35 thoughts on “Fake journalist attacks new Overwatch skins

  1. Not going to lie I thought her shin was a meta joke. Seeing as her rep for a while (still kinda is but not much) was the fun police.


  3. Snow is white blizzards are made of snow and everything white is racist so corse blizzard is racist

  4. If they're that mad when only a couple of characters have police skins, than they would really not like Rainbow Six Siege.

  5. I wonder if Blizzard will ever learn that they can't please these people, or that they're on the poor end of the stick here. They banned the Ok emoji and other crap because SJWs complained, and have likely lost money for it. And what for? More complaining.

  6. Overwatch should've put their foot down over the butt thing. They gave the inch, now comes the mile.

  7. I like how these "journalists" are tripping all over themselves to cover a police-themed skin, when they could have a much better angle commenting on Winston's skin, a gargoyle with cathedral motifs and ember particles, right after Notre Dame happened. Just saying… Shows both their priorities and news judgement.

  8. Gotta love how they just ignore or lie about the fact that Overwatch itself was a global police organization…. how convenient.

  9. How disrespectful can these people be?
    Now they're attacking our Boys in Blue?
    Fucking sicking.
    Literally nobody else is complaining about this except for these clowns.

  10. WTF this people are mad because of a cop skin????…., are you f**king serious?, how stupid are these people no brain cells, I lost mine right now.

  11. The people who are actually offended by this costume are the same people that scream "fuck the police!" Until they actually end up needing them.

  12. It's funny:

    When I was listening to this video while walking from the grocery store, I waved to a beat cop I passed by today. Yesterday, an acquaintance(in police car and uniform) pulled up to me to say hi and see how I was doing; I knew he wanted to become a cop when we were both working at a cultural center.

    And yes: I'm a black dude.

    I don't like when journalists like the Vice person trying to speak for all of us non-white folks…like Brie Larson.

  13. The funny thing is this the same people who say we don’t know need guns call the police? So what is it get rid of police or guns? Make up your mind

  14. So I'm drunk but I got a tell you flash I love yah and your videos but Flash buddy her name is pronounced Bridge-it or Bri-jit… come on man
    While you're not wrong on the brah-jet-ah part thats only if you are native to Sweden…I've noticed this trend a lot lately in your videos and it would really help your credibility with the kickvic/npc's side if you would actually take the time to learn names, it would give your arguments and statements more impact, because when someone on the opposite side hears you mispronounce something especially something as simple as the name Brigitte they think you don't know what your talking about and are turned off of the video….

    The end goal is to ultimately convert the ignorant to our side that's how we win the war with the npc's. This is just constructive criticism not trying to sit on you but I thought I'd at least give you a aheads up.

  15. I think i see a typo it says Journalist.. Shouldn't it be Urinalist because all they are overflowing with is piss takes?

  16. That news company needs to remove that article and fire the person who made it. Police saves lives and need to be honored.

  17. This is what happens when you constantly pander to these morons. Thats why I've been playin mostly Japanese games lately because they dont give a damn if somebody gets upset over their games(most of them anyway)

  18. Honestly, there’s so much to criticize in articles like this. But it is so hard to watch these videos when you just keep talking about irrelevant points like how they try to make their article more searchable. OF COURSE THEY’RE GOING TO DO THAT! Every article wants to get clicks no matter political affiliation or whatever. Maybe I’m just not the target audience who exclusively wants to see someone get shit on but it’s so frustrating when you don’t understand what makes this article so egregious.

  19. Another stupid hot take, i can't wait for VICE and all the other crap media sites will go under, the sooner the better.

  20. Reminds me of when there was a protest against police in Detroit, the people claimed they could maintain order themselves, so the police force stopped. Fast-forward weeks later and they're crying that they need to police to come back because crime got even higher.

  21. My question to them about these stats is how many of these thousands of people were innocent? I know their answer will be all of them and I will then ask can you prove it?
    NPC.exe has stopped working
    Activating screech mode

  22. its a video game. its just a costume skin. you cant even enjoy a simple video game anymore with these idiots. teach love not hate to kids. cuz if not they wont stay on the payload and you will lose the game XD gg

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