Fox News Runs The Republican Party – Report

Fox News Runs The Republican Party – Report

>>>excited to share our first-ever “power
panel.” i like pronouncing things in different ways. david sirota, radio host, jane hampshire,
the founder of fire dog lake, and adam greene. look at all those lovely progressives. that
is an all-star progressive panel. i love it. guys, first topic is fox news, new report
out in “new york” magazine about how they secretly run the republican party. not sure
i’m surprised by that, but i find one of the quotes interesting. a person said — you can’t
run for the republican gnome ways without talking to roger, and every single candidate
has consulted with roger, but he hasn’t found any of them compelling, quote, he finds flaws
in every one, said a person familiar with his thinking. david, let me start with you.
is he the boss of the republican party?>>i think there’s something to that. my take
is roger ailes is a businessman first. he works for rupert murdoch and they want to
make a lot of money, and they’re interested in having a strong nominee. especially if it’s a conservative candidate
that can rally fox’s viewership. inch can he win without kissing his ring?>>no. it’s clear at this point that roger
ailes has to say we’re going to get behind a candidate before they can expect to win.
in telling fashion, now that he’s casting his gaze on crist christie, the white house
is doing opposition research on him. roger ailes has his limits, he thinks glenn beck
is — and sarah palin made a huge blunder. this is when so much media consolidation is
in the power of one person and roger ailes has successfully leveraged the ever-expanding
empire to where he can virtually block out the sun.>>and it turns out, you mentioned palin in
there. an insider apparently says he thinks palin is stupid, which is, wow, okay. and
of course fox news shot back saying if he finds who that insider is, he no longer will
be an insider, which to me is not much of a denial.>>she gave that blood libel speech which
may have been the stupid — –>>
no, absolutely. i think they screwed up here,
right? the whole point that fox did, and i think the most damaging part was they would
say we’re fair and balanced, the rest of the news media should listen to us. but look at
the other quotes from the article. chris siroti says he’s just got it. we’re going into an
election period and he doesn’t want fox to be seen as the front of the republican party,
referring to roger ailes, of course, but way too late, right?>>it would be interesting to see what would
happened if a focus group of fox viewers read this article that really pulled the veneer
away from fox. fox’s big argument is away from elitism. this is a gatekeeper role, and
also at a point when sarah palin needed a ride across the nation, fox loaned her their
personal corporate jet and gave he a ride. i actually encourage all fox viewers to read
this article.>>cenk, if i can add one thing to that, what’s
interesting about this piece is it makes very clear that fox is not conservative television.
it’s republicans party television. there’s a big difference between an ideological perspective
and having a complete partisan perspective. i think that’s what fox’s interest is in,
roger ailes’ interest, in the republican party and the political power rather than an ideological
message that is based in some sort of conservative principle.>>i think that’s exactly right. i think you
nailed it. when glenn beck goes conservative and tea party, they liked it in the beginning,
and all of a sudden they thought it was getting out of control and hurting the republican
party, not hurting the conservative movement, and all of a sudden they show glenn beck the
door.>>i think roger ailes is perhaps the most
powerful guy in the country, there he is with chris christie deciding who should be the
candidate, inviting him along with rush limbaugh. i think you guys nailed it. it’s the elitism
of fox news deciding who will run the country. didn’t they do this before? you know, back
in, of course, in 2000 most famously fox news picked president bush’s cousin, and he was
the one who declared bush as president. isn’t this part and parcel of the problem and why
the rest of the media have to start ignoring these guys who are clearly a prop ganta machine?>>absolutely. i don’t feel like i can give
much insight. this is confirming what we’ve been saying for years. the media and fox viewers
need to read this article and get out of our system the fact that fox is in any way, shape
or form a legitimate news outlet. it’s not.>>let’s stay on presidential politics for
a second. trump says he might get back into the race. let me show you a quick bite here.>>it was just a decision i made, but who
knows, stranger things have happened.>>you would not rule out a late entry if
nothing pans out for the gop?>>i would not rule it out, no.>>can i get an across the board agreement
from all you guys, trump, clown of the earth, totally not relevant?>>absolutely.>>yeah.>>i think he’s very successful at getting
his name in the head lines, and he’s done it once again.>>we’re absolutely clear on that. now, speaking
of presidential candidates, biden apparently in cincinnati told a bunch of funders he might
run in 2016. he would be 74 at the time. does that make any sense?>>i think it is absurd, but isn’t the most
absurd. biden’s job is going to capitol hill and being the great compromiser. they’re living
in bizarro land and not adding anything that the american public cares about. they’re not
dealing with the jobs situation, not dealing with health care, not dealing with the things
that americans want. they’re listening to people who think that cudding medicare is
a good idea, and biden has to sell this in 2016? i think he’ll have a tough time.>>david and adam, any chance he runs or can
win?>>i think there’s a chance that he’s going
to run. i think it twont be a situation like al gore in 2000 where he’s sort of the presumptive
nominee, and i don’t think that joe biden hasn’t made it necessarily a name for himself,
which i think will probably be necessary for a democratic candidate in 2016.>>adam?>>yeah, 2016 will be an opportunity for us
to election a real progressive president. i don’t think an old democrat is the same
as a bold progressive. we’ll be looking for that kind of ideal candidate. we need one
in 2016.>>i knew you were going to go there. let’s
go to the senate races. one? ohio, montana, missouri, minnesota. i know, adam, you were
part of the people that commissioned a poll in those states. let me show the ohio numbers.
when you ask people, hey, are you opposed to cutting medicare to balance the budget,
boy, are they opposed to it. 76%. 61% opposed to cutting medicate, and 80% opposed to cutting
social security. what message do you think those democratic senators in those races get
out of a poll like that?>>the message is don’t even come close to
cutting social security, medicare and medicaid benefits. it’s a political loser. myself,
jane and david, all of us in the end of 2010 we were toll told as progressives, don’t take
your ball and go home. get in line, and our answer is we’re supporting democrats, but
we warned you if you dropped the ball, your turnout will not be, we’re telling you way
in advance, don’t go there, do not cut social security and medicare. it will be those voters
in ohio, missouri, and other places. you have to have principles.>>they’re getting great political capital
out of this, saying the republicans are coming after your medicare. do you think there’s
a chance they’ll strike a deal, cut medicare and social security anyway?>>that’s been their line all along. we need
to cut it to save it so the republicans won’t do it because they’ll do worse. the message
of this poll should be that is just nothing that people will ever believe. if you cut
it, you cut it. you take away your dr you have that wonderful ryan vote that’s now like
the beast that ate cincinnati. and if they try and say we’re going to do this grand compromise,
we’ll just cut it a little bit, i don’t know why they would do it, but it seems like something
they want to do.>>last thing, dave, remember the president
came out and gave a speech and said i’m going to do three times as many spending cuts as
tax increases, basically, can we walk that back?>>i think the poll actually, what it does
is creates an interesting dynamic where you may have the senators up for reelection being
the ones who are giving voice to the idea that the president’s plan to reduce medicare
and potentially cut social security is wrong. in other words, you may have a situation where
these seemingly most electorally vulnerable democrats are the ones leading the charge
within the democratic party to tell the president he is offbase.>>all right. well, let’s see how it turns
out. very interesting, no question. david sirota, jane hampshire, and adam green, the
power panel. thank you guys.

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89 thoughts on “Fox News Runs The Republican Party – Report

  1. "This is what happens when you get so much media CUNT-solidation in the power of one person. Lol, Freudian slip?

  2. @TheOkham Uh….You do know medicare isnt hurting us right?

    How about you get out the wars
    Cut military spending
    raise taxes etc

    Im not going to repeat what kursk already said but you dont need to destroy medicare to improve the campagin.

  3. Has anybody else noticed that when republicans make their point they sound soooooo stupid? instead all the people in this chat sound pretty smart

  4. @SPQRomantic 1/3rd of his points are about raising taxes for an extreme minority of the country and he's "basically saying to raise a bunch of taxes"? Even point 3 where he thinks corporations should pay taxes…you disagree with this?
    Be careful repeating the conservative mantra of socialism. It spews ignorance.

  5. Cenk's hand picked 3 person LEFTIST panel. Not even trying to look fair or balanced. NICE!
    Cenk bashes what he is, a political whore. He will vote Dem every time and everyone knows it. *(No matter how much they screw the USA too!)

  6. @SPQRomantic The idea that low corporate taxes leads to lower prices for consumers is a fantasy.

  7. @SPQRomantic 1 is a small portion? the wars Iraq and Afghanistan have cost almost 1.2 trillion together, with that been conservative since some estimates have Iraq costing around 262 billion a year itself. 2. well that be around 172 billion since the US had a 687 military expenditure. 4,5 would make little difference with 3 costing consumers more in the long run.6 is very worth while, but there needs to be more cuts, retirement will have to be raised to 65 or 67for starting benefits.

  8. @SPQRomantic social security had a 2.5 trillion dollar surplus, but the government used all the extra money to help make its balance sheets look better and spent the money already. Some changes need to be made to the other programs including a universal health care system being added. We are the only industrialized country in the world without one and are ranked 37th over all in health care even though we spend on average twice as much as the rest of the world per capita. Our system needs fix

  9. @JephRants

    He got 3 progressives, you need to look past the whole right/left thing and when did he say he was fair and balanced? He says he uses facts and he has not lied about that because he always backs up EVERYTHING he says, also the repubs have screwed us more, the dems just screw us a tad less. Are you a Fox news watcher?

  10. @SPQRomantic

    LMAO the war in the middle east is a "small portion of the budget".

    I think i never heard anything more absurd, it can cost billions every month.

  11. Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch both work for Sarah Palin and will ensure that she will be our next and greatest President! Ailes and Murdoch are both her DICKLESS and BALLESS puppets and need her GOD JUICES fucked into their PUSSIES for sustenance! Ailes and Murdoch are not happy with the GOP field for their boss Palin has not officially toss her hat into the ring. It is a matter of time before GOD's CHOSEN ONE declares her candidacy and her inevitable ascension will happen!

  12. @Theimmortalwhitewolf
    Social Security is a PONZI scheme that is designed to screw the people over. FDR should be ashamed of himself for creating this socialist scheme! We need President Palin for she will put him to shame and EXPOSE his PUSSY! She will successfully eliminate that pork program along with Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Unemployment Benefits, Food Stamps, and every single liberal pork program for they are ALL communist and socialist!

  13. @ecwaufisxtreme I see someone's lost their entire mental capacity. Please explain what, exactly, about social security qualifies as "socialist?" In fact, explain what, exactly, is socialist about "medicare" or "medicaid" or "welfare" or "unemployment benefits" or "food stamps." I think you have no clue what "socialism" actually means, much the rest of the people who ascribe to your idiotic ideology.

  14. @lildread1 To be far this was just progressives speculating on a nomination. This wasn't a matter of balanced opinion this was entirely mean't to be the views of the progressive community.

  15. @SPQRomantic Really? Oil subsidies are "nickel and dime?" Had they simply eliminated oil subsidies alone they would have way overshot the Republicans demands in spending cuts. And no, taxing corporations in a healthy capitalist market is simply taxing profits (which should be taxed). Of course in our "capitalist" system (which is capitalist in name only) it is somewhat taxing consumers because there is little actual competition due to consolidation.

  16. @SPQRomantic Econ 101 also stipulates that companies will compete with each other to offer lower prices, we all have seen how well that has worked out. Conservatives have never taken anything past Econ 101, or visited the real world. Reality is too dangerous to their precious ideology.

    The requested cuts were $32 billion, the cuts wound up being $38 billion. Oil subsidies are over $40 billion. Again, reality does not enter into conservative thinking.

  17. Fox seems to be Mephisto looking for their Faust – they want the ratings and making money – it reminds me of "The Candidate" with Robert Redford.

  18. @SPQRomantic Frell, you are an ignorant idiot. Yes, they did an end run around John Boehner, and the Democrats caved (again) rather than slamming them to the wall over their unpopular policies. And if $40 billion is overstated, why was there a bill to eliminate $20 billion in oil subsidies (that still didn't eliminate all or even most of them)?

    Scratch that, you are an ignorant, illiterate moron. I didn't state "competition doesn't work" I stated "our system isn't competitive."

  19. @SPQRomantic As I said, you are an ignorant, boarder-line illiterate moron. That statement means exactly what I said it means, but for the brain-deads (AKA Conservatives), companies are supposed to compete, improving efficiency and reducing prices, instead they collude, increasing prices, something readily observable with the oil companies.

    It also includes "subsidies" that no other businesses get, moron. Honestly, conservatism reduces IQ levels by around 50 points it looks like.

  20. With the exception of raising taxes on people making 200k+ there is only one person who would actually do those things if made president, which is Ron Paul 🙂
    You might say he wouldn't do nr 3 either, but I think Ron would want them to pay the taxes they are supposed to, even if he doesn't like taxes he do believe in upholding the law.

  21. @JephRants LOL. Wake the fuck up or die in ignorance. Dems can can be aholes, but fact is in last 10 years Republicans, and Fox news destroyed the USA. Maybe permanently. How can u be fair and balance with retarded rabid sacks of shit dog Republicans. No debating, no differences in opinion, no compromising…Republicans, Fox are pure pieces of shit.

  22. @Redfingers They are mentally ill,brainwashed by fox & Republican leaders, or fucking stupid. Or a combination thereof. Thats why u cannot debate them, show them respect. They should be treated like the retardos they are or the USA is dead permanently. Asian kids will be studying its fall in schools in 100 years like the fall of the roman empire. And they will wonder how a population turned from those who touched the moon those that voted Bush 2x. Answer? Propaganda, Fox, Republicans.

  23. @kursk39
    Well done 5/6 however; I think as a rich country we can and should help undeveloped countries.

  24. @lildread1 I watch all the news channels pretty evenly. I probably watch TYT more than any other. Some times I 100% agree and sometimes I 100% disagree. I don't mind him telling me his views and I am sure he doesn't mind me telling him mine.

  25. @dinex2 Sarcasm. Thats never been done (<—Just like that)

    I never said he doesn't criticizes both, I am just saying on this video. Go look me up, I agree with Cenk a lot. Just not here.

  26. @spaniardmale77
    You did not debate or give facts to your point, while accusing someone else of the same behavior, while name calling and bullying. That is called "projection". Its when you subconsciously act or behave a certain way but your mind makes you believe that it is other people who are acting that way towards you.
    Its a lower form of narcissism. You should get that checked out.

  27. @force3264 Your point is without merit & let me tell u why. MSNBC, CNN are not just about brainwashing the dumb with lies,manipulations, or propaganda. And dont retort with " liberal lies/ bias".
    If u don't know that Fox, Republicans,right wing radio aholes like limbaugh have ruined the USA in the last 10 years, then u are either ignorant, brainwashed, or stupid. U have to decide which after personal reflection.
    IF u do know & still defend Republicans or Fox, then u are just a piece of shit.

  28. @JephRants I gave a factual assessment of you. What is up for debate is if u are either ignorant, brainwashed, or stupid. U call a panel Leftist, not fair, others say liberal bias, BUT u cannot deny any points or facts, or logic they make. BECAUSE they are 100% RIGHT on the topic, does not mean they are not fair. So dont give me any tv- psychology-chicken- soup-for-the-soul-BS bc i call a turd a turd. Or do u really believe Fox is fair and balance as compared to other media in usa?

  29. @JephRants Or do u really believe that it was Democrats and not the pure pieces of shit Republicans and their propaganda machine Fox "news" that have truly destroyed a once great country with their actions of the last 11 years? So what who votes democrat. It was not them that have truly ruined the once great dream of the United States of America. Fact is Fox's own internal memos have factually, clearly, undeniably shown that propaganda and misinformation is their operational procedure.

  30. @spaniardmale77 I never said anything positive about FOX…I think they are just as biased for the Right.

    I believe that your analysis of my own educational background is based on nothing other than hurt feelings.

  31. @force3264 meow meow. Fact is Fox was started by zillionaire Regan lover Ropert Murdoch and Nixon lover, Bush fucking, Giuliani tonguing- Roger Ailes.
    He saw $ was supporting Republicans and brainwashing a conservative retarded base of the usa. Thats why he install biggest republican mofo he could find Roger Ailes. Fact is their own internal memos have shown propaganda as their main operational procedure. They distort facts, quotes, images on ongoing basis& not isolated errors.

  32. Biden is unelectable. In college he flat out stole an essay as his own. They will run that into the ground.

  33. @SPQRomantic Aww, isn't that cute. You're babbling like a lunatic because you don't have a leg to stand on. Let's take a look at the oil companies. Right now the supply of crude oil has gone up, while demand has gone down. According to basic econ, that should mean the price should go down, instead it has gone up, and their profit margins have gone up. Looks like you're an idiot, much like all conservatives. Should have taken an Econ class after basic econ.

  34. @JephRants ur comment implied unfairness,inbalance, & Leftist bias as negative connotation- without disproving ANY point being made. No point cant be disproven bc its 100% right logically& factually. U then concluded it was political whoring without again being able to disprove ANY point logically & concluded with a weighted negative assessment of Democratic voters without merit since its been republican actions/propaganda that have truly,factually &logically ruined the USA in last 11 years.

  35. @JephRants So my analysis is correct since u give EQUAL weight to Republican Fox- usa-destroying-misinformation-propaganda and any democratic point of view in the last 11 years. Logically, factually is like comparing a turd to an apple.

  36. @force3264 Parroting or mirroring is a psychological defense from a weak point of view when no logic or REAL supporting points can be found. In laymen terms u don't got shit. I give logical & related points. U can choose to accept them or remain brainwashed in ignorance. NBC was started by RCA like in the 1920's and was like one of the 1st channels showing life on tv. GE also owned RCA/NBC back then before obama, clinton, etc.
    Fox's main purpose is republican propaganda.

  37. @spaniardmale77 My point was in the disapproval of the "news" bias itself. Using the video and its contents to provide evidence in regards to the only statements made "He will vote Dem every time no matter how much they screw us TOO." Too as in also. As in I have equal disdain for anyone who simply votes / defends party line. Cenk himself criticizes the Left but WAY less than the right. (same thing fox news does the other way. hence my statement of him criticizing what he is..a political whore)

  38. @JephRants Interesting. My point is your points do NOT disprove ANY of the points in the vid. They are 100% true. Hence a bias argument has NO basis of logic or fact.
    As a tangent argument of bias, the democratic party is not the party that destroyed a once great country in the last 11 years.Republican party did that & its republican party that has propaganda/misinformation as its main operational doctrine. So there is no equality of judgement & your tangent point is negated on its basis alone.

  39. @spaniardmale77 Are you going to use big words to continue to restate my point over and over after your onslaught of name calling failed?

    The Dems had control of Congress and the Presidency for 2yrs and did the same exact things that the Reps did. They are both the same thing doing the same thing and your just a sheep following a different herd.
    I disapprove of both the Dems and Reps. They both suck as leadership parties of our governmental system.

  40. @SPQRomantic So, you think corporations should pay no taxes. And you think think what we spend on wars is actually a small part of the budget? And cutting "only" 10% of the budget does not overshadow the revenue by tax increases? Just out of curiosity, do you think that raising taxes will generate more than even just a cut in defense? Or was it a reflexive thing to jump on tax increases?

  41. @SPQRomantic Frell, even talking to a conservative lowers your IQ. Do you know what an "example" is? Apparently not, as you failed to recognize an "example" of what I was talking about in my very first post. One I had to give you since your sub-intellect couldn't handle abstract concepts. Do the world a favor and sterilize yourself, as we don't need any more illiterate, moronic people in this world.

    Fact: My claims are all right, and you are simply a moron who can't read.

  42. @SPQRomantic Keep spouting your nonsense. Why don't you "Look it up" my initial post on the subject (not that you've ever demonstrated basic literacy or the ability to follow a coherent thought), then "Look it up" the actual tax-code/subsidies of the oil companies offered by the federal government. Look it up!

    If there is healthy competition the cost will be offset by companies increasing efficiency and decreasing price to sell, which isn't happening. Something I said in my first post, idiot.

  43. @SPQRomantic Frell, you are an idiot. One who has, apparently, failed to even take Econ 101, let alone anything beyond it. Do you know what "efficiency" means in economic terms? Apparently not, because unless you are discussing a one-person business, you can't make "people" more efficient. "Efficiency" in this sense means the lowering the cost of doing business to increase profit margins. Ugh, you really are an all around failure of a human being.

  44. @SPQRomantic Businesses are imaginary legal concepts, individual people can make decisions which lower costs, however people can't be made more efficient (only jobs). I swear this is like kindergarten level economics. Corporations already lower their wages without increase in taxes, that's why the average pay for a American, when adjusted for inflation, is lower than it was thirty years ago, while they work longer hours. So might as well tax them more, or even better, force them to pay taxes.

  45. @SPQRomantic Who's this "we?" Talking to the people in your head? I love your inability to grasp basic economic theory. Increasing productivity is increasing a job's efficiency, it has nothing to do with the person currently occupying that position's efficiency. Higher taxation in a healthy capitalist system makes companies more innovative, which leads to greater efficiency and productivity.

    I wouldn't comment on who's a "raving idiot" when you're having conversations with people in your head.

  46. @SPQRomantic Really? Please quote me stating "raising taxes increases productivity" in those terms, exactly. Go ahead. Prove you are not lying, right now.

    Yes, yes, yes, I'm sure they are. I'll believe you if you can offer me that quote of me stating exactly what you claimed I did. After all, in that case you wouldn't be a liar, right?

    After all, if that weren't the case, you'd be making a strawman because you, and your imaginary friends, are too stupid to critique my actual statement.

  47. @SPQRomantic You are stupid. People with your IQ level should not be allowed to vote. Seriously you are destroying our Country with your stupidity by electing people you who think are you friends when they are lying to you, stealing all your money, and destroying our Country.

  48. @spaniardmale77
    Bash one side and don't proclaim grandness from the other, but merely tolerate its mediocre attempts at actual results. How merciful of you.
    You can continue to belittle me on points I never made, or you could go back and read that all I stated was that I watch all the news shows evenly but mostly watch TYT. That in of itself defies your claims that I am fox brainwashed or ignorant. What ignorance do I have by listening to all sides yet like neither at times?

  49. @spaniardmale77 So you point is that the Dems are not great but decent and the Reps are the devil. I gotcha!

    I disagree. I think that they are equally to blame. Also this this video was left leaning bias and so are you.

    So now I am done with this video and you Neither made points worth wasting more time with.

  50. @JephRants I am illuminating your existence. U can choose to accept the truth-Real truth, not propaganda…or remain brainwashed or ignorant. The truth is..the usa was functioning healthier under dems/clinton. Truth is bush jr as a puppet for some cunning republican sacks of shit fucked up the usa maybe permanently in every way. Truth is the republican party accepted brainwashing/propaganda as their party guideline for wealth/power. Fact is republicans fucked the middle class of the usa..

  51. @spaniardmale77 Final: Your a mouthy little bitch that doesn't read what people write. I am not a Republican I am not a Democrat. I don't like EITHER of the parties or what they represent fully. I have written that in several ways and yet your ignorance or blatant lack of respect of another persons view is so much a part of you that you simply want to continue to belittle someone for something that have said the opposite of… now I am done with you. CRITICIZE THEM ALL or become one.

  52. @JephRants To deny that Fox is nothing but a piece of shit propaganda machine for republicans when their very own internal memos show that they use misinformation/propaganda as their operational to be brainwashed. To deny any of the points, facts, logic mention by calling it Leftist, liberal, or bias is to be stupid. To not see what a once great nation has become thanks to republicans, bush, republican propaganda, to already have lost.Weep for your nation.Weep for urself.

  53. @JephRants Nope, u are a lost cause and should bear responsibility for the lost of the united states of america. Bc u deny points, facts by calling them leftist, bias, unfair or whoring. When u cannot deny any facts. The biggest fact is that Republicans/Bush/Fox did to the usa what no great depression could, what no war did, what no terrorist accomplished….they destroyed it permanently. All it took was some propaganda and a conservative retarded base mired in religion and freedom fries.

  54. ~^The idea that lower corporate & individual tax rates spur job growth is a 30-year REPUBLICAN LIE. Since the implementation of the REAGAN & BUSH TAX CUTS, America has LOST MORE jobs than at any other time in its history. Not collectng a FAIR SHARE of taxes from corporations& the wealthy has spawned a SERIOUS REVENUE PROBLEM which should be a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY. On the other hand, a WORKING MIDDLE CLASS with money to spend DOES SPUR JOB GROWTH. _* AMERICA, REJECT THE REPUBLICAN LIE!

  55. When Bush had a Republican Congress we had 5% unemployment like JFK had. After MSNBC and every other network demonized Republicans enough to get Nancy Pelosi running Congress we got double unemployment and a trillion dollar debt while Pelosi got richer. I'm retired military and my wife's on Medicare. Your tax money and paychecks didn't get redistributed to me. You any richer?

  56. What we need is population growth so we have more taxpayers, more customers for products, more cheap labor to provide government services at lower cost, more students needing teachers, more viewers for tv show ratings, more people needing houses built. You don't get population growth aborting your own taxpayers and voters. Your audiance is aging & dying. FOX viewers have children.

  57. Why is Blue State New York losing seats in Congress while Red State Texas is gaining votes? It's because in Texas people are encouraged to have kids instead of abortions. You can't keep aborting your taxpayers, raising taxes on smaller tax bases, and borrow money from foreign banks on the promise a small bunch of unborn taxpayers will pay all your bills someday instead of flyng off to tax havens.

  58. MSNBC and all the other liberal controlled networks parrot the same socialist crap from ex-Nazi collaborators in Sweden telling America the way to get ahead is by us downsizing our population with abortion and be more like Sweden so rich ex-Nazis with Swiss bank accounts will have no incentive to invest in us instead of all those blond haired blue eyed Aryans in Sweden. FOX is not pro-Nazi

  59. Lets be clear about why most Republicans trust FOX. Most Republicans are normal American Christians and FOX is the only network that isn't dominated by highly anti-Christian atheist religious bigots who got their jobs giving Monica Lewinskis to David Lettermans and do everything possible to redistribute money from the Boy Scouts to Gay bars in San Francisco and slander anyone objecting.

  60. it is obvious that republicans and conservatives has some real issues when it comes too the working class and poor class families and it is so crazy too that republicans over fox news is in charge of the republican party i think needs to re examine their party and do not too extreme or your party will lose to bring nut Donald Trump to find obama s birth certificate that truth about that will not be revailed it is time to move from the birther movement this is what got the republicans to lose

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