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FBI as a Political Weapon – [email protected] 12

before you tune this out is yet another partisan arcane debate the kind of Washington specializes and hear the details because it's not that there's a lot at stake here far beyond the short-term political advantage of either party you've been interviewed by the investigation the more investigation yes today at noon I spent three hours with investigators in the special counsel's office what did you learn I'll tell you they know more about the Trump campaign than anybody that worked there and they know more about what I did in 2016 than I do myself what are they looking at specifically like what did you learn where do they think the collusion took place I don't really want to interfere with the investigation I was warned about that my attorneys also asked me to be careful about this but I can tell you they will say they're threatening and intimidating you basically it sounds like hi there I'm not gonna be friending them on Facebook today if that's what you're asking I don't my very pretty country we're having not been charged or convicted of any crime a prosecutor can threaten you to shut up in public it's it's not nice but I can tell you that it's it's nothing compared to the $125,000 in legal bills that I've stacked up for nothing it's it's nothing compared to the death threats that my family and I are getting it's nothing compared to the piece of a sniper rifle that came in the middle of my wife last month it's nothing compared to the way that they're trashing my family you know that what's happening to me and my film is happening to many other people in this investigation I'm just a witness I can't imagine if somebody's a subject or a target where they're going to go through but I can tell you this you can ice pack up for one since you just spoke to the investigators today when they suggested in the way that the Mafia suggests maybe you shouldn't do that what do you think the penalty would be if you ignored that suggestion I don't think there would be any penalty but I think I might be called back for a little visit and every time I come to Washington for this bogus investigation whether it's the Senate the house or whatever I get to pay another 20 25 grand bankruptcy that's no big deal not just me I think other people too I mean a tin cup isn't a good look but I've had to open a GoFundMe page I mean this is this is I didn't I certainly didn't sign up for this my legal fees are gonna be at least 125,000 that's more than I make in a year that's more than where I live in East Aurora New York that's more than most people in my in my town make and I don't know how we're gonna pay that off I will never ever work on another Republican campaign for as long as I live Carta page is almost the forest gump in this whole tale keeps popping up everywhere but after these many many investigations nobody can quite figure out what he did for the Trump campaign let alone whether he did anything wrong the key forrest gump moment came on March 21st 2016 when then candidate Donald Trump appeared at a Washington Post edit board meeting in the first question was about how he was going to finally reveal his foreign policy team the context being it was hard for an anti-establishment candidate to get republican form policy stalwarts on his team so he wanted outside the box choices the future president revealed only five names one was Carter page setting off a scramble over who this man of mystery was Bloomberg News quickly noted the only real connection was there both contrarians on Russia wanting to work with Vladimir Putin in part because they believed policymakers in both parties are still clinging to a Cold War mindset he worked on arm control policy at the Pentagon earned three graduate degrees including a PhD from the University of London by 2000 he jumped into Investment Banking at Merrill Lynch because of a friendship with the Ukrainian billionaire the firm had him open the Moscow office in 2004 you go to Moscow you say you were invited to give a speech at a college here when you went there did you meet with government officials or people connected closely with Putin so I I gave a speech and the there was one senior government official who spoke after me he was walking out of the the building after he gave his speech and we had a very brief conversation for less than 10 seconds you know it was really a exchange of pleasantries but I you know a lot of the things he was talking about you could tell there were pot there were positive opportunities on the horizon in terms of us-russia relations are you suing the US government over what they did absolutely my main focus right now is on the defamation front and so that's moving along but it's similar to the FISA Court right where they're completely overloaded and there's they're not able to list gonna be long well I think I have some a lot of media people very heavy hitters that I'm up against I'm focused right now on the false propaganda that's you know imminently clear that the u.s. government was funding this big campaign and so I'm I'm currently focused on that all I want from the US government is $1 you know just show and to start acting responsibly you know particularly the party that they were wrong about you absolutely FBI agents descended on Paul mana forts Alexandria Virginia apartment in an unannounced pre-dawn raid late last month according to the Washington Post a dozen federal agents stormed the Virginia condo before sunrise the search lasted ten hours the source describing the raid as quote heavy-handed and designed to intimidate by worse cases a white-collar crime stuff and you go into a house at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning with the with weapons shown you drag a woman out of bed in her nightgown and children I assume screaming yelling around the house I mean that's just an outrage it marks a significant step in Special Counsel Robert Muller's Russia investigation we don't operate like that in the United States agents raided Manta Ford's home one day after he met behind closed doors with a Senate Intelligence Committee the only possible violation there would be was it a campaign finance violation but usually would result in a fine by the way not this big storm of storm troopers coming in and breaking down his apartment and breaking out his office the rate appears to be unusual since mana Ford has repeatedly claimed he is cooperating Manafort turned in approximately 400 pages to the Senate Judiciary Committee on August 2nd the special counsel has filed a request for seventy blank subpoenas in the case of Paul Manafort in other words Muller now has the power to subpoena dozens of Americans so long as he writes a name on the paper before he serves the documents judged TS Ellis in Virginia he's been on the bench a long time he was appointed by Ronald Reagan so he's been on there for decades he challenged the metaphor case he challenged Muller he suggested the special counsel was lying and just going after manna for to get at president Trump pretty incredible stuff you don't really care about mr. manna for its bank fraud what you really care about is what information mr. Madoff or could give you that would reflect on mr. Trump or lead to his prosecution or impeachment there you go you had a federal judge call out Muller for the dishonesty of his investigation Muller's latest target according to recent news reports is longtime Republican political consultant Roger stone CNBC reporting motors focusing sharply on mana Ford's former deputy Rick gates and his links to Trump aide Roger stone he is a longtime confident to President Trump he even pushed Trump to consider running for president multiple times before 2016 as far back as the eighties what about you has triggered the scrutiny of Muller what crime is he suggesting you committed well Tucker perhaps it's my advocacy of the election of Donald Trump in my 40-year friendship for him and my role in advocating and and working for his election news reports have said that you were the subject of a FISA warrant in other words the federal government was reading your email tapping your phone following around whatever was surveilling you using our intel in law enforcement agencies do you believe that's true well the New York Times reported on January 20th of 2017 that I was the subject of a FISA warrant what their probable cause would be is hard to understand other than my strong support for Donald Trump I have the project for democracy and Obama blessed front suing me in the District of Columbia what's their claim oh that I worked with the Russians to hack the DNC email and gave the information to WikiLeaks they don't produce any evidence or proof they produce a theory now the Democratic National Committee has filed a virtually mirror lawsuit in the courts in New York it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars just to move to dismiss these suits I'm facing what investigation cost you well between the House Intelligence Committee the the project democracy or project for democracy lawsuit the early rumblings of the house apart me the Senate Intelligence and Judiciary Committee a lawsuit in Miami from a Chinaman named miles clock which is a total quack of ship and the prospect now of probed by mr. Mueller in the non-existent communications and machination with mr. gates I could be looking at legal fees of up to a million dollars anybody who wants to help can go to stone Defense Fund dot-com breaking news just in the New York Times just reported that the FBI today raided the offices of president Trump's longtime attorney Michael Cohen we've learned that at least one phone call conversation between a line belonging to Michael Cohen and the White House was also intercepted the FBI also seized emails tax documents and business records when lawyers think about cooperating with the prosecutors they have to know that in exchange for cooperation they'll get treated decently and here you have lawyers cooperating Trump's lawyers cooperated completely Cohen cooperated completely and what did they get for a warning raid on the office with everything being taken basic norms were violated here attorney-client privilege is an ancient and eve itíll concept and by the way so is privacy the FBI bulldoze to all of that let's hope they had a very good reason for doing it this may be an attempt to squeeze Cohen he's the lawyer he's the guy who knows all the facts about Donald Trump and to get him to turn against his client the government better have evidence that Michael Cohen was doing something awful putting lives at stake or betraying his country or something really beyond the pale in order to justify this look this is a very dangerous day today for lawyer client relations I deal with clients all the time I tell them on my word of honor that what you tell me is sacrosanct and now they say just based on probable cause even though this was cooperation with Cohen they can burst into the office grab all the computers and then give it to another FBI agent and say you're the firewall we want you now to read all these confidential communications tell us which ones we can get in which ones we can't get you know I look back at some records and during the SNL's in the 80s and 90s you remember that you know yes literally thousands of SNL's that that went belly-up and a lot of corruption a lot of criminality not one law firm was ever served with a search warrant for that whole period of time Michael Cohen by the way still doesn't know why his office was raided and his phones and email were apparently monitored by the government because nobody in government will tell him and they're not required to tell him how are well ian is that by the way and if it happened to you if one day armed men arrived to your office or your home and seized your phone your computers and your files at gunpoint you know if this were the shoe on the other foot if this were Hillary Clinton being investigated and they went into her lawyer's office the ACLU would be on every television station in America jumping up and down the the the deafening silence of the ACLU and civil libertarians about the intrusion into the lawyer client confidentiality is really appalling if it turns out that all of this was just about a financial settlement with some pornstar within what we're watching is a grotesque violation of civil liberties and that would be a real crime one with actual victims every American who believed in representative democracy for example there's no allegation that you committed a crime but they've so intimidated you that you can't talk about your conversation on this show right now and you're retiring from campaign politics for I'm never gonna work on a Republican campaign again unless somebody legally indemnifies me clearly these lawsuits after the fact or the new democratic strategy when you lose you still win I'm never good work on a Republican campaign again unless they're legally indemnified I think if you do you're crazy you know I just think these people out of control from the very time that Donald Trump was the nominee of the Republican Party there has been a conspiracy a Fifth Column call it what you want that has tried to stop him from getting elected and number two stop his effective work for the people of this country what you're looking at is a political campaign waged with guns in subpoenas and the surveillance power of the US government they're looking at WikiLeaks they're looking at gusoff er they're looking at you know DC leaks everything that you see in the media that's been leaked out there that's certainly what they're looking at what we are seeing is just the increased attempt to criminalize what in many cases are simply policy differences people on the other side of the aisle an election outcome you don't like and you say let's prosecute it's the reason why I Edward Snowden decided to risk going to prison because he was so concerned that this huge massive surveillance day was being constructed in secret directed not just at foreign adversaries but inward domestically at the American people anybody knowing about it this is a punishment strategy I think they want to destroy the president they want to destroy his family they want to destroy his businesses they want to destroy his friends so that no billionaire and let's say 15 years wakes up and tells his wife you know what the country is broken and only I can fix it his wife will say are you crazy did you see what happened to Donald Trump and everybody around him

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35 thoughts on “FBI as a Political Weapon – [email protected] 12

  1. According To The 6th Amendment The FBI Does Have To Tell Someone Way They Are/Were Being Wiretapped & What They're Being Accused Of.

    6th Amendment:

    "In All Criminal Prosecutions, The Accused Shall Enjoy The Right To A Speedy And Public Trial, By An Impartial Jury Of The State And District Wherein The Crime Shall Have Been Committed, Which District Shall Have Been Previously Ascertained By Law, And TO BE INFORMED OF THE NATURE AND CAUSE OF THE ACCUSATION; To Be Confronted With The Witnesses Against Him; To Have Compulsory Process For Obtaining Witnesses In His Favor, And To Have The Assistance Of Council For His Defense".

    It's Sad How I Know The Constitution Better Then Modern FBI Agents, Modern CIA Agents, Modern NSA Agents, Any "Democratic" Politician & Some Republican Politicians, While I Never Have Ran For Office, Never Will Run For Office, I Have Never Worked For The Government, Never Will Work For The Government, Never Have Been A Cop, & Never Will Be A Cop, I Was Never In The Military, & I Have Never Studied Law (I Went To College To Get My Associates Degree Of Applied Science In "Network Administrations And Security" In Other Words I Went To College For Computers Not Law).

  2. Youtube censoring is bullshit.  Youtube: One day you will be in the crosshairs of a politically motivated arm of the government and won't like being sufficated.

  3. The time has come for a revolution to take back the FBI from these KGB wannabe losers masquerading as Americans. We need to sue for election interference. We need to sue for civil rights violations. We need to sue for defamation. And we need to sue for the wrongful death of numerous civil rights leaders from the past. The FBI is out of control. I never voted for them. I don’t know who they are or who they work for.

    For decades now we have been living in fear of our own government and watching our tax payer dollars fund their salaries and their abuse of power. Either Jeff Sessions puts a stop to this or he should step down. Either Mueller ends this law enforcement tyranny now or he gets fired. The FBI is the most un american law enforcement agency, they are not patriots, they are cowards and traitors to the constitution. We need the US Marshall Service to take over.

  4. Here's the fun part where everyone is setting themselves up to be blindsided. They're so worried about what was done vis-a-vis Carter Page and are totally ignoring the burning building in the heart of th city. Trump Towers. Now for sure it did not come off as intended. Intended? By Who? So the only reason the Trump Campaign DIDN'T collude with Russia is that the Russian Intel, with whom they were hugrily TYING to collude, in the forms of Paul Manifort then campaign head, Trump Jr. and Jarred Kuschner, thought them not worth the bother and they got scammed. However David Brudnoy, Ayn Rand and I treat the attempt as equal to the success, the difference being that it didn't come off due to accident or other thing not of the perp's doing: Thus Brudnoy supported the death penalty for attempted murder as well as successful murder. Now, Daddy had prepared a cover story about "Russian adoption" and to add piss-down-your-back-in-the noonday-sun-and-call-it-rain; Sarah Huccabee Sanders said "…It was a father trying to help his son" This has the odor of nepotisitic corruption. Also this I heard directly while retruning to Providence from North Adams having been part of a delivery of mattresses to a college there fro Ecin in Fall River some time in the late spring of 2016 a quote attributed to Putin "I can negotiate with him. If Clinton is elected it will mean war". And here's the real kickers: The first warnings of Trump's "ties to Russia" came in the late winter of 2016 from RedState and National Review. And why did George Will, upon leaving the GOP say "make sure he loses" or did Biddinotto call him, on facebook, "Putin's Puppydog"? Hoboy Natascha; ees awl awver forrh mooss und Sqvirrel

  5. It is apparent that Robert Mueller is the head of the FBI and maybe the DOJ, we don’t live in a free country. … This is in fact a DICTATORSHIP hidden in lies and corruption!

  6. Let's be real, the FBI has always been a political tool, right from its inception with Hoover. They routinely violate civil liberties, political impartiality regulations, build straw man cases, and destroy evidence of their wrongdoing.

  7. the boys in the bureau couldn't stop the 9/11 "islamo-nazis" but they can become willing pawns for progressives now!

  8. Few things. Look at how the FBI was started. How many of these right wing white ppl were okay with the FBI targeting minorities.

    Now the FBI is legally going after Trump and they are screaming from the mountain tops. Give me a break.

    Only come back is the Dems do this or Hillary that. You people are ridiculous and the problem. If you committed a crime, you go to jail. Period.

    Any race, any political affiliation. When you think you should be treated differently or someone "on your side" should be you just show your true most likely racist colors.

  9. All other videos are playing great on my secured wifi connection, but this one, even after power cycling my phone, computer and router, are still snail slow and buffering like crazy!
    I've been trying to watch it for half an hour and I'm not even half way through!

  10. I have tried reloading the page, searching the video on Google then clicking on it. Nothing I do gets this video to play. Whereas all other videos play just fine.

  11. Trump doesn't want to get kicked out of office for crimes he may or may not have committed, and now Republicans are scrambling to convince laymen that the FBI is bad and unfair. And who's the face of the FBI on this video's thumbnail? Robert Mueller… who does NOT work for the FBI, he's a Special Counsel of the Department of Justice.

    This video is a thinly-veiled effort to stop the investigation into Trump's alleged wrongdoing. Let the FBI do its work. If Trump is innocent, then he has nothing to fear.

  12. The Democrats have given us our own form of Gestapo KGB. They did it to one of the most popular elected presidents in 1970, which like Trump I didn’t vote for. But now our freedoms are gone, can anyone save us?

  13. Re: Roger Stone: It’s the hat. They HATE the hat. It enrages some people.

    USSA: looking more like Soviet Russia every day.

  14. Given who they're helping. I automatically dismiss FoxNews. And frankly, I don't care if Trump gets ousted by lies. That's how he got in so turnabout is fair play. In fact, all the better. Frisco would understand. unless you LIKE ethanol mandates being made WORSE, eminent domain, debt expansion and government healthcare, government housing and public education (often called the "gateway drugs" to socialism) At least Her Bitchnesship didn't lie about what she is — nor did she flip-flop and therefore lie, half as much has he did. Look it up on YouTube for yourself. At least the Dems were always leftist. Trump has turned the conservatives in to a center-left group

  15. They weaponized the government for much of Bush and all of Obama. Reporters, non-profits, political enemies, law enforcement who wouldn't play their game, and ordinary citizens, all felt the force of the government. Obama and Hillary are free, living in their palaces, and laughing at the little people.

  16. When the authorities go after someone, he becomes the "project". Often they are wiseguys that can't be nailed legally, but you make life so tough for them and their family and friends , that they live in isolation. Then the goal is financial ruin, as the govt can keep up the attack for a long time. If the govt had a good case, they merely arrest and charge, with no need for a web that hooks anyone that the project knows.

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