100 thoughts on “First of 3 arrested suspects from southwest Miami-Dade police chase appears in court

  1. If you attack Jews and Christians in NY you can be arrested and released on the same day. Got to love that liberal approach on crime.

  2. hold on a sec, criminals had firearms??? that's weird. how did they get them? WHY AM I BEING ASKED TO GIVE MINE UP? i cant even stay up past 9:30

  3. The media, whether intentionally or not, is actually glorifying these thugs by televising the chase, court hearings, etc as their wanna be peeps are basking in the attention

  4. They should make everyone who think they’re so called “ HOOD GANGSTERS “ move to Detroit. And don’t let them come out. Let them all kill each other there. No more innocent people dying .

  5. Clear prisons of drug users and petty drug charges and fill them with murderers raper's, robbers and child molesters for 100 years a person.

  6. This terible human being throwing THAT AR on the ground!!! THIS terrible man should be charged with GUN NEGLECT INSTEAD.

  7. It's called fitting in with Social Standards' when you look like a bum' Decent people will Judge your social strandings when you look a a freak of nature" Zero this evidently over your scope of understanding"
    I judge" you Judges" judges judges so don't get your panty in a wad"

  8. First-of-all, they should cut his hair very-short (just like mine) and I guarantee that he'll at least, feel better.

  9. I'm going to get my Dawg killer Tim 23 running for Judge' he's SHARP" and know's the rops' and this isn't killer Tim_23 first rodeo" If any of you Homie out there want a good Judge that's my main man Killer Tim_23 THE MAN THAT CAN"

  10. I moved down here from NY it's like jumping from the frying pan into the fire bad decision not a safe zone especially do you have your kids don't do it FYI it this info will save your life real talk

  11. Wow Miami staring to look like Baltimore. Oh only Baltimore City had 345 murders. You got the crime just be glad you don't have the murders.

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