Federalist Paper #70 Explained: American Government Review

Federalist Paper #70 Explained: American Government Review

hey guys welcome to hip hughes history where we are hitting up the federalist papers like gangsters, this time we are looking at the executive department further considered as Hamiltons baby number 70. We are going to take a look at his man love for the unitary idea behind the executive and flush out some of the garbage goo so you guys can read in between the words and understand what the heck he is saying so giddy up for bad bang. Here we go fed number 70.

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10 thoughts on “Federalist Paper #70 Explained: American Government Review

  1. I love how you read countless times about government officials being accountable to the people. It's laughable when in reality there are NOT accountable to the people, they are getting fat off the trough of taxpayer dollars, and they really provide no service outside of stealing money through violent taxation.

  2. I do appreciate your vids. But from my perspective the federal government was created to gain powers of taxation backed by police force. Have you ever checked out the constitution con?

  3. I love your videos, but they will be a lot better if you turn down the volume of those electric transitional noises.. they kept making me turn off my devices.

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