“Facing populism” Talk Europe! with Joanna Mytkowska

“Facing populism” Talk Europe! with Joanna Mytkowska

So I think the new challenges
are working out how to talk to those groups of society
who are not on our side, who are not accepting our languages,
are not interested in emancipation and not interested
in the democratic values. Bringing back to mainstream discussion
why anti-fascism is not in fashion. What is the situation in the field
of Polish contemporary art? In the era of populism, art institutions
are giving a certain area, where people can go out of
this everyday propaganda, everyday political slogans
and so on. So maybe this process which is
going on in art institutions and the art field is slower
and less visible, but it’s going on as a certain strong foundation for
the resistance which will come soon. It’s maybe meaningful that
those artists are not the big-name artists that
we know from the galleries, but they are mostly
younger artists or students. They perceive this more like
a sort of an everyday task or a mission than artistic work. People who are engaged beyond
art institutions or artwork structures. What’s the position
of the Museum of Modern Art? Do you have a programme
which is dedicated to this topic? We were trying a few projects
based on self-criticism. Maybe the one to mention is
the exhibition about how artists’ artwork betrays
its own tradition, the tradition of avant-garde. How much art and artist
become part of a ruling class. I’ve seen the work of art which
had this power of foreseeing, describing that finally we came
to this mature state of mind when history is not
a toxic poison for us anymore. And this work of art
for me was a proof of that, that we are in the new era,
that we can think differently and that we are open
for the future. And about that I was wrong.

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