European Parliament Plenary delayed by interpreters and MEPs

European Parliament Plenary delayed by interpreters and MEPs

This is the twenty ninth day of our protest
actions, ladies and gentlemen. This is the interpreters speaking to you of
the imposition of unfair working conditions by parliament’s administration. We now need political mediation and involvement
of interpreters representatives in our talks. We have been requisitioned in this meeting. It won’t be affected by stoppages, but we
will grant no reverence. I’d like to congratulate the Bulgarian Presidency
on their productive co-operation it has enjoyed with parliament. Also I’d like to thank him for his co-operation
and hospitality that he has showed parliament across- *SILENCE* We can resume our business. I do apologise to prime minister Borissov
for that outrage It was too long as far as I’m concerned
Some members of parliament slowed down the restoration of the audio system out of solidarity
with the interpreters and therefore these MEPs prevented technicians from entering the
room. Acting as if they were trade unionists. The negotiations are between the administration
and the interpreters, however and its not incumbent on them to intervene. I do apologise to the Bulgarian presidency
and all other members of this house. I would like to say something about what happened
today but I will not do it. But I should do it because this is not normal. Full stop. I agree with you for once this time. It is unacceptable to impede parliament’s
work by members. Every time I speak too subtly when it comes
to parliamentary procedures you interrupt me straight away. So I should not first say what should be said. That wouldn’t have done with mrs. Merkel or Mr. Macron here. That would never have been done then.

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One thought on “European Parliament Plenary delayed by interpreters and MEPs

  1. What a laugh; The EU struts around and pretends it's the guardian of workers rights and conditions and can't even keep its own staff happy ….. hilarious.

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