Ellen Helps Sisters Furloughed by Government Shutdown

Ellen Helps Sisters Furloughed by Government Shutdown

The current government
shutdown is now the longest in US history, and
thousands of federal employees have had to go without
pay for nearly a month. Around here, we keep
trying to think of ways to help at least a
few of the people that are going through this. I heard about two
sisters outside of Washington DC, who decided
to do something about it. And I wanted to meet them. Here is Nikki and Jackie. And they work for
the government. They both are huge
fans of the show. We can see them
they can’t see me. But when I say go,
I’m going to surprise them using Cisco technology. Here we go. Go– hello, ladies. Hi– [LAUGHTER] Hi, there. Oh my gosh– Ellen– Ellen, that’s you. Do you see us? Hi, surprise! Oh my gosh– So you both work
for the government? What do each of you do? I work for the FDA for
recruitment and outreach. I work for the
Department of Justice. I’m an analyst. All right, so you’ve been out
of work since December 22, which is– what is that doing
to your families? I mean, this is really
outrageous to all of us but just watching
from the outside. But what’s it doing to you? It’s been horrible. Bills are due. We can’t use our Furlough letter
to take out get groceries– Get gas. I have a college student. My daughter– she’s going
back to school soon. And I got to get
tuition, make tuition. And our husbands– right
now both of our husbands are unable to work. So it’s been really,
really rough. Yeah. Really hard. Well, it is. I mean, hopefully
something changes soon. I’m so sorry you’re
going through this. But tell everybody
the company that you started to try to make
money during the shutdown. This is fantastic. And how did it start? Well, it’s called the
Furlough Cheesecake. And it happened
on New Year’s Day. My sister had sent
cheesecake home with me. And I ate a slice, and I
forgot about the Furlough. I forgot about bills. I forgot everything. I got lost in how good it is. I’m the eater. And my mom came down,
and I gave her a slice. She did the same thing. My mom said this is so
good, you can sell it. And I sat up straight, I’m
like, ding, ding, ding. We can sell it sister. And she said, I’m on Furlough. I said let’s call it
the Furlough cheesecake. The Furlough cheesecake, and
that’s where it happened. Wow, and so where
do you sell them? And how many do you make a day? My goal is to maybe try to
crank out 75 to 100 a day. And people purchase them online,
www.thefurloughcheesecake.com. But we’re taking in more
orders than we are pushing out cheesecakes right now. Right now. That is fantastic. All right, so and you’re
going to get more orders. So you better get ready
after people hear about this. I know. And I love cheesecake. So here’s what I’m going to do. I want to place an order. My friends a Cheerios are
inspired by your story. They gave me $20,000
and they said do whatever you
want with $20,000. And I said– [CHEERING] All right, now, that’s
to buy one cheesecake. So you get that $20,000,
and you send me a cheesecake because I love cheesecake. All right? Yes, ma’am. All right, get ready. You better start making
some cheesecakes. You’re going to have
a lot of orders. If you know someone
who is out of work because of the shutdown,
go to our website. Tell us about it. We’ll be right back.

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