Former PM on Moldova’s Future, the EU and Communism

Former PM on Moldova’s Future, the EU and Communism

Dumitru Braghis was prime minister
of the Republic of Moldova during 16 months, being elected by communists
and Christian democrats. But in 2001, when the Communist Party
held the majority in the parliament, they preferred another cabinet chief,
and Braghis remained in the opposition. Now he is the chairman of the Social Democratic
Party of Moldova and one of the four deputies who is representing
his party in the parliament. Braghis has a university degree in
technical studies and a Ph.D. in economics. Twenty years ago,
he was one of the leaders of the Komsomol organization, the youth
wing of the only party in the Soviet Union. What do you think about the
Republic of Moldova integrating in the EU? Is Moldova going on the right way? I think that the integration of the Republic of Moldova
to the European Union is one of our goals and we must do everything possible in
order to achieve all the European standards to be eligible for the European integration. Unfortunately, we have to say that not everything
is done properly and we have many problems with the implementation of the EU-Moldova action plan
and some other issues, which show quite clearly that we have not done our
homework as good as possible. I think that we have many problems,
including economic and political, because we have problems with the functioning
of democratic institutions in the Republic of Moldova, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, we have a lot
of Moldovans leaving the Republic of Moldova abroad, because they don’t have the possibility to have
working places here, to be employed, and to have a salary which will give
the possibility to support their families. Why do you think so many
Moldovans go abroad for work? Because of the situation
which we have in the country. First of all, in last years we have reduced a lot of working places, on the
one hand. On the other hand, the salaries and the conditions are quite bad, and because of this, of course,
people are looking for a better situation, better conditions. You cannot help, and you cannot survive with your family when you have a U.S.$100 to U.S.$200 salary. Should our government do something for their return? The government is doing
nothing from my point of view. Because in all countries where
we have similar situations, they have accepted many programs in order to invest in the country, in order to create new jobs, in order to increase salaries, in order
to make the economy more competitive. Unfortunately, it’s not the case of Moldova. The policy of the ruling party
and of the government was oriented to export Moldovans abroad
and to import goods from the countries where they are working. This is, from my point of view, a very bad policy, and it will have a very negative impact on the Republic
of Moldova in the nearest future. Do you mean that our economy
depends on those people working abroad? Sure. Is it good for us? Of course not. I understand very well that we
have to be part of the world economy but, at the same time, we
have to have some security of the economy, of the country, of the people living in this country. How should our relations be
with neighboring countries? In the last seven years, we have,
from my point of view, destroyed the normal relations which we had
with Romania and Ukraine, and, unfortunately, nothing is being done in order
to restore, to rehabilitate all these relations. Unfortunately, there are too many declarations from both sides, from Romania
and from Ukraine, sometimes, and, of course, a lot of declarations from Moldova, which show quite clearly that there is no idea how to change the situation,
how to help the country, how to manage to have good
relations with our neighbors. We had problems always. It’s normal to have some discussions,
to have some problems which could be solved during some negotiations, but we
had these discussions and we solved some problems during that time. Unfortunately, in the last seven years,
we have only exchange of declarations. And what about Russia? We have to have good relations. Moldova is a small country, and Moldova must promote, must develop relations with countries, taking into consideration that we
have to solve our problems and we will not play a big role
in the international policy. And what about Transnistria,
the eastern part of Moldova? Is this a problem between Moldova and Russia? Is it possible for Moldova to join
the EU without Transnistria? It’s a problem not only
in our relations with Russia, it’s also a problem in our relations with EU, with United States, because we had a lot of discussions with all these countries. We know very well that they must
play a very important role in the settlement of the Transnistrian issue. As concerns the integration to the European Union, we have to say that this is a political decision, and we know that, in some other cases, countries were accepted to
be EU members being divided.

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