43 thoughts on “Fox Business exposes Obama’s failed policies

  1. Obama is a total disgrace a trans racist muslim. He disgrace america. He disgrace islam. Gitmo waterboard and execute the muslim

  2. So they scolded the President for not starting a war with Iran but now they want to make sure he can't start a war with Iran?…

  3. The Obama administration thought it was a good idea to arm ISIS in Syria and treat them like liberators.

  4. Obama could have been amazing. All he had to do was follow through on his promises. he did the opposite.

  5. One thing you can say about Obama that is true. The Man Was and is a Coward the lies just come out of him ; hardly needs telling.

  6. especially that failed ACA policy..just scratch the damned thing off the law and let people die…at least they will stop whining…

  7. Obama….the fake sissy boy warrior. He spent most of the first part of his presidency apologizing for America, which he and the liberals hate, then talked tough like all liberals do, but when called on the tough talk of course in liberal fashion retreat to their safe spaces for a good cry.

  8. Obama gave money to Iran, gave good jobs to China. Trump bring the money and jobs back to America. Who is a good president? The answer is President Trump.

  9. And I really do believe Obama hated this country and done everything he could to try and tear it down and that's why he did the things he did and let these countries get by with what they did.

  10. Asshats urging regime change in Syria never fking learn.
    Egypt, Libya, Iraq…
    We should be fomenting revolution within Iran.

  11. The last administration are used the powers with worldwide corruption activists in gains wealthy for themselves individuals???…they paid peanuts to their pets followers……

  12. All Obama was good at was speaking as if what he was saying was important thereby fooled people into electing him. He was a crappy, weak US president.

  13. Congress is a disgrace taking power away from the president
    What a corrupt congress done in the name of hate for Trump! This will go down in history as one of the worst things congress has done! Gid bless President Trump and how he loves his country and put it first.

  14. democrats think they have the right to run everything! Democrats are not smart enough ,nor are bold enough. They are too busy screwing the American taxpayers! They are greedy and can't be trusted with power! Stop them I mediately!

  15. Barry Soetoro foreign student from Kenya aka Barrack Obama. Islamic Muslim who never should have set foot in the WhiteHouse

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