Free Speech TV Ring of Fire featuring Howard Nations: Republican Party Autopsy Report

Free Speech TV Ring of Fire featuring Howard Nations: Republican Party Autopsy Report

MIKE PAPANTONIO: Welcome back to Ring of Fire,
I’m Mike Papantionio. The republican party has
made their first steps towards recovery by admitting that they actually have a problem
but the party’s been out of touch for so long that it might be too little too late. Joining
me now to talk about the party’s troubles is attorney Howard Nations. Howard, the autopsy
report that the republicans got is not good. I mean this is a report they did of what the
party looks like and they did it themselves to kind of get a picture. The picture that
came out and they have to live with this is that they’re racist, that they’re is sexist,
that they’re religious bigots, they’re homophobes, that they have a war against women, they have
a war against youth. That was their study. This was their study where they talk to their
own base. What do you do about that? HOWARD NATIONS: Well if you’re head of the
Republican National Committee now you have a very difficult task at hand because you’re
caught in the middle between the fight with Rush Limbaugh, who’s a philosophical leader
of the very far right wing of the republican party and the people who are trying to move
it back towards a less conservative, less far right wing position.
PAPANTONIO: Howard, isn’t part of the problem is that the packs are controlling the party
now? It’s not the party controlling the PACs, the PACs are leading the charge. What kind
of problem does that present for them in the future if they don’t get it under control?
NATIONS: Well the problem that you have is with Karl Rove raising so much money and the
Coats brothers putting in so much money is that they are taking control of the party
from the state parties and when you get into a Congress, then you don’t have any roots
to build on from the state party. These guys are coming in here buying out their states
and they are just demoralizing and demolishing the party because it is the far right wing
against the business community which is a super PACs and super PACs are winning.
PAPANTONIO: What we used to have is you would have some central party decisions but now
you have a PAC that will show up on day one and they’ll come out with a particular message
that is crazy, that paints the republican party as sexist, as racist, as anti-youth,
as bigots, as anti-intellectuals, and that unfortunately for the Republicans when you
read this autopsy report, when you take this ninety-seven page report that they paid for,
that they had their consultants look at, and they said guys, we are in big, big trouble
because we don’t have anything in common with mainstream America right now. What is the
thing that moved you most when you took a look at the report?
NATIONS: Well, the thing that move me most was the fact that they actually acknowledged
it but then you have to realize that the people who wrote the report are all from the group
that is trying to move them back towards a more moderate position or a less far right
wing position, unrepresented on the group that wrote the report was the far right wing,
the extreme right wing. But the acknowledgement of the reality of the party is that they have
given up the multi-racial, multi-generational, multi-cultural, they’ve given up the minorities,
they’ve given up- they’ve insulted women, they’ve insulted people across the board and
the fact of the matter is that President Obama and the Democratic party have moved in exactly
the opposite direction and they built a very, very strong political progressive coalition
with all of those people. And it’s youth vs. age is the biggest single factor because the
young people are completely lining up with the progressives.
PAPANTONIO: Yeah, I mean even the young Republicans are rolling their eyes and say what have we
become? What have we become when I am on a college campus, they have these things called
the Young Republicans where they show up on campus and they try to recruit and apparently
the pushback for Young Republicans on campus recruiting is at an all-time abysmal high
for the republicans and that’s the future of the party. You’ve had to restructure things
in so many ways. I know you restructured the national organization for trial lawyers- what
are the obstacles when it comes to restructuring something as serious as this? In a minute,
what are the obstacles? NATIONS: Well the obstacle that they are facing
right now is that you have Karl Rove with a lot of money who is actually financing campaigns
against Republicans so the obstacle that they have to overcome is this internecine battle
within the party. They have to absolutely get everybody on the same page in leadership
before they can get any followers. You can’t- no one wants to follow the mess that’s going
on right now in the Republican party. PAPANTONIO: Howard, in 30 seconds, do you
agree that the next national elections are going to be dismal for the Republicans no
matter what they do with this report? NATIONS: They next national elections will
be dismal because the Progressives have two things going for them. The Obama-machine and
the Clinton-machine will be combined in the next election. They’ll continue with their
grassroots which they’ve done so brilliantly, they’ll continue to call for economic equality
and I think frankly that in the next election, the way they rallied around the first African-American
president in the last two elections, I think they will be rallying around the first woman
as president of the United States. PAPANTONIO: Howard Nations, thanks for joining

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