Find Out How Unpopular the Republican Party Is

Find Out How Unpopular the Republican Party Is

this this a huge number dominate the
bushes in the second but for the republican party for you to get the
sense of what kind of bad shape they’re in sonu washing opposed a_b_c_ news for trust in the g_o_p_ you want to ask the
question which party you think is better able to handle the problems of
america twenty three percent pro public ans fifty six percent for democrats literally dot i’ll do the math for but no smoke and
police abuse of the latest on the family values is about four message-id more
than double that literally double effect i thought that was funny far ahead i do know is a view map today uh… you and got numbers and that i
know michael have you ever seen anything like
that i have an outsider it’s astonishing is astonishing the speed with which it
got about in hell because if you look i’m sure
eighteen months ago did completely different uh… i i can’t get over the
overwhelming nature other and what was interesting i don’t know what it felt like when
roosevelt became president winter f_d_r_ became president the idea it just seems so overwhelming that it seems that then section bulls and it
seems like so many young people are involved but it seems like it’s not going to be
easy for these this republic parted reverses defense in short order because
of the age of the democrats are voting in
the energy behind this precedent he can’t bennett cops party a
politically speaking because did and if the apartment also obama did and if they don’t because if they
don’t oppose on the whether they’re running out if all the traffic democrats were in
which is well you already agree with me so what
he had to run on but i think your photos of the country
soaring marched in his favor uh… in favor the democrats than if it
would action that they seem to be blocking that
action in both for the right deferring to the trapped that they
really fell into a gross it’s l_a_ pressure and and not to mention the democrats were up against a very
polarizing president whatever you said that bronco obama i
don’t anticipate him being polarizing the same way that then i’ll give you conclude most of the
sermon on the same with the bush was so i think that’s going to make their task
even more difficult is that you have to do you know take people away from
somebody who is you know it seems to be a popular person diets it’s gonna be a
very difficult task i don’t know how to do it an atheist this they’re there for a show
obama’s approval rating now according the pew that lisa stark is seventy nine percent it’s all about afford incoming presidents also
unfortunate because you can’t do it at that time well you know i think the seven nine
percent another saturday night is great that you know that it’s going to get a
fifty eight which is a great approval rating and people who say rocks look
twenty one points this guy’s unpopular right and and that that number he would still be
nearly depending on when you through the bush
approval rating you would be doubling by failing to appear to be lost forty one
points right now i understand that the second
militants who decided whitewater thing the republicans have been the the right
when you get help them all when they did in fact is that it was in
the swamp i’ve been a little more travel with them out when the election was having bush’s
approval rating was according to gallup was at twenty five percent obama’s now it’s only nine percent that is literally more than triple forces radiant with up to one sectarian
albert bell was right triple-a his rates exp can unheard of unprecedented it’s
unbelievable so yet and there was never made it clear
of pronunciation by the american people used as a right-handed grader so and what’s funny is i think the media is
finally beginning to get it but it took them so long you know i couldn i mean do
the math on this one twenty five seventy nine twenty five
seventy twenty three fifty six that you know as far as the republicans
of twenty three percent in the democratic party’s own fifty six percent uh… four who’s got read the directions
that you’re not right for the country and and so now what and even then he has gotten a and his
son is set up to the democrats now

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100 thoughts on “Find Out How Unpopular the Republican Party Is

  1. OMG 79%O.o GO Mr President XD! I think that % is growing cause an older woman near me HATED obama and now she told my mom, "ya know what i think i like him now. He's nice"O.o I think american's are starting to realize we can't live in the shadows anymore and everyone has to try to make there lives better and now "wait" for it=O

  2. The Republicans need to do the best they can to get minorities on there side. Or else they will fade away like the old Whigs party.

  3. What has happened to the GOP? I mean, there's bad, and then, THERE'S THIS!

    You talk about hitching your wagon to a falling star, and all. But no one, and I mean no one, heard of all the intellectual Republicans that broke rank and cided with Obama.

  4. Well the Republican Party has a lot of work ahead of them to do to come back. Even the GOP water boy Sean Hannity admits this.

    Furthermore both parties suck if you ask me.

  5. "Republicans are going the way of the Dinosaurs. "

    Still, they outlived them by 6,000 years by Palin's count. 😉

  6. Palin is the NEW HOPE and the NEW LEADER of the GOP! She will become POTUS in 2012 and become America's GREATEST POTUS of ALL TIMES! America will see its most glorious and golden era with President Palin. America will return to its right conservative roots.

  7. He's getting too old and Americans are starting to realize that deregulating everything is a very bad idea. For the most part I really like his social views, but his economic views are mostly what got us into this mess.

  8. …because you know that every 8 years a goverment changes its strategies completely in the global community, right? Somehow I doubt anything will change when it took the U.S people 8 years to realize they made the wrong move. Get it straight people, you are all forgiving your government and yourselves without either body apologizing and you expect things to aint gonna happen. Niether are those families you massacred oversea's going to forgive and forget..I mean, did you after 911?

  9. it's scary. Chairman Mao had that approval rating. it's just plain scary and dangerous anyone should have that high approval rating.

  10. You are telling people to stop hate-mongering when you are making fun of these two men because of their outward appearance?? Pot…. Kettle…..Black.

    Personally insulting someone doesn't make you right.

    Oh, and WE didn't elect Bush in the first place. And I guarantee if all the stuff about Bush's foreign policy methods had come out in 2003-2004 he would not have been re-elected.

  11. even if you're a republican you really have to hope your party reforms.they've become a party of anti-intellectuals,narrow religious interpretation,and shitkickers.

    they've appealed to the lowest common denominator for so long that thats all they have left

  12. communist approval ratings were almost 100%….and fixed

    is it such a bad thing for a president to be liked,washington was approved of by damn near everybody

  13. Why do you on the left have so much hate? You're fucking horrible people. I don't hate you, that's just objective fact from observation.

  14. fair weather fans, we are in a bit of a pickle, i dont believe we will be back on our feet in 4 years, probably never, the trends in income and costs of living pretty much indicate we are screwed. less money to spend= less money for business= less businesses= less jobs= more printing of cash= more inflation= less money to spend. we have switched directions on some things, but in 4 years the economy will be in a mess, republicans will have alot to run on, pray they put up palin.

  15. well jshooper i belive your right as the same thing happend in the uk when the conservitives where beaten by Blair(in 1997) soundly and since then they have gone into a real tailspin..
    however do NOT underestmate these old sods! they are evil twisted tosspots who wouls sell there own grandmothers for power!(like the tories in the UK)

  16. "The Republican Party was hijacked by ultra right-wing ideological nut jobs, theocratic fascists, greedy-bastard billionaires, and bigots. "

    Exactly, and these morons cannot accept change, they cannot accept that the face of American politics is changing. I wonder what these assholes are going to do when their party tries to include more minorities whci they need to do to avoid becoming the White Bigot Party?

  17. don't drink the Bamerika O'bama kool-aid. he works for the banking elites, not Americans. where did his campaign money come from???

  18. to become relevant. Here are 3 suggustions.
    1. Become the party of low taxes and small governement.
    2.Offer hope not fear.
    3. The most important thing the GOP needs to do: Grow the party by Diversifying.-Republicans have had their heads in their butts when it comes to diversity.


    Oh, you mean become Democrats. Yes, if Repugs become Dems, they'll be popular! Right!

    (P.S. small gov….Bush created the hugest Gov bureaucracy ever, The DHS.)

  19. its gotten so bad that churchy, mid-level management times are finally getting hit by the economy too….and realizing that rubbing elbows with the social elite hasnt gotten them anywhere.

    and also the evangelicals have had 8 years of sex scandals, crooks and pedophilia that they finally realize too that the republican party is really not the party of christian moral values.

  20. I've been hearing this word "POLLS" for so long that I'm earnestly wondering: Where are these polls? Who's conducting them? Why doesn't anyone poll me? And, really the most important question, do people realize how easy it is to skew statistics in opinion polling?

    Granted, maybe I shouldn't bring these things up for this video since I don't mind hearing these particulr results, but I couldn't help asking.

  21. How can the Republicans survive? They have spent years looking after their own selfish needs rather than the needs of the country. The Bush Administration launched a serious attack on our liberties guaranteed to us under our Constitution, they fanned the hysterical flames of fear, etc. They made any thinking American ashamed of their Government. It's no wonder Bush was booed at Obama's inauguration Ceremony.

  22. Social conservatism changed it's defintion decades ago. The current Republican leadership and insiders have nothing to do with conservatism. They're just as radical on the far right as they would say is their far left counterparts. True social conservatives govern slightly right of center and can get along well with moderate democrats. Wothout the R and the D, most Americans would fall into this center 50%. The Republicans don't need to lose their social conservatism, they need to get it back.

  23. narrr right now old Gee Dubya is under investigation for allowing Mexico to railroad two us boarder guards… imagine… Mexico dictating to the usa…
    not much glory there montsyblackmaddona mate…
    as for sarah palin… i do wish they WOULD run her again… i WANT to see the republicans go down the drain!

  24. yes ecwaufisxtreme mate the day that skank sarah (i can see russia from my house)palin becomes the us president is the day pigs floss..and the people of the usa go back to eating rocks!

  25. Worst of all, they act as it "Christianity" means BEING a Republican. Excuse me, but Jesus kicked the moneychangers OUT of the temple. He didn't give them a bailout.

  26. This is because of our governments failiure to respond appropriately to these issues. Although Corporate Power and Big banking has never failed. They failed the people, but not themselves.

  27. Lincoln is nothing but Palin's WORTHLESS PATHETIC DICKLESS and BALLESS BITCH and PUSSY! Palin will be a google times better than Lincoln and is MORE MAN that Lincoln was.

  28. The lieberals are the real hypocritical megalomaniac pathological nut-job snake-oil salesmen, especially the Clintons! The TRUE conservatives are the WARRIORS and ENFORCERS of GOD HERSELF!

  29. When Palin becomes POTUS in 2012 and PWNS Obambi, she will undo all the dirty corruption in DC with the SUPREME cleansing POWER OF GOD HERSELF! The Old Boys Network will feel GOD's WRATH and will be replaced by the HOT WOMENS NETWORK for WOMEN POTUS and politicians are SUPERIOR to male politicians. America is a country of woman and girl power and the whole world will be conquered by WOMANKIND! Men in the world will be reduced to women's BITCHES and SLAVES for men are TRULY DICKLESS and BALLESS!

  30. Please run Palin in 2012 so she can be blown out again. I wonder if she thinks the milky way is a galaxy or just a candy bar.

  31. Palin will not be blown out in 2012. She will BLOW OUT Obambi in 2012 and become America's GREATEST POTUS of ALL TIMES!

  32. No, Sarah Palin will bring a resurgence of the GOP and they will PWN the democraps in 2012! The GOP will reclaim this country and restore it back to the right for RIGHT is RIGHT and LEFT is WRONG!

  33. The GOP will reemerge and will destroy the Democraps in 2012. The dems will be gone in a few years while the GOP will remain glorious.

  34. hhahahahaah, no, see, it's actually 75 %

    if you don't get that because you might be a redneck that would translate to:

    half of america plus a quarter and the republicans are the remaining other quarter, got it?

  35. I told you and it says it on this video, it is actually 79%.

    anarchists or communists ahahahhahha, please….

    hah, and what if i told you I'm actually a poor south american immigrant ? educated? yes, elitist ? never!

    grow up, you don't need to be a republican, make yourself that favor, don't be double-stupid.

  36. NO! The SMARTEST Politician Sarah Palin will MOP and PWN the GOP competition (Jindal, Huckabee, Romney, etc) in the primaries because they are ALL HER DICKLESS and BALLESS BITCHES and PUSSIES! Palin has the SUPERIOR, ULTIMATE and COMPLETE PACKAGE!

  37. ALL MALE POLITICIANS Republicans and Democraps are DICKLESS and BALLESS BITCHES and PUSSIES! Only WOMEN Republicans and Democrats have DICKS and BALLS and when Palin becomes President, WOMEN WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD for they are THE SUPERIOR SEX!

  38. And a female president would be a great idea.
    They should make a female-only rule, actually, and make Palin the Republican candidate. That's a guaranteed win for the good guys. 😉

  39. The Democratic is nothing but the strawman colloborative,appeasist just put there to fool Americans that there is actually a two party system and also so the Repukecans have someone to demonize and scapegoat!!!

  40. the last "enforers of god"where the germans in ww2 remember they had "GOTT MIT US" (god's with us)on there belt buckles! and they LOST!

  41. A woman POTUS will be SUPERIOR to a male POTUS for women are the SUPERIOR SEX! Women POTUS from Sarah Palin onwards will PUT ALL MALE POTUS to SHAME for they are ALL THEIR DICKLESS and BALLESS BITCHES and PUSSIES! Palin will be THE 1st MADAME POTUS and THE GREATEST POTUS of ALL TIMES!

  42. ecwaufis umm palin isnt a woman any decent woman would want to be associated with let alone vote for. and if it wasnt for men there would not be life on earth since we are not asexual. so yeah stop hating on the dick. 😛

  43. so true old son Sydneysider mate.. back in the middle ages in England(as it was then) we used to lock the mad and deluded up in a place called"BEDLAM" (strangely the site is now occupied by the Imperial war museum go figure)and then go and laugh at them! it was closed down back in the 19th century but thanks to U Tube we can laugh at them on line instead! lol

  44. LOL graham.
    If all the crazy yanks were to be locked up, it wd be bedlam all right, but doubt there'd be enough space in the uk to hold them all!
    Anyone who still believes Sarah Palin is a credible politician is badly misinformed. Still shocked that she holds a position of governor.
    Crazy stuff.

  45. Another possibility: You are retarded. Think about it. What to bet? Goood…cause its a lock and I'll win. Find out how things turn out in 2010. Not looking good for the party of criminals…er I mean democrats…same thing.

  46. ARE YOU FOR REAL? Democrats are criminals? LOL OMG OMG OMG This is why people think you repblicans KNOW NOTHING! Your so brainwashed if you think that democrats are the criminals. Again ahhahahhahahahhahahahhaha!

  47. Totally agree. Palin was the single person who assured defeat in 2008. How anyone could think that she's an asset to the party is way, way beyond me. So I hope she does run and becomes the candidate for the general election. The Republicans are still so deluded that it could actually happen!

  48. LOL, LOL, LOL. Let us see which party is "unpopular" once the Democratic socialist party imposes Cap and Trade, Card Check, and socialized health care. Trickle up poverty, thy name is Young Turks.

    I pity you and your ignorance.

  49. sad thing is there are good republicans that actually have a normal decent conversation and aren't extreme on issues, it's just you never hear those voices only extreme views, which sucks for the public.

  50. Socialized health care would be a great action, everyone could have health care and not have to debate whether to see if they can afford medicine or food instead. European countries have it and their not socialists countries.

  51. Demon, prepare to be "less happy"; The Messiah's approval ratings are dropping.

    Once The Great Inflation begins 2-3 years from now and Joe Lunchbox begins to feel the effects of Cap and Trade, Health Care Reform and Card Check I Believe THE ONE will have much lower approval ratings 🙂

  52. Right of Right Bill Krystol believes the US Gov't runs the best Health-care system through the VA!..Imagine that!…82% of Canadians, believe their system is superior to ours..Only 8% thinks ours is better…So why are the Rupublicans running ads lying about this?…Get politicians out of the pockets of Big insurance!…Speak out before it's too late!

  53. heah right their victories in va. and n.j. nov.3,09' tells me that these libs. know nothing! i predict the republicans will make a huge comeback in 2010 too.

  54. Yeah! woohoo! the libertarians might someday be the 2nd biggest political party, and take over the republicans spot!

    Yeah! Libertarians are definently gaining in popularity.

  55. The republicans are going back to their grassroots purging moderates and keeping in line only politicians who are hard core republicans and conservatives. So out with ethnics, blacks, immigrants, gays and lesbians, seculars. Whites only party is the future of the republican party-so where is the book burning venue???

  56. I have seen allot of these young turks videos and I have a question. I don't understand this division of freedom in the 2 parties and their supporters. republicans go yea you have the right to spend your money any way you want but in your house to gay marriage, no drugs, no prostitution ect. but democrats say you can do whatever you want to in your house but o wait no you can't spend your money on that and you have buy health care and you have to go into social security.

  57. We have the right to live the way we want to live and spend the fruits of are labors the way we want to. this double standard between the 2 parties and their supporters totally baffles me

  58. Who's laughing now? The only people in America supporting liberalism now are the media. If you have a job and work hard it is impossible to be a liberal. The two ideals are diametrically opposed and anyone who disagrees just has a different standard of what it means to actually work hard. When taxes go up by 30-40% in one year to pay for the pork ridden stimulus you will see all time low approval ratings for this destructive regime. The nail in the coffin is on its way for our economy.

  59. @originaldun1107
    Cenk has a job, and works hard and he's very liberal.
    Taxes will not go up 30-40%, that would out the rich back at the early 20th century levels of have 65% + of their money being taxed.

  60. the republicans are in shambles? the november 2010 election was a blow-out.

    "whatever you say about obama, i don't see him being polarizing like Bush….",,,,,,it's great to see just how wrong these guys were….the beauty of having a record of their statements forever memorialized on video

  61. Obama approval is much more than 50%. He won the popular votes remember. In Europe and Asia his approval is even higher. As for Republicans most people around the world think that they are lunatics. They also think that Republicans are fatatics and extremists capable of violence. I agreed too. My niece is Republican, and she voted for Obama because she felt that Republicans are way too violent and crazy. They hold too much hate inside them.

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