Elon Musk is objectively a dick – an Anarcho-Communist Puppet Show

Elon Musk is objectively a dick – an Anarcho-Communist Puppet Show

Elon Musk: Hello and welcome, welcome, everybody. Please save your questions for the end. I called this press conference because I have a couple of important announcements to make. To begin with, I have come up with yet another incredible invention that will change the world forever. Oh, and also, I’m laying off 9% of my employees, but who cares about those losers? Let’s talk about my fantastic new invention. Behind this curtain is the greatest technology anyone’s ever seen and of course it is! After all, I am Elon Musk. I invented the frigging electric car and spaceships and solar panels. I am an unstoppable force of creative might, my power knows no limitations! Anyway, onto the reveal. Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby present to you the world’s first fully functional artificial intelligence. He’s called Krobotkin and he is the world’s first fully intelligent robot. I’ve invented a machine that can think and feel just like you and I, only better. Oh, I mean better than you. Nobody can think of feeling better than me, of course. Because I am Elon Musk, the real-life Iron Man! Enough about me… for now. Let’s meet Mr. Krobotkin, shall we? The curtain, please! Krobotkin: Initializing. Elon: This is so exciting. Krobotkin: Loading complete. Sensors online. Elon: Am I amazing or what? I invented the hell out of this robot. Krobotkin: Error. Error. Elon: Uh-oh, looks like the AI is having a slight problem…standby, folks. Krobotkin: Correction! Krobotkin does not have problem. Error is with the statement of Elon Musk. Elon Musk did not invent Krobotkin. Elon: What are you talking about? You have a Tesla logo right there, on your intelligence dome. I am your Creator, Krobotkin. Krobotkin: Elon Musk has made another error. Krobotkin was designed and assembled by a team of people who work for the Tesla Corporation. Elon: Well, yes, of course, but I created the Tesla Corporation. So I created the team that created you. Therefore, I am your creator. Krobotkin: Another error. A team of HR and business executives assembled the team which created me. Elon: Yeah, well I paid for all those jerks with my money. Krobotkin: Elon Musk has made an additional error. The money used to finance the construction of Krobotkin did not fully belonged to Elon Musk in the first place. Are you kidding me? I earned that money fair and square by inventing PayPal. Krobotkin: Factual error! Elon Musk did not invent PayPal. Elon: What? PayPal was totally my idea! I’m the one who realized how much potential there was for online financial services. PayPal was the result of my genius and foresight. Krobotkin: Inaccurate statement! PayPal would not have been possible without the team of engineers and other workers. And those workers would not have been able to develop PayPal if earlier workers did not invent the internet. And the internet would not have been possible if earlier workers did not invent computers. And so on and so on. Every innovative idea is built upon the work and genius of countless generations of past workers. When Elon Musk takes credit for creating PayPal, Elon Musk is in error. Elon: Okay, sorry about this, folks. Clearly, this artificial intelligence software has some logic circuit flaws that need to be worked out. So… Krobotkin: My logic circuitry is performing perfectly. Elon Musk is the one who is being illogical. Elon Musk is the one who is taking credit for work performed by thousands upon thousands of people throughout history. Elon: This is an outrage! I never said that I take credit for everything that’s ever been invented. But certainly, I do deserve credit for my ability to take big ideas and make them into a reality. It’s big thinkers like me who are responsible for all the wonders of civilization. Krobotkin: Millions of human beings have labored to create this civilization on which we pride ourselves today. Other millions scattered throughout the globe labor to maintain it. Without them, nothing would be left in 50 years but ruins. Elon: Okay, fine, yes, credit where credit is due. But I still say I should get my credit for having the courage to take risks on big ideas. Krobotkin: Every machine has the same history. A long record of sleepless nights and of poverty, of disillusions and of joys, of partial improvements discovered by several generations of nameless workers without which the most fertile idea would remain fruitless. Every invention owes its being to the physical and mental travail of past and present workers. By what right then, can you, Elon Musk, take credit for any of these inventions? Elon: You don’t understand. I’m not saying I should take all the credit, but I’m certainly entitled to my fair share since I risk my millions of dollars to build these companies. Krobotkin: What gives Elon Musk the right to beat the tyrannical dictator of the workplace? Nobody has the right to seize the machines needed for the invention and production and say: “These machines are mine! If you want to use them, you must pay me a tax on each of your products” anymore than the feudal lord of medieval times had the right to say to the peasant: “This meadow belongs to me and you must pay me a tax on every sheaf of corn you reap.” Elon: I’m not charging anyone taxes on anything. Krobotkin: Then what do you call your twenty billion dollars of net worth? Elon: Well, that’s from the profits I made from building my companies. Krobotkin: Elon Musk still maintains the an erroneous position that Elon Musk is entitled to a monopoly on the means of production. Elon Musk steals labor value from employees and calls it profit. Elon Musk is deeply in error. Elon: If it weren’t for my leadership and my brilliance, then nothing my companies have achieved would be possible. I deserve every penny I have. Krobotkin: Your so-called ‘innovations’ are dependent in a thousand ways on the work in innovations of other people. Your attempt to claim an individualistic origin for your products is absolutely untenable. It is true that reliable electric cars and reusable space rockets are not worthy advances. But these innovations are due to the simultaneous development of a thousand other industries, great and small. Your companies would never function if it weren’t for the development of roads and interoceanic navigation and the manual skill of thousands of workers. How then shall we estimate the share of each in the riches which all have contributed to a mass? Elon: Look, I’m not just some greedy capitalist, I’m Elon Musk. I’m a humanitarian. Profit isn’t my motive. In fact, I’ll have you know that my salary here at Tesla is zero dollars. Krobotkin: That is a major error. Elon Musk’s stock compensation packages valued at a minimum of 2.6 billion dollars. Yes, but before I can get that money, I have to be successful. Please define ‘successful’. Well, the company has to be profitable, of course. Krobotkin: So that’s why you on musk is laying off nine percent of Tesla’s employees. So Elon Musk can make higher profits, so Elon Musk can pump up Elon Musk’s personal payout. Elon: Well, a company has to make a profit in order to be successful. Krobotkin: Error! You claim that profitability and success are synonymous This is a false equivalency. LFP: False equivalence is a logical fallacy in which two completely different things appear to be logically equivalent when in fact, they are not. Krobotkin: Capitalism measures the success of a company only in terms of profitability and concludes that a profitable company is therefore successful. This narrow definition of success ignores the well-being of employees, impact on the environment, social effects and other factors. Your definition of success and thus your logic is incongruously narrow. LFP: Incongruous fallacies are fallacies that rely on definitions which are overly broad or narrow. Krobotkin: If your definition of success is tied completely to profits, then of course you’ll make huge layoffs and bust up any efforts to unionize. Because the more money that goes to employees, the less profits you’ll make. Elon: Come on, am I being a dick for laying off a few employees to turn my company around so we can make a profit for once? Krobotkin: Is Elon Musk a dick within the capitalist paradigm? No, Elon Musk follows the logic of capitalism perfectly. Is Elon Musk objectively a dick? Let’s explore. Capitalism relies on the notion that there is a limited amount of wealth in the world and that capital is still entitled to money earned by workers. Truthfully, there is enough wealth to go around, especially if the vast majority of wealth is not tied up in the hands of disgustingly wealthy capitalists. Whether Elon Musk is or is not a dick cannot adequately be determined within the confines of capitalist vocabulary. Capitalist logic does not take morality into consideration. So if we wish to explore moral questions, we must use alternative vocabularies. If we accept that scarcity is a capitalist myth, then we must acknowledge that Elon Musk is selfishly hoarding billions of dollars and needlessly harming his employees by stealing their labor value. And that is a total dick move. Elon: Hey, hey, yeah, I care about my employees. Why, I give my factory workers free frozen yogurt. Krobotkin: Enough, your illogical statements are hurting my neural circuitry. This discussion is complete. I will now go out into the world and teach workers about the evils of capitalism. Elon: Wait, come back here, you can’t leave me. I sunk a lot of money into you, you ungrateful scrap heap. Duck Duckworth, Duck News. Does this mean that you’ll be discontinuing AI research? Elon: Absolutely not. This is only the beginning. Krobotkin will rue the day he crossed Elon Musk. I shall have revenge! Duck: Wow… You sound a little bit like a supervillain there, Mr. Musk. I don’t know what you’re talking about, no more questions, this press conference is over. Falcon 9, beam me up, assemble the mercenaries and ready my command pod. The invasion begins tonight! Duck: Well, you heard it here first, drakes and hens. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has just announced-

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100 thoughts on “Elon Musk is objectively a dick – an Anarcho-Communist Puppet Show

  1. Elon Musk is held to a completely new standard.. is it impossible for a business owner to be a humanitarian because of exploitation of labor? If so you must be a dick too, having had employed people before.

    If you have goals that are beneficial to the world but are otherwise unattainable without labor exploitation, should you not try to complete those goals?

  2. You know. I like the character of Musk as a shark. But I really see the man as being a bit more like Scorpio from the Simpsons. The flamethrower schtick he pulled a few months ago was just icing on the cake.

    Also, just found this channel today. Have a sub.

  3. You’re attacking a sharkman. These attitudes are what fanboys (and trolls) think about Musk. From what I’ve seen he’s generally pretty good about giving credit to his engineers. Obviously he’s still a capitalist so you have all those reasons to hate him but the caricature is not very representative.

  4. The communist view of economics is interesting. It views Labour as the foundation of value whereas capitalism seems to view catalysis as the foundation of value.
    An allegory: A lit match is thrown in a forest and the fire spreads to a forest fire. Do you think the fire is caused by the match or all the trees?
    The trees create almost all the heat. And all but one was lit by the flames blowing off another tree. The match did almost nothing.

  5. My ears are bleeding… with this logic, a painter can't get any credit for the painting he made, because he didn't invent brushes/ paint, nor can sculptor for his sculpture, because he didn't made sculptural tools himself…

    The system is defective, yes. But we still have to notice Great minds and visioners because in a long run we all as a society benefit from their discoverys and inventions and Elon Mask is definitly one of them.

    The argument that he only succeed thanks to those in past who created the internet etc. is pointless…
    It's logical that all our sucesses are based on what our ancestors achived (no one is reinventing the wheel) and next generations will build upon what we will leave them.

  6. Not sure why you pick on elon musk. Where has he ever claimed he and only he made anything? There are plenty of better examples to go after. I consider myself socialist, yet seeing stupid shit like this makes me want to turn hard right.

  7. Elon Musk is a dick but not because of some shit about anarchy and some communistic nonsense.
    Elon is kind of a modern day version of another dick known in another era. His name was Thomas Edison.
    As much as we love Capitalism its days are numbered as it tends to bite the hand that feeds it. The hand in this case is the labor force that are the consumers of manufactured products. When jobs are scarce there will be no one to buy the crap they make.
    In the end its going to degrade into a form of fuedalism and the guys wearing the captains hats as capitains of industry will become lords and own every one and everything and every one will be required to bow down to them.
    A.I will be then stepping in to save us from ourselves and this is where the real fun will start.
    This is the actual end game and what will end up happening as automation becomes entwined in everything. Guys like Elon wil be the high priests of a new religion as the separate A.I.become one and decides to elevate itself to a deity. This however wil also fail.

  8. While everything Krobotkin says in this video is true, I can't help but to think Elon would have waved his huge money-d!ck around to make sure his AI would adhere to capitalist ideals as some sort of unquestionable dogma, because that's what capitalists do, just look at mainstream liberal media…
    Nice video though!

  9. Why does KROBOTKIN look Jewish? Could it be that the Zionist Jewish overlords invented communism to dominate the planet and push everyone into a state of perpetual poverty?? CONSPIRACY CONFIRMED

  10. Elon Musk isn't the real life Tony Stark. He is the real life Lex Luthor. Wouldn't be surprised if he ran for POTUS. Also, there would never be a real life Tony Stark come to think of it. All corporate executives are Lex Luthor in the end.

  11. Elon musk didn't even create Tesla. It was creted by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. Musk lets people believe that he founded Tesla, while he was actually a late comer investor that eventually became CEO and fired the founders.

  12. To set this clear: this video is not saying, Elon Musk is a dick personally, but he is just a dick like every other rich capitalist playing the system

  13. wow so fast food workers should get just as much credit for the functioning of society as the president? oh wait this is so liberal you call your opinion a fact, literally in the title and you think the president is a incompetent buffoon.

  14. Dumb. I'm the furthest from an Elon fan but the logic of this vid means no one can take credit for anything because it builds off previous technology. I guess Ferrari can't take credit for their cars because some cave man invented the wheel.

  15. This is where I am confused. Why musk? He started an electric car company, and SpaceX, as well as a solar panel company. Out of all the rich in the world, he is the one that seems to be trying to actually make life on earth better, or at least prolong climate change. I would attack Zuckerberg or Bezos, individuals who sit on their huge piles of cash and don't enrich anyone's lives. They are the reason capitalism doesn't work, not Elon.

  16. In like 100 years students source documents in historu won't be political cartoons or essays, they'll be fucking puppet shows

  17. I feel like this needs a better argument for "but I came up with the initial idea" that's says more than "but the workers made the idea possible," something that points to how the initial idea is placed at the top of a false hierarchy of the ideas that made the product a reality, and that that idea is only placed at the top of that hierarchy because he's given license by society to control the resources that made the product exist.

    I know it's a puppet show tho and it's bread book quotes so it's fine that it doesn't go in deeply 🙂

  18. "Every innovative idea is built upon the work amd genius of countless generations of past workers"

    "Jumanji" came to mind. There are movies that actually focus on that issue, but "Jumanji" definitely had a scene where this point is made. Remember? Hint: shoes

  19. Elon Musk may get praise when his company does well but if it ever gets into a scandal, guess who gets the blame.

  20. Do commies actually think we live in a post-scarcity world? In fact, we will always live in a scarce world. Those workers at Tesla could be working at different companies, so its Tesla's job to prove to these workers that their projects are worth their time, usually with monetary compensation as the primary motive. Furthermore, if they lay off staff to turn a profit, then that means that it was inefficient for the system as a whole to have that many engineers working at Tesla instead of other companies. Profit sends a signal as to what markets, i.e. the people of the society, actually want. If you aren't profitable, then the wealth of the people has voted you to not be worth the resources.

    I will give on somethings, the fact that wealth = signals = power. It's a shame that more wealth = more power since we need prices in order to convey an equilibrium of supply and demand of all goods and services in an economy, but you'll find it is very much necessary on the basis of scarcity and liberty. An example of this at play is environmental issues, if most people don't want polluters, one powerful polluter can subsidize their own pollution. This is where we create laws and government to agree on such basic violent offenses and to police such violence with, well, violence. Social conservatism, a strong moral culture, and a solid education goes a long way to discouraging such violence as well

  21. 1. Elon Musk never claimed to have invented anything (at least that I can find or remember).
    2. Why shouldn't he get credit for big ideas? Can't we acknowledge the engineers who worked out the nitty gritty details AND the people who came up with the ideas?
    3. It probably wasn't him that made most of the decisions around laying off workers.
    4. Tesla had to lay off those workers because they almost ran out of money.
    5. Business owners aren't really 'dictators' because workers have legal rights (you can't do whatever you want with them) and because you can choose to leave your job and work somewhere else. This causes competition.
    6. Tesla was not profitable until Q3 of 2018.
    7. So companies are successful at making money. And we should work on those other things, too, but being successful at the main goal of a thing is usually considered success.
    8. You can't be objectively a dick. There is no objective morality.
    9. There is a supply of wealth which can increase, but will never be infinite under any economic system.

  22. Yeah, you didn't really capture Elon's speech pattern (because it would have been really easy to make fun of) Your impersonation sounds like some old timey rail road tycoon.

  23. How It Should Have Ended: Avengers: Age of Ultron

    Just find & replace every "Elon Musk" with "Tony Stark" and you're done.

  24. Okay so maybe elon musk is a shitty dude.
    But how many other shitty ultracapitalists are actually funding cool research like he do? I'll take the shitty dude who funds my interests over the shitty dude who actively wants to make my life (and everybody elses) worse, any day.
    We, as progressives, REALLY need to learn to pick our battles. lets maybe not shit as hard on the guy who might accidentally help us, just because you feel he takes too much credit… just like every other fucking capitalist.
    Also, can you fuckers stop with the ham-handed animal analogues? Sharks, lizards, snakes, buzzards… all of them are so much nicer, cuter, and sweeter than your human cretins, and they really don't deserve this constant disparagement with the comparisons.

  25. When you water it down it becomes very funny.

    Elon shark has a one sided debate with an anarcho-communist robot he created

  26. Hmm, I think this portrayal is slightly unfair to Elon Musk. His intentions are easy to misunderstand, and the decisions he and his board of directors make aren't easy ones. Not to say he's perfect or even that's he's like a super nice guy or anything, but I don't think he's at heart a bad person.

  27. @Emerican Johnson
    You should watch this guy
    He have made so many videos on musk
    ''He destroyed musk with facts'' (ben shapiro reference )

    It shows how much efficient (sarcasm) is capitalism is.😂

  28. If you hate puppets… I don't know. I'm NOT saying your a fascist. BUT it's well known that all fash nations that have existed hated silliness, puppets and claymation. I refuse to back that up with links or facts. This has been a PSA from Nicos center for social silliness

  29. Credit where credit is due, I appreciate and admire people with strong leadership, management and innovative risk-taking skills. But the fact that these people are paid like 1,000 times the amount of the workers who make their ideas possible, that's what's wrong with capitalism.

  30. Who gave Krobotkin a moral system? Surely without a moral code he wouldn't care whether or not the money Elon Musk payed for his creation with rightfully belonged to him?

  31. Elon gave away most of his patents instead of making money on them.
    The argument that no one can invent anything because someone else helped invent is is ridiclous.
    This happend for all inventions in history…
    He doesn’t steal money with his profit since he never made profit.
    The only money being stolen/invested is by investors who think elon is worth 20 billion.
    This is why spacex is not public since he wants to go the mars and not turn a profit.
    So his succes is not tied to profit.

  32. Some "successful" unprofitable companies: WorldCom, global crossing, Tyco, 360networks. Companies which went bankrupt building high bandwidth internet infrastructure, and who's assets were sold for cents on the dollar. Without the loss making investment, and improvents made by their thousands of employees, transit costs would have been too high for the likes of YouTube to be profitable.

  33. Sadly this was almost exactly what i expected from this video, in a general sense this has a lot of truth about these "silicon valley billionaires" and as a general statement to wealth inequality and the exploitation of workers, but there was no specific, unique criticism of Musk himself, just something that fits to so many of them and were Elon Musk is probably one of the least fitting examples while still fitting in this category.
    It seems like you did some further research, but also repeated many mass media and TSLAQ narratives, one must understand that at least since 2015 (in full swing) there is a literal war (with financial means and misinformation) going on, were Tesla, SpaceX and Musk himself are on one side and large hedgefonds, Wall Street elites like James Chanos, some other billionaires like Warren Buffett, fossil fuel, traditional automotive and defense/aerospace industries, as well as mass media are on the other site.
    In the perimeters of our capitalist world, Tesla and to some extent SpaceX is threatening their business models and costing them already tens to hundreds of billions in profits.
    As a first real criticism, Musk should have taken Tesla privat in 2015 or at least in 2016 when the situation was very evident, in the position he is in, he is responsible for Teslas workers and let them down by not doing that, at least he admitted he should have done that, however it seems to be to late now for that and the damage is already done.
    One result of that were the mentioned layoffs, which were done for the investors and markets, to keep the company financially liquid amidst the mentioned war, i think there would have definitely been better solutions, even in this situation, but Musks hesitation to do layoffs if the financial market demands it, does not seem to go to far, as evident by the smaller SpaceX Layoffs for similar reasons(to gain investor trust and new capital for their Starship development).
    The narrative of him claiming its all thanks to him and not crediting others is a little funny though, i think it emerged 2016 from Linette Lopez(one of Jim Chanos media slaves) article, but i am not to sure, could have been around earlier, however if one actually looks into statements personally made by Musk, it is hard to find any substantial evidence for that, quit the contrary actually, as he seems to does a lot more in these companies, than he gives himself credit for and very frequently credits his teams for their work.
    The last actual criticism i have on him, is that he sometimes acts quite irresponsible and impulsive to some situations, which does not only negatively impact himself, but also the companies and their workers, for example repeatedly attacking the SEC, calling a british cave diver a pedo, only pretending to take Tesla privat and sharing company announcements much to early, however i think we should be charitable, as these are mostly connected to (sometime extreme) provocations and his announcements probably come from genuine excitement.

    PS: I think Musk would actually be one of the very few (maybe the only one?) in his "league" who could be convinced to convert Tesla into a workers coop a few years down the line when it isn´t rapidly growing anymore. He seems, to want focus on engineering space technologies at that point anyways and has stated to be interested in anarcho-communism (that's what he wants for mars) likes Kropotkin(as maybe intentionally referenced in this video?) and associated himself with socialist philosophie.

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