw, how come I can't encounter people ; especially men, with this kind of depths … I dream of this kind of partner, at least for a while. Can't believe we're all stupid and empty. Who could have impersonate this than Eddie ?!… Hope he's not that lonely.

  7. Great song!…to bad he donate the money to the basterds of oxfam nobib!!!! They are thiefs, just like so many of this kind!

  8. love movie and Eddie and meaning…but burning money and then hitchhiking only to use someone elses is not the greatest vehichle to spread the message of minimulism.

  9. 21 century, The age of entertainment, We are chasing cars, electronics, handsets we don't need. Society you are a crazy breed. Vedder sings true.

  10. Não é sinal de saúde estar bem adaptado a uma sociedade doente

    Jiddu Krishnamurti

  11. This song is so powerful makes you think in other perspective of live or how we should enjoy it
    Great movie
    God eddie

  12. Imagine what would could have happened if he had a smart phone and WiFi with battery life to match his passion!… Freedom is a birth right and modern technology is the path… Let go

  13. One day I will disappear from this place I call home for a few years and come back a new refreshed man. It’s all I look forward to.

  14. Great song. Beautiful, deep, passionate. I could have been another Chris McCandless and died on the road…pretty easily. Took to the road in 1980, hitchhiked across and around the US, coast to coast. Hiked in national parks, slept in a box car, lived in a mission for hobos.

    Was it free and free-ing? Absolutely. Was it dangerous. Absolutely. Almost got killed several times. Old time hippies used to pick me up, just to tell me how dangerous hitchhiking was.

    Met guys who lived off the land, living on next to nothing. One guy was able to live on $300 a year. Had a rifle to shooting game. Bought some bullets, maybe a few supplies for a tent, etc. etc.

    So, I was in that culture and around that culture.

    If you go extreme enough, you are going to hit walls. And, yeah, you could easily wind up dead.

    Having some sense of balance is really the way to go. I mean, you can have incredible experiences of nature and freedom, doing through hiking of the Applachian Trail or other major trails…and in the National Park System and on and on. But, you do have to read, study and physically train. You do have to know what you are doing and not engage some journey that is beyond your expertise. Or, you could wind up dead.

    I was hiking in Glacier, without proper prep. Almost got killed by grizzlies. I did hiking in the Badlands, almost struck by two different rattlers. I mean…I was just stupid as a stone.

    Hitchhiking, I was almost killed a bunch of times, with 2 very very close calls.

    At the same time, we live our lives in cubicles and homes…these boxes that become our world view. It is important to crush that ignorance into dust. Freedom is a real thing.

    But….and here's the real deal —- real freedom comes from inside. Comes from peace inside. And that immediately goes into a person spiritual search. If you really want real freedom, go to an actual Zen Buddhist monastery, talk with some of the priests and nuns. Maybe take a retreat there. Learn to meditate. Practice some Yoga. That is the direction where you will find real freedom.

    The outer search is important too…and fun and free-ing. But ultimately, the real journey is inside.

    In nature I was around bear, elk, an angry little bobcat, a bald eagle. So, yeah, I saw that stuff. I mean, it is fun and glorious. But animals are just animals. I mean…they are like your pets. Same or similar consciousness. Sweet, innocent, beautiful…incredibly athletic and all that. But there are zero deer in the wild, spending their lives helping the poor or writing a Beethoven symphony. They have limits.

    But Gandhi is something else. Thich Nhat Hahn is something else. Or Thomas Merton, or Rumi and the Sufi poets. That is, ultimately where you can find real freedom.

    Seek on High Bare Trails
    Sky Reflecting Violets
    Mountain Top Jewels

    – Basho

    Dance in me Thy dance of Infinity, by Paramhansa Yogananda

    Thou lovest, O Mother Divine, to dance the dance of destruction.

    Thou dost shatter fragile mortal flames in Thy war-dance of destruction, to show, smilingly, that our souls remain unbroken.

    With Thy mercy Thou dost scale the hardened, mud-encrusted cover of delusions coated over us.

    Since Thou lovest the dance of devastation, Mother, I have cremated all my desires, frailties, weaknesses and finiteness, forever and ever, and joined Thy dance of destruction of all evils.

    O Mother, since now nothing more is left of my finiteness for Thee to destroy, dance in me Thy Dance of infinity and of love, instead.

    from Whispers from Eternity

    by Swami Yogananda

  15. If yall watched the movie, this Shit strikes into the heart. And this song is so fkin good damn man it makes me cry

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