31 thoughts on “EU Sock Puppets

  1. The EUSSR doesn't have its own funds. The money it has is from TAXPAYERS. If you receive money from the EUSSR you are not allowed to criticise the EUSSR, or thats the end of your funding. Whats the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah…. Bribery.

  2. HA HA…..Do these clowns in Westminster think we are all THICK….we know the EU PAYS for its support….its like the Mafia….but at least the Mafia turns a profit!!

  3. I gave $5 to a bloke on the street the other day. You could call it charity. I don't really care what he does with the money, thats none of my business. I certainly dont expect him to stand on the corner ranting about how fantastic I am…

    But if the beggar was Oxfam, you lot would call him a socket puppet…

  4. In case people think that the amount given to the Universities helps justify EU membership. 2007-2013 incorporates 7 years, hence the EU payed approximately 127m per year which is less than what we pay (circa 55m/day) in three days. In fact from EU Budget Office data from 2011, we see that pyed in 4703.36 thousand million more than it received. The EU quietly takes our money but gives a fraction back in a parade.

  5. Help me out here. British universities have received nearly a billion euro from the EU … and that's a bad thing?

  6. I receive money from the UK government: does that make me a shill for the Conservative party, or is your argument idiotic?

  7. Oh bore off, just because you were hoping businesses would be rushing to declare that we should leave the EU.

  8. Thank Mr Hannan. As emailed think you and others like you of all hues (except Green and LibDem) are heroes for sticking your neck out and fighting this rotten scheme which is fast turning into a dictatorship. Pro Patria, brother.

  9. The hypocrisy of claiming to be NGO (Non Governmental Organizations) Whilst receiving money from the EU which is growing into a supergovernment….

  10. The EU is like the worst football agent!.. takes a load of money off you promising a better deal…then has you playing in the Antarctic Premier league!

  11. So many of the NGO's are so completely self serving now barely a penny makes it to where it's supposed to go. The university indoctrination is scary though and it's been completely successful in it's aims.

  12. Thanks Dan, great info … Could you give the url of the EU searchable database where one can check on where the money goes? I don't have the link any more and can't seem to find it on google.

  13. Thanks Mr Hannan…nice to know you have a spine, unlike most of the other conservatives who won't come out in support of a NO to the EU. Keep up with the informative videos..much appreciated.

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