Former Trump Supporters Speak Out After Leaving the MAGA Cult

Former Trump Supporters Speak Out After Leaving the MAGA Cult

Allisyn camerota if CNN did another voter panel and I always find these fascinating because she talks with voters and she kind of gives us some examples as to what they're currently thinking and this time she talked with former Trump supporters who decided to leave the mag occult and I found what they said fascinating but at the same time incredibly infuriating and I'll tell you why that's the case in a second but first of all in this first clip I'm gonna show you so they talk about some of the reasons why they left the mega cult and here's what they have to say you all are the all important independent voters that so many people are watching for the midterms Anthony how are you feeling afraid of what the dictator in the White House he has no empathy for anything he will never admit when he makes a mistake what were you imagining when you voted for President Trump he said the system is rigged and he said he was going to be a new sheriff in town and all he's done is surrounded himself with crooks how many people have been indicted that were close cahoots with him and there in front of the world stage he looks at Putin and puts his arm around him and says this is my buddy the divisive nough sin this country right now and the rhetoric coming from the president is a daily exhausting thing I worried that the dictator the wannabe dictator in the White House will make it where we don't even have anymore elections I mean he what he is like siding with Vladimir Putin he who's jung-hoon is now having love letters written to Donald Trump when I voted for Trump looking for change looking for maybe a non political person coming in and a businessman bringing his you know his his expertise his skills into a leadership he's not very focused is not very sincere to whatever he decides to do things change fast a good example is you know with the Putin and with Russia right is and we're hearing from Trump and then we have seen all these sanctions being imposed as well so I'm not so sure who's running the country right now and I'm not so sure if we are also very sure as to which direction we are going Stephanie why are you feeling energized as you approach the midterms I think I'm more feeling embarrassed as a lifelong Republican I guess I would consider myself you know part of the religious right and now the values that I see coming from the White House just don't mesh up with what I believe can you pinpoint a moment that you changed from being president Trump supporters are feeling embarrassed even listening to his the inauguration speech just kind of very dark was dark and antagonistic and there there has not seemed to be any effort to unite the country it's it's always us against someone or these people against someone else so as I watched this I was just I was on the verge of banging my head against the desk because the Trump that they voted for is still the exact same Trump he is today the difference is they stopped drinking the kool-aid and all of a sudden they see what we all saw from the very beginning that this person is an unhinged lunatic he's a buffoon he has no human empathy he's narcissistic and clearly he does not have the temperament needed to be dog catcher a little own president but they're seeing it now and the reasons why they stopped supporting Donald Trump I mean this has all been characteristics of Donald Trump from the very beginning so it's odd to me so let's get to their specific responses so one panelist said that they were afraid of the dictator in the White House who has no empathy for anything and will never admit when he makes a mistake now camerado followed up and said well what were you expecting and this particular voter said that they liked the fact that Donald Trump had this anti-establishment message he said the system was rigged and unfortunately turned out he surrounded himself with crooks I mean that's true yeah but this is he's always surrounded himself with crooks and I know that there's only stories now that are coming out about just how big of a crook him and his family were I mean him and his dad did millions of dollars in tax fraud his son-in-law Jared Kushner evaded taxes I mean this is a conman businessman from the University so I mean he's always been a crook he's always surrounded himself with crooks and surprise surprise when he became president he did the same thing so I mean I just I don't get it I don't get it so getting to another person this individual states the divisive 'no Sande rhetoric coming from the president is a daily exhausting thing and stated that she's afraid he'd cancel elections because he's a wannabe dictator what's his rhetoric not divisive from the get-go on the day he announced that he was running for president he called Mexicans rapists and said I'm sure some are good people I just I don't get it it was a cult of personality and there was this fog that was clouding their brains and I don't want to psychoanalyze people but I don't have any other explanation all of their rights with Trump now they're describing the trouble we all saw so it makes no sense to me another said he's not very focused he's not very sincere for whatever he decides to do yeah that hasn't changed the voter who considered herself as part of the religious ride was embarrassed as a lifelong Republican and she states there's no effort to unite the country it's always us against someone or these people against someone else that was how he got elected was by dividing the country it's called divide and conquer you pit working-class Americans against each other this is what capitalist pigs like Donald Trump do you get white working-class voters to think that you know it's black working-class voters or undocumented immigrants who are the problem when it comes to their economic woes when in actuality it's the system itself that's rigged now to Trump's cred he did talk about the rigged system but by and large one of his main go-to tactics during the campaign was divide and conquer he was a divisive nough sit was what propelled him I think to that number-one spot because I mean this person who was embarrassed to be a lifelong Republican Donald Trump just puts an ugly face to Republican Party policies that they've always had I mean they become more extreme sure but the Republican Party has always been morally bankrupt and their alliance with the evangelical right did not change that so I don't want to make it seem as if I am down on these people and that I am shaming them for regretting their vote for Donald Trump it's just really a setting to see these people describe all of our main issues with Donald Trump where were you when we were all saying these things about Donald from when we were calling out the divisive 'no swear were you then so I don't get why seeing him as president suddenly was the thing that flipped it in their mind to where they thought okay all these things that I once didn't see before I see right we all saw it so anyways moving on to the next clip Allison cammarata points out that what they're talking about I mean there's no policy implications there's no economic reasoning as to why they're no longer in support of Donald Trump and they kind of explain why that's the case here we always hear it's the economy stupid none of you are mentioning that and the economy is going well the unemployment rate is at an historic low the stock market is at a historic high but that's not what any of you are focused on why not the economy reacts slowly to anything that happens so I would say a lot of what is taking place now is a result of Barack Obama I'm not even thinking about that I'm thinking about what he's done to our country our country was supposed to be a country for other people by the people for the people and I don't see that it's that way anymore and I'm supposed to let people come in like the immigrants and what really broke my heart was I saw those children being torn away from their parents is this the America that I grew up in I don't think so so character issue is it fair to say for all of you has superseded the even the issues that you voted on is that what you're saying of course I'm mortified every day what happened with Christine Ford the the accusers that accused Donald Trump the way that they say they're all lying every day I'm just speechless I really am just speechless how many of you are affected by the Brett Kavanaugh hearings how many of you have really been affected by what you've heard go ahead just the fact that we had to go through this I think it's it's wrong so you believe the women I do the hypocrisy is is astounding to me if they were the a lot of these people are the same people who were railing against Clinton and won a Clinton to be impeach for what he did and now they are supporting Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh were essentially the same thing and so now the president calls the women who have come forward a hoax a Democratic hoax what do you make of that language it's just not surprising it's shameful shameful he says he's the hoax if you ask me I'm a victim of rape and to hear this woman sit in front and under oath swear until her story about what happened to her I'll need to have grown men laugh at her mock her I just um I just don't know where the bottom is anymore I've been a lifelong Republican since the day I turned 18 I think these midterms are really important because the Republicans I'm very sad say it because become very very spineless they become cowardly and they they're just externally unwilling to stand up to Donald Trump and his bizarreness I mean it's it's a circus of bizarreness it takes place daily watching this it did shed a little bit more light on their reasoning I think that that one lady who states that she stopped supporting him specifically when she saw children torn away from their parents at the border that actually makes sense to me right because in the abstract you could think about his anti-immigrant policies and think well you know I could put that aside and vote for him in spite of that if it's going to benefit me personally as a self-interested voter to vote for Donald Trump but I think seeing it in action people realize this is this is really awful this is immoral so that makes sense to me I think that her rationale made sense to me and then we had one individual say that he doesn't like how there but we can party you know they're not standing up to Donald Trump individuals like Lindsey Graham are being hypocritical and saying that Clinton should have been impeached for lying but Cavanaugh should go on to be a Supreme Court justice but again I can't help but point out that the Republican Party has not changed specifically because of Donald Trump they've slowly but surely been creeping towards extremism and they've gotten to the point where they just kind of fell off a cliff right where they're just right-wing extremists comparable to these fringe parties well used to be fringe parties that we saw in Europe so I think that this is insightful to a degree but at the same time what this demonstrates to me as someone who analyzes politics is that individuals who like Donald Trump this is nothing more than a cult of personality because he could contradict himself a hundred times a day he can lie he can walk back policies he previously supported and it doesn't matter to them it's all about a cult of personality things that all of us see who don't like Donald Trump for some reason they're unable to see it it's as if when you have that friend who's in this relationship with the piece of and you try to convince them to get out of that relationship and they just don't see what you see they don't agree with your characterization of their significant other that's kind of what we're seeing I think when it comes to Donald Trump and his supporters they're a cult it is a cult of personality and that's why I call them mega cultists and I'm glad that these individuals were smart enough to get out of that maggot cult but unfortunately there's still a number of individuals in this country that will never ever leave Donald Trump and they will be eternally loyal to him which is just sad so at the end of the day I really find these panels fascinating I mean this is a small sample size right but I think that these anecdotes are really helpful in kind of dissecting the minds of voters and seeing what makes them tick you know what what gets them politically and I would have liked to learn a little bit more about what motivated them to vote for Trump in the first place but I mean they're describing the Trump we all saw from the beginning and it just proves beyond a shadow of a doubt you know that Donald Trump has a cult of personality which is completely strange to me because he has such a shitty personality too he acts like a buffoon he's childish but nonetheless I mean I guess that doesn't matter if it's a cult of personality because people just like the person for them and you know they see what they want to see essentially so you know it's interesting support this podcast by becoming a patron at forward slash humanist Report

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36 thoughts on “Former Trump Supporters Speak Out After Leaving the MAGA Cult

  1. Those who choose to ignore the perils of history, shall fall upon the sharp edges of its sword!

  2. Instead of mocking (coz that's what you do) these ppl for not getting it from the start, you should use video time to support them for changing their minds.

  3. There should be no religions in the politics of freedom of choice.
    Freedom of religion that is separate from politics.
    God is going to save you bogeyman believers, just fuckin die and you got it made.
    Let the Americans have our paradise now!!!
    Get the fuck back in your delusion hall and leave freedom to those of us not stupid and cowardly enough to hand it over to a dictatorship

  4. Did they really think Donald Trump was an accomplished business man? Really? Did they not hear the Access Hollywood tape like the the rest of us? Did they not hear about his failed Casinos and record breaking number of bankruptcies? Did they not know about the racist "Birther" movement he launched? Give me an f-ing break. These people are pathetic.

  5. Don't feel sorry for them, they could go to hell for all I care . they put that shit in the white house..

  6. Having a dog would mean that he would have to care about another soulful Being.
    The Trump boys KILLING Endangered Species, a Beautiful leopard and a teenage ELEPHANT among many many other species. AND
    LEADING US INTO A WORLD WAR THREE! Is enormously concerning!!!!!

  7. You talk about division while calling Trump supporters a cult? You are the reason for divisiveness while calling Trump divisive. Wow. Lame.

  8. Wow you guys found the dumbest people in the World that can’t even put an articulate thought together while trying to prove that this represents Trump supporters. Smh.

  9. How could these people have been taken in by trump? He was obviously a con man and bully from the first time he appeared on tv.

  10. Most of them say they voted because they felt it was something better or different. Thing is now their saying this is not the American, they grew up in? I am confused. If you said you voted for Trump because you thought he 'd do better, but wishing it was America of yesterday, it seems you never wanted change, you can't have both, or asking for one and missing the other. When Trump made it clear he would grab a women's private, and kiss random women if they were beautiful, that did not scare them? When he lied during the CAMPAIGN, on several occasions, that didn't not concern them? How he degraded Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton was not a sign? He made fun of handicapped people, no clue of his morals was evident? People stop please! If someone SHOWS you who they are, BELIEVE THEM! I am baffled really. You went down the mudhole with him, than a quarter down , you realized it was muddy? Something's obviously are unexplainable , so I will stop attempting to find out logic, where none exist. I will look at the bright side, and say they WOKE UP! There's one BIG problem, for every 5 or 6 that may have woken up, there's a thousand that still don't care what he says or does. HOUSTON we have a PROBLEM ! 😎

  11. This is what I don't understand Donald Trump does not want the Mexican immigrants to come into this country yet these are the people who do the work because Donald Trump is not going to go on the farm and do the farm work nobody in his family is going to do it take the apples from the trees pick the oranges he's not going to do it nobody in his family is going to do it and most Americans are not going to do it is backbreaking work we need the immigrants the farmers need the immigrants because they do the jobs that we do not want to do let's face it let's be honest with ourselves they were brought up on the farm they know aquaculture and he's such a hypocrite most of his workers that work in his hotels are immigrants he's so shady and such a hypocrite

  12. Everyone who realizes that they were wrong, should be celebrated. You should always applaud people who change for the good. I refuse to be angry with someone who changes for the good.

  13. Wooooooooooow,, to hear these people and former supporters of his speak like this is very incredible,, and it show's me that,, you can fool some of the people some of the time but the American people will see whats right and bring about change 2020..

  14. what an outstanding analysis. I know you said he wasn't going to analyze these voters, but I think he did an excellent job at summarizing mystifying phenomenon.

  15. 1. I do n't give a crap.
    You kicked us and thought we were wrong.
    4.YOU LET HIM.

  16. Trump and his band of thieves don't think they're doing anything wrong, that's the American way…… got to hustle to get ahead…….you got to take advantage of every and any situation that comes your way…….their life has always been like that, their parents were like that, this is what they learned from life…….these are the bullies and abusers that we all fear in life…..I just find it hard to believe that there was enough people that was conned by this asshole, just goes to show you the quality of people in there masses that can be found in the USA. You are what you eat, the liberties that you think are so great and that you got it better than everyone else is the same liberties that the crooks hide behind and take advantage of the weak and dumb. I live in Canada and as far as most people in the US think, we are a socialist nation and that is one thing that you don't want to become and are afraid of, but you can't name one think that you have that I don't, except for the violence and guns.

  17. It's called trying to save face after defending the INDEFENSIBLE!!!! No….sorry, you have shown who you are. No DO OVERS!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Reason
    #1 Record low unemployment
    #2 rip roaring economy
    #5 this guy is CRUSHING IT
    #6 north Korea is shitting themselves
    #7 puts American's first
    God this guy is a Winnie crybaby
    Yea us republicans are deplorable
    But you are a commie piece of shit.
    I'll bet these people are being paid
    This is fake news

  19. “The attorney general can provide no such assistance in a politically motivated case. I know this because I was among those who helped put it there. Back in 1999, when we were negotiating the agreement with Russia, I was the senior State Department official managing U.S.-Russia law-enforcement relations.” wikipedia

    "The Magnitsky Act of 2012, commonly referred to as the Russian Sanctions bill was sponsored by Sen. John McCain at the urging of an ex-United States citizen and billionaire who renounced his citizenship to avoid paying U.S. taxes." Wikipedia

    I dunno what everyone is afraid of!

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