Even More Creeps: Journalist Edition  | December 6, 2017 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

Even More Creeps: Journalist Edition | December 6, 2017 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

[APPLAUSE] Welcome back to the show. There were lots of powerful
men in media exposing themselves as shitty this week. Well, apparently there have
been a lot of powerful men in media exposing
themselves every week and now we know about it. Just today, we learned
more about the network of powerful people who turned a
blind eye to Harvey Weinstein's demonic behavior,
including powerful people who should really,
really, really, really, know better, really. In the "New York Times"
expose, it talks about how– Lena Dunham has a quote, how
she warned the Clinton campaign. And she said, I just
want to let you know that Harvey is a rapist
and that it is going to come out at some point. I think it's a really
bad idea for him to host fundraisers
and be involved. We don't know if this info
made it all the way to Hillary, but it made it to her staff. Oh, my admiration for
you is so complicated. Maybe she really
did have a stroke in the specific
part of her brain that identifies shitty men. But truthfully, any woman
who entered the workforce before November 2017 had to have
such as stroke just to survive. And no one needed it
more than Hillary. Virtually every man
who ever expressed an opinion about her
in front of a camera turned out to be a huge creep. Five women have now
anonymously come forward to accuse journalist
and author Mark Halperin of sexual assault. Also suspended, Glenn Thrush,
one of the top reporters at the "New York Times." Veteran "Today
Show" host Matt Lauer. Leon Wieseltier. Charlie Rose. REPORTER: Garrison Keillor. I'm not worried about
Garrison Keillor's career. He can easily get a job
maintaining a bell tower. [LAUGHTER] It's time to ask ourselves,
can men who hate women be objective journalists? [LAUGHS] That was
a trick question. Everyone knows that
men who hate women can be anything they
put their minds to. Take Charlie Rose. REPORTER: Eight women tell
the "Washington Post," longtime television
host Charlie Rose made unwanted sexual
advances including groping, making
lewd phone calls, and walking around
naked in their presence. Until his firing, Charlie
Rose was a media institution. The guy who liked to show
his freshly showered dick to female employees
was the same one who got to interview
the first major female presidential candidate. And he made sure to press her
about the important stuff, emails. CHARLIE ROSE: Do you think
the email crisis contributed to the question of trust? And it hasn't been determined
that there was no hacking. Well, there is
no evidence of it. CHARLIE ROSE:
There's no evidence. There is no evidence. CHARLIE ROSE: Someone suggested
that's the reason that they were very good at it because
there's no evidence of it, and that you
exposed, as you know. Charlie, there is
no evidence of that. There's evidence
that you exposed the Charlie Rose's penis story. [LAUGHTER] The hardest thing
about these revelations is they're not
really revelations. These men have been
shitty the whole time. Take Matt Lauer.
MATT LAUER: Nice to see you. Hi, Matt. MATT LAUER: Seen a
lot of you lately. Let's just get it out the way. You had a little
wardrobe malfunction. Can I have one final kiss? Oh, what is it?
What are you? Don't make me beg. Is this an attack
dog I have here? Hold it, whoa, whoa. [SHOUTS] He molested a
Muppet on live TV. [LAUGHTER] Which I guess qualified him to
moderate a presidential forum? And he used that platform to see
how presidential Clinton could be while also being shushed. MATT LAUER: I'm
going to jump in. I want to get to a
lot of questions. And I'm going to jump in. As briefly as you can. But I want to just say
one additional thing. MATT LAUER: I've
got 30 seconds left. Oh yeah, now I remember
watching that forum. That was the day my
entire female staff started their periods out of
their eyes from pure rage. You can't just interrupt
women when they're talking like that, Matt. What do you think this is,
every business meeting ever? And fellow creep
and part time smirk model Mark Halperin,
surprise, surprise, obsessed with Hillary. So when covering
her candidacy, he asked the intelligent
nuanced question, why is she not more like man? She does it with humor. She has to learn to
do it with humor. And when she does it
now, she's being kind of aggressive but not that funny. Kind of aggressive
and not that funny, the Mark Halperin's penis story. To be fair, Halperin also
asked Trump the hard questions. Here's a question I've been
wanting to ask you for awhile. We almost never
get to see you eat. What do you like to eat? We never get to see you eat? What kind of sick freak are you? You want to watch
Trump masticate? And apparently the
atmosphere in journalism is so toxic that some assholes
still can't read the room. Geraldo Rivera
tweeted something that really got a lot of attention. Sad about Matt Lauer,
great guy, highly skilled and empathetic with guests
and a real gentleman to my family and me. News is a flirty business. News is a flirty business. For example, I just listen
to Geraldo fuck himself. [LAUGHTER] On the one hand, maybe
it's unfair of me to assume because
he tweeted that, that Geraldo has some
skeletons in his closet. But then again on
the other hand– Geraldo and his producer came
to do an interview with me. They pushed me into my
bathroom, they broke two poppers and pushed them under my nose,
and proceeded to grope me. Well, I guess that's
not a skeleton in a closet so much as a
skeleton that's been sitting outside the
closet since 1991, waiting for us to give a shit. What could have tipped
us off that there was a misogyny problem in media? If Hillary is not
yelling, she's crying. MAN: She is a
shrill, loud person. She still has that
sort of authenticity likeability problem. She's not that likable. I'm not even sure that
Bill Clinton likes her. Comes across as artificial,
comes across as grating. Little caustic and
tough and shrill. Concern about her likability,
her trustworthiness. Somewhat dull at times,
somewhat robotic at times. MAN: She's too shrill,
she's too loud. She is very guarded. Yeah, why is that
shrill robot so guarded? Why? Tell me. [LAUGHTER] We'll never know how much these
pubes affected the election, but what we do know is
that their industry gave us four times more coverage
of Hillary's email scandal than they did of Trump's
gross behavior to women. But to be fair,
they were probably typing it with one hand. [LAUGHTER] I'm not saying men shouldn't
talk in public anymore, I'm just saying maybe
women shouldn't listen. It shouldn't be too hard. We have decades of practice
not being listened to. We'll be right back. [APPLAUSE] [ROCK MUSIC]

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32 thoughts on “Even More Creeps: Journalist Edition | December 6, 2017 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

  1. Lena Dunham is a weird source to get that information from. She is the one who had a story in her own book about sexually assaulting her sister right? Or something along those line, I've heard about 10 different varations of the exact story, none of them remotly putting her in a good or sane light.

  2. I resent Geraldo. I wasted time and money opening the vault where he hides his respect for women and good taste on national TV, and it turned out to be empty. ((Anyone around in the 80s should get it))

  3. How could anyone listen to Trump and not call him "shrill"? He's has more histrionics than any other politician in history, male or female.

  4. Yeah, Hilary's not likeable, but it has nothing to do with her being "shrill", it has to do with her policies. Jesus, the fact those chucklefucks can't see how insanely mysoginistic they are is mind blowing.

    It's the same old rhetoric as always: "men are powerful, women are shrill; men are stoic, women are robotic; men are sensitive, women are over emotional; men are decisive leaders, women are pushy and nagging; boys are clever, girls are know-it-alls".

  5. So, Lena Dunham knew about the creep and she was told that his story was coming out few months before but she kept silence and shared the info only with Hillary.!

  6. This strain of feminism really devalues actual misogyny.
    Hillary was a poor candidate with issues. A feminist should still go after Hillary in interviews. That's the role of media, partly to be adversarial to people in power.

  7. Just when she starts to make me believe "Oh my god, there is hope for this country!", I remember that Samantha Bee is Canadian. Come on, America. Wake up and catch up!

  8. Calling Hilary Clinton not likable or dull is not proof of misogyny in media (the other examples were better). Because, yeah, she really is not that charismatic or likable. Look democrats, I'm sorry she did not win the election and yes, there are a lot of problems with sexism in media, but can we stop pretending that Hilary is a 'people person?' Not liking Hilary or finding her boring is not proof of sexism. I found Mitt Rodney in 2012 a boring, dull, robotic Muppet…am I being sexist towards him for saying that?

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