Fox News warns impeachment inquiry is Democratic ‘coup’ of Trump

Fox News warns impeachment inquiry is Democratic ‘coup’ of Trump

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100 thoughts on “Fox News warns impeachment inquiry is Democratic ‘coup’ of Trump

  1. Call it what you want…
    He's still a lying, PRIVILEGED, criminal, surrounded by like minded corporate greedmongers.

  2. These people in the video HATE America…but they LOVE the power & privilidge it affords THEM personally & they will fight with everything they have to maintain it for themselves to ensure their progeny have all the advantages to continue their currupt practices!! It's a crying shame that they use their platform to lie to us & use subterfuge to create a false narrative that complements THEIR needs, wants & desires!! I'm sure when they hook up with their mistresses & are being whipped in their private dungeons…..they smile to themselves about how "great" they truly believe they are!! 😟🤫🤭

  3. Surely there's some point where this president can have a bit of accountability by another area of government where Fox doesn't just regurgitate everything Trump says on his Twitter feed.

  4. We are Polish Americans Legions for Trump. We are very strong. Polish Americans in PA, IL, MI, FL, WI will vote for the president Trump of the Great USA in 2020. We will vote to get traitors to America out of US Congress

  5. Yes. We need to be able to hide illegal presidential activities. It's the majority of radical Americans who want him impeached too. They are all in on it. It' a massive coup of the cabal and the deep state. Can't a president lie and cheat anymore? What good is being president anymore?

  6. I believe in the first amendment but whats going on at Fox clearly falls under the rule that you can't yell fire in a crowded theater !!! While I believe most of the hateful rhetoric spewed on Fox comes from straight up RACISM,after watching about as much of this CRAP as I could stand I think some of these people are mentally ill,ALL of them are MORALLY BANKRUPT !! FOX(FAUX) NEWS seems to be the kind of "news" you would see on state tv in China or Russia,that being said,I don't trust the "mainstream" media that much either!!Corporate media in this country don't straight up LIE like FOX,they are very selective about what they report and the biases are very clear to anyone who pays attention.

  7. They’ve more ‘coups’ than a group of pigeons around an old lady chucking bread from her bench. They sound totally coup-coup for coco pops.

  8. You can always tell when a Republicans lying their voice gets squeaky like their underwear just got too tight and they feel the need to yell over top of other people that have a legitimate point .sympathisers to a racist self-serving president .

  9. I'd like to say that a coup would involve walking in the white house and shooting him in the head with but that would be unconstitutional .and we don't need him shiting his pants in the Oval Office

  10. The GOP has been talking about a second civil war since Obama came into office. Fine, if this is what you guys need, let's do it. Just be aware, America beat the confederacy and we beat the Nazis, we are happy to do it again.

  11. It’s definitely another attempt to overthrow an elected president. The crazy Democommies can’t win, so they keep using their propaganda machines (MEDIA) and the absolute nut jobs in congress to try and remove Trump from office. NO ONE CAN BEAT TRUMP FAIRLY. Rather you want to steal the election from the American people who voted and will vote for him.

  12. This is fox openly admitting that they think trump is the dictator of the United States. trump and only trump is the government of the United States and if the democrats impeach trump then they have overthrown the government of the United States. trump is not the government of the US, he is one part of government and not the dictator that he wants to be.

  13. Answer a question! Is there any crime that Trump could commit that would cause his main supporters to chose country over power?

  14. It's been a "Political coup attempt" from day one in office , the political insiders that Trump stepped on by defeating the (Heir apparent ) and all the other candidates and the (drain the swamp) comments . pissed them all off , just shows how deep and entrenched all these so called congressmen and women are and how they are so afraid that the Status Quo might soon be falling apart because Trump is for the people and the people are ready for a Revolution to get rid of all these no-good (Represenatives) , kick-em all out , let them live from wk to wk or on the street like the Homeless do ! Good Luck Mr. President , we love you !

  15. In the Good Ole’ days, a person like Trump who was found guilty of deplorable acts, would be tied to a post in the town’s square and whipped to within an inch of his deplorable life.

  16. I’ve heard a third and fourth whistleblower have come forward now. When is this going to end? Everything was going so nicely, I mean people were starting to forget the Mueller Report, and all the instances of obstruction of justice (and collusion) that were in it, and now this mess.

  17. Oh my, they're on to us now! Civil war like action, desperate radical dems! A Chou! Those poor ignorant people 😂😄🤣🙋‍♀️

  18. This is how you know the liberal outrage is fake.

    Imagine their reaction of Don Jr. did what Hunter Biden has done.

    That's how simple this is.

    Pure bias and hypocrisy.

  19. 😂I wouldn't be surprised if John Bolton is The Whistleblower, that would be a page right out of Self-deprecatory Ku Klux Klan history!😂

  20. Everyone at Fox got the memo. ‘Coup’ is the talking point. As long as Fox viewers don’t change the channel, they’ll be ok. 👍

  21. JAVELIN ANTI TANK MISSILES. That is what Mr Trump was holding back from Ukraine. Mr Rupert would you please get a Javelin and bring it into the studio so your viewers will get the picture. The Russians do not want the Ukrainians to be able to defend themselves.   FGM-148 Javelin..

  22. Sadly Fox's audience doesn't understand what a coup de tat actually is, nor do they reach for a dictionary when encountering a word the don't know. And worst yet they lack the intelligence to understand after reading the definition that Fox is straight up lying by using this word.

  23. Right wing media is the root of 90% of America's problems today.
    They are nothing but conspiracy theory mills, spewing lies and left-hate propaganda.
    If America will ever recover it will need to devise a way to legally crush fake news. Facts are facts.The very fact that Fox News is responsible for a massive segment of the population believing climate change is a hoax should be enough to cause major concern.

  24. When Trumpo went to China and met with Xi Jing and got a deal for 500 million dollars for a Trump branded hotel and theme park in Indonesia, it was a clear breach of the emoluments clause. A few days later Trumpo stated he wanted sanctions lifted to save the jobs of the Chinese who worked for ZTE corporation . ZTE was a company that sold communications equipment that could be used for spying. The Republican held House and Senate lifted the sanctions they imposed. Trumpo is the Republican Party, and he may win the 2020 elections. If Trumpo wins the elections our democracy will be lost. Republicans will go along with every criminal fantasy, and foreign policy miscalculation unimpeded. Hillary Clinton got 3 million more votes than Trumpo. The Republican party has become a criminal organization that uses defamation, misinformation, disinformation, lies conspiracies, obstruction, and gerrymandering to win. They are a minority party but are holding the whole country hostage in the desperate attempts to hold onto power.

  25. Coup de Tait …..what bullshit!!!! The Republicans are Coo Coo if they think America will fall for another of their lies trying to keep Conman Trump in office…..wake-up America, they are trying to steal our democracy from us by having a poop on our Constitution!!!!

  26. Trump was right about one thing: he could shoot someone in cold blood on 5th Avenue, and Republicans would say it was not illegal and the victim was not important anyway.

  27. And what will Faux News say when insiders push Thump aside to avoid a double digit loss in 2020? Blame the "Deep State"? They should look in the mirror for enabling his imbecility. Had they challenged him more vigorously, they would have forced Thump to up his game. Now he is a caged, wounded animal. Flailing at all in reach. Obama warned him about the "constraints of the office". All contrary responses to my comment will be ignored.

  28. I am with Rush on this: It's not the Democratic party, it's the democrat party. "Democratic" is too often misused in reference to the Democrat party.

  29. Amazing that none of them precisingly tells where is the violence and no one points the so-called « illegally » move the house makes .. of course there is none !

  30. I really hope Trump declares Martial Law!! We need to do everything we can to make sure the liberals don't take over our country.

  31. If Trump got “assassinated” (too good a word for him) most of it the World – nearly all of it – would celebrate like it hasn’t since the end of WW2!

  32. Oh god, half of these Fox suckers look inbred, and the other half is just plain senile.. It's scary how delusional they are..

  33. It’s an obvious coup. Some people are dumb enough to ignore it. I bet those same people are still convinced he colluded with Russia. bahahahahahaha!!!

  34. Lmmfao y'all worthless Republicans call yourself Christians 😆😆 😆 I hope you and your family goes straight to hell

  35. The coup was carried out by Putin, the Republicans, and the cultist, moron base that put Putin's asset in office. These sycophants that are trying to spin lies should be considered co-conspirators.

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