From self-mockery to theme songs, political parties get creative with campaigns

From self-mockery to theme songs, political parties get creative with campaigns

As we enter the second day of official campaigning
for the April 13th general election, Korea’s main political parties have been coming up
with some novel ways to drum up support and spread their message.
Lee Ji-won has the details. From a touch of self-mockery to a catchy theme
song,… Korea’s three main parties have come up with creative ways to squeeze every last
vote out of the public. The ruling Saenuri Party has released a promotional
video that pokes fun at itself for the internal struggle the party went through during the
candidate nomination process. By turning Kim Moo-sung’s trip to Busan to
refuse the nominations into a humorous, self-mocking video, the party is trying to capture the
attention of the young generation. The main opposition, the Minjoo Party, used
the word “the” in its name,… which means “more” in Korean, to promote what more it
can do for the public. It further stressed the pun… and used the
word “dul” which means “less” in Korean to promise that it can lessen the burden by cutting
university tuition and other fees. Last but not least,… the minor opposition,
People’s Party has used a popular Korean cartoon theme song to portray itself.
Experts say the party hopes the song will make voters see it as the powerful, just and
righteous hero of the cartoon. And as the song is widely known to the public, people
can easily follow along with the lyrics. With the political campaigns just heating
up, it should be interesting to see how creative the campaigns can get.
Lee Ji-won, Arirang News.

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