Elizabeth Rowley (Communist Party of Canada) — Priorities

Elizabeth Rowley (Communist Party of Canada) — Priorities

Our priority will be to put people and nature
before profits, and so that tells you that there are quite a lot of things that we want
to do that will be of benefit and are important for Canada – climate change, we have to
take decisive action on climate change, we want climate justice. We also have to act to raise living standards
and to raise wages for Canadians who are facing very difficult times, so this involves a twenty-dollar
minimum wage, putting people to work, building affordable social housing, creating jobs in
the new renewable energy sector and developing our manufacturing and secondary industry. So there are lots of ways we can create jobs. We also want to make sure that students for
example are able to go to university without carrying an enormous debt. So we want to eliminate student debt but we
also want free education, post secondary education for students. And finally, we want an independent Canadian
foreign policy of peace and disarmament. If we were to cut some military spending by
75 percent we would have the funds to be able to create jobs and to expand social programs
and do the things that Canadians need, so they’re a package, they go together.

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