Firefighter Regrets Voting For Walker In Wisconsin

Firefighter Regrets Voting For Walker In Wisconsin

joining me now is robert borosage his
presidential campaign for america’s future his group is helping organize the
financially well is across the country and tuesday alright robert for so long up argue with me that if we keep waiting
for the national democrats a comeback cabaret never been a rough now absolutely n_p_r_ politicians never
leader for a better start for a day just rush to get in front of it after started
and then people start the parade and and this parade was started in wisconsin and it’s going to sweep across country now road why do you think things that take it off
now i know you guys to get campaign for america’s future many other progressive
groups payment right organization one why now well i think wisconsin caught people’s
attention britain you know when the democrats left the state and the workers
rallied and then other workers came to their aid people started to see that what was at
stake which was exactly what you said that there was a war on the middle class and the question was really you know
who’s gonna pay to clean up the mess that was caused by
wall street’s access if you can send that ticket nurses and a cops and the
teachers than the middle class is going to
continue to decline and that suddenly became clear in wisconsin and it’s now
starting this week the country what’s next all girl what would he take
this next well i think today there’s two things that i have to
be done one is people have to tell the story and make sure that everyone knows
what’s at stake and that’s the social media you talked about that’s rallies
across the country tomorrow they’ll be rallies and and and places across america on april fourth on
the anniversary of king’s assassination who was killed in memphis when he was to
have standing with workers trying to organize a sanitation workers union people are going to be asked to go out
of their workplaces and organize their own demonstrations in front of their
workplaces to expressed solidarity not simply with
the workers in wisconsin well with middle-class people who are
under assault across this country mine alan rainier ranking he’s actually a
firefighter from madison wisconsin you vote for governor scott walker but
is now having second thoughts then how one can vote for a walk on the first
place and i felt he was a better two evils
between garrett mock royals and real impressed earlier one right what what’s happened since then that
mean you are change your mind or haha i don’t think he’s been open and
honest about what uh… not that any politician is really foot i don’t think he was honest and
forthcoming with uh… the information daddy obviously had a plan and it was to go after the union’s and i’d just don’t agree with how he won
about doing what he’s doing everybody knows we got a budget problem and that we need to fix it is you can’t
keep deficit spending protecting and the one after the
bargaining rights just isn’t right turkey sense that he misled you the
during elections he didn’t tell you is going to bus the unions and they need had told you other things to get your
boat in that all the something comes an office in those the one thing in a spec larry was totally caught off guard by i he said he wanted to have a balanced
budget not i’m all for that but i was not expecting him to come
after the unions like he did ended gyros caught off guard yeah feel
duped israel right here you go you left the consular firefighters out
of the bill don’t have a yahoo still angry about a wife it’s can manage the human being left out
but uh… were up were all standing together
because we’re all part nowhere with the city workers yet the streets department when it comes to bargaining we’re going
to get the same thing so he has he cut a salad we’re really not cut out and you know together were standing and we
stand together because one falls we all fall five has a right at the v_s_e_ eric frequent payroll report sites at
once and for the tonight for your time we really appreciate it

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63 thoughts on “Firefighter Regrets Voting For Walker In Wisconsin

  1. REPUBLICUNTS are liars, murders, and antiamerican. Most republicunts are adulters – bitches for the corporations.

  2. It's sad that people feel the need to elect these slimeballs before they figure out what their agenda is. Walker has always been a big money baby and people were fooled. It's never too late to call or write YOUR state and federal gov't. congress dot org
    The recall is happening! If you're in WI, support the recall!

  3. @frictionRx9 so you is the middle class then??? the people making under20k living in poverty? the people barely making 40k and living a barely ok life or the people making under 60k who make enough to actually survive on anyone under 60k is definitely apart of the working class and anyone between probably 30-80 k is definitely the middle class so STFU as you clearly must be in favor of slavery the reduction of min wage and tax 0% taxs if that's what you want to live in go to an anarchy country

  4. @frictionRx9

    I would really like to know what kind of person you are, im sure you're family is very disappointed with you.

  5. Cenk was very good at interviewing the firefighter, he didnt ask him questions leaning towards a specific answer he let him do it all on his own.

  6. @grimordwow that goes for you too. If you can't recognize an obvious troll you're not qualified to use the internet.

  7. @frictionRx9

    he didnt fumble, Cenk isn't even that big of a liberal he is a moderate he has said it himself and he slams the left just as much as the right. Although i understand idiots like you, you think its just a left vs right world while you vote for people to take money out of you're own pocket. You are a piece of trash.

  8. Yet again… no Democrats in sight… just like they left Bernie up there to fight for all of us over the Tax Cuts for the Rich

  9. This fireman does represent the problem with much of the electorate. He hates all politicians. His emotions has complimented his upbringing. Thus providing his all is lost attitude. But are all politicians assholes? What if your brother got into politics? Would he then be an asshole?
    What I am saying is maybe sometimes you gotta press reset.

  10. @kingsdun The problem is the fact that no matter who you vote in you feel like nothing changes. You vote in Obama because you think he might actually try and change things. Nope, why even vote when there is barely even any options available. You have Democrats and Republicans. All is lost when you're a working class person who will be screwed no matter which way he/she will vote. If we want that to change we need our own organizations independent from both parties.

  11. "I wasn't really impressed with either canidate, but I thought he was the less of two evil".

    Those who think they have a choice in this country are sadly uninformed.

    Overturn the citizens united ruling, or it's only going to get worst!

  12. After looking at some of the comments on this video, I found one lonely person who is reaching out for love..FrictionRx9.

  13. Mr Firefighter, you were warned, re-warned and then warned again about voting for Walker or one of these new GOTeaParty psychopaths. You were told by every noted public intellectual and every liberal on TV that Walker and his ilk would do nothing but cut cut cut and hand all the savings to big business. You were warned over & over again! Next time maybe these stupid fucking independents/'centrists' will listen to people who have their interests at heart & who know what they're doing: The Left.

  14. @ZKoftherebellion You do know how stupid you look every time you mention your magical conspiracy theory nonsense.

  15. @frictionRx9 Ron paul is a racist but worse than that he's a solipsist and a dunce just like his son. Heroin and handguns in the classroom, what a great platform.

  16. I see union members voting against their own self interest all the time. They are one or two issue voters who do not focus on the big picture. Most of Americans are brain washed by propaganda and vote for people who advocate taking away their wages and benefits or promote the shipping of jobs overseas. This guy is just one example of how stupid people are when it comes to voting.

  17. @frictionRx9 Without his hard fought for pay and conditions, there would not be as many young men lining up to be firefighters. And your house would burn down.

  18. Having all of the people engaged in the massive processes that run our society move in lockstep is a value-added use of tax dollars. Having municipal/social employees all officially on the same page at the same time just creates a better work environment and better outcome for the citizens. All the many other arguments aside, fiscally, unions make sense.

  19. @frictionRx9 Then you will not get the best recruits into the fire department, and your house will burn down.

  20. @frictionRx9 You would have had the entire police force and all the firefighters rebelling against you. Like what is happening now. Only quicker.

  21. the BEST part = every post Friction does…counts towards viewership and CASH… Irony is SO sweet- so keep on coming back Fric 😉

  22. @frictionRx9 The police in Wisconsin are all unionists too. Walker tried to split them off from everybody else, by keeping all of THEIR benefits and rights. It is not working.

  23. @frictionRx9
    Awww……Obvious Troll is jealous….. Poor baby.
    Don’t worry chum, maybe someone irl will love you and see that you have value, in spite what your mother tells you.

  24. @frictionRx9 lolz it's too funny how these trolls like friction are immune to things like logic, higher reasoning, empathy, and most of all shame.
    imma let you crawl back to your troll-hole, Troll…..Bye

  25. @Hammerfall794 He really is, because I doubt many people that support him see his fallacious reasoning, and actually know how he stands on different issues. He supports the idiotic teach the "controversy" when it comes to Intelligent Design (Creationism in a lab coat) versus Evolution, and calls Evolution "just a theory." Considering the guy is supposed to be a doctor, he should know what a theory is in a scientific context.

  26. @Shisho2k I see the difference mostly between the people who run for national office and the people who remain local. It appears to me that local politicians, or representatives if you prefer, are more likely to keep their ears to the ground and work for their community. Then you got the extremely selfish ones like Meg Whitman. How much of her personal fortune did she spend? 300 million? Geez, talk about an over inflated ego!

  27. On average, Wisconsin state employees make 6 dollars more an hour than both private and federal employees, all while paying virtually nothing for health insurance. Woo is me, poor state workers….

  28. @kingsdun The problem isn't so much that all politicians are assholes, but that politics tends to attract assholes, and the ones who aren't assholes usually don't stay in power for long (and the very few who do have no real effect). Politics is a type of market exchange: politicians have a job – a peculiar type of "property" – and to protect it they need to "provide services" to their base – which is NOT the electorate, but whoever funded them or threatens to fund their opponents.

  29. Respect Union Rights. Tax Wall Street Now!!! Tobin Tax now, tax those milisecond transactions!! End NAFTA now!!!

  30. Wisconsin GOP Senators Head to Washington to Collect Their Payoffs, Er, Campaign Contributions
    Republican senators Glenn Grothman and Alberta Darling will giving blow jobs to the koch brothers – Walker will be asslicking

  31. Funny thing about the idiots who voted for the Republicans,knowing what they have done since 2001.Now the firefighters & others who voted for the Rep.Gov.Taliban Walker are regretful..what a pitiful excuse for being complete retards & imbeciles.the republicans paid for there vote & has jackasses gave in..I hope Wisconsin goes down,then we will all know who to blame…

  32. Who cares if a firefighter does, they are union scum. In California they retire at 50 with a 250K a year pension. Wisconsin caught my attention to the crimes of the public union or the people Wall Street has lost 20% in value since 2000, We need to end corporate tax and capital gain taxes and make these deadbeat teachers work again.

  33. @DidYouJustMakeThatUp The collective bargaining rights they want to keep are the reason why they get paid so much more than everyone else in the state, of course they wanna keep phat pay checks, DUH! Its about time we start judging employees based on INDIVIDUAL performance. Do you ever think when your study or are you a mindless robot?

  34. America is made up with mostly good christian people, they will take this country back, just relax and sit back , enjoy the show

  35. @FaithNoMore1977 not sure what world you are living in, but if it is this one you should wake up, you are in a dream state

  36. Christians. bah. America's religious population is finally! stating to dwindle. christians and their hatefulness is part of the problem.

  37. @DidYouJustMakeThatUp If my employee wanted to pay me 1 dollar an hour I would walk away. He would never do that because I am worth it, unlike so many of Wisconsin's state employees. I get paid on my own merit, not some stupid group thats fighting for my pay. My work alone fights for my salary.

  38. @ninetysevenecho – Firefighters risk their health and life for their community. You act as if serving your community or country for that matter should be done without being compensated. What if they wanted to take away combat pay, the GI bill, and tack on an additional consecutive year of serving time in Iraq or Afghanistan? Would you just say "Fuck them, they signed up, all their shit is paid for!"NO! that would be a crime against troops, and hopefully the people would stand up against it!!!

  39. I live in WI and Walker's anti-union propaganda after winning was sickening; constantly demonizing union workers, teachers especially. The sad thing is that many people only care about Walker's agenda because it affects them, and would ignore it if they weren't a target.

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