Expert Spotlights – Stanley Melnick, Political Science Professor

Expert Spotlights – Stanley Melnick, Political Science Professor

I’m Dr. Stan Melnick. I started in Valencia in 1968 and then I move right into teaching US government. Melville is an imaginary name from Melnick. I devised it to be the summation of all we’ve taught about in state and local government. The different structures of government. How they get financed. How they go about spending money. It brings it together as a capstone activity. A good version of Melville is students who do a lot of preparation for the project and are willing to stand up and make a
presentation. You never know what students are going
to do. Sugary drinks. You want to place a tax on sugar
drinks. Soda. Soda tax. Now what your you’re going to do is
research, between now and next class. When they would learn to work together that helps them to get to know each other. I’m totally surprised. I never would have
dreamed back in 1968 that the college would be so large and I didn’t even dream that I would even be here, because I thought when I first started I would be teaching here for a few years go on to another college and travel around the country. Orlando has become a much more multicultural society than back in the
1960s and that’s been good for this society. We’ve been blessed with the faculty who
care about their students and not only the professors but staff, secretaries, grounds people. When I see any Valencia employees we’re all equal. And all students are served the same. I want to push them to get the best education they can. Oh. An “A.” Thank you. You’re welcome. Laughing…

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