Fusion GPS Co-Founder: What Happened In 2016 Is About To Happen Again | All In | MSNBC

Fusion GPS Co-Founder: What Happened In 2016 Is About To Happen Again | All In | MSNBC

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64 thoughts on “Fusion GPS Co-Founder: What Happened In 2016 Is About To Happen Again | All In | MSNBC

  1. And it begins.😃
    Trump officially threw Rudy under the bus today in an interview with Bill O'Reilly.
    Trump told O'Reilly that Rudy Giuliani's push for a Biden investigation in Ukraine was not done on his behalf and noting that Giuliani has “other clients.”

    When O'Reilly asked Trump point-blank if Giuliani was acting on his behalf in trying to dig up dirt on VP Joe Biden, Trump said, “No, I didn’t direct him, but he is a warrior, he is a warrior.” 😲😆😄😂

    When O'Reilly asked what Giuliani was doing in Ukraine, Trump deflected and told him that he would “have to ask that to Rudy.” 😲😲😆😂

    Unfortunately for Trump, we have the transcript of his own words that disagrees with him.
    ThenWhite House's own transcript of Trump's July 25 call with President  Zelensky, Trump himself repeatedly brought up Giuliani in the same conversation where he reminded Zelensky of all that America does for Ukraine and asked him for a “favor.”

    “Rudy very much knows what’s happening, and he is a very capable guy,” Trump told Zelensky, after asking him to investigate a widely debunked conspiracy theory about Ukraine interfering in the 2016 election. 

    “If you could speak to him that would be great,” he said.

    I guess now Trump is going to start saying that his own words are "never Trumpers", and part of the deep state.😂😄😆

  2. I find it interesting that t'rump supporters choose to believe in conspiracy theories, thinking they're smarter than everyone else. When in reality, it just proves the fact that they're actually just idiots who live in a world of delusion. It's like some echo chamber of stupidity where the more they believe, the dumber they get, and the dumber they get, the more they believe.

  3. More Evidence-Free Fiction. Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch should become hosts on the Ancient Aliens Channel!👻 👽 🤖😁 😂 🤣

  4. Probably true, but would you buy a used car from these guys? Would you let your little kids even talk to them? Would you trust with your silverware?

  5. The Russian trolls, bots & spy's are running amok making a mockery of our electoral system once again. Do not fall for them & their narrative of tRump & Putin being good. Vote Democrat & insist you want stringent economic sanctions slapped on Russia.

  6. Nunes got caught committing arson, now he wants to go after the person who pulled the fire alarm and called 911. Someone as unethical, immoral, and conniving as Nunes should be removed from Congress….and in chains preferably.

  7. The US will collapse because of arrogance, and there'll be no one there to help it back up. The house of lords in jolly England have more decency than most of the Senate and Congress in the US, and the legislative branch of the US government have no reason to be arrogant. The executive branch on the other hand is a 3-ring circus.

  8. MSNBCannibals are worried about something to be spewing this garbage.. could it be that they are under criminal investigation?? .. Yeah me thinkz so!

  9. I'm the 666th view of this vid – as if it wasn't scary enough…
    Wake up USA: your democracy is evidently corrupt and easy to manipulate. Deal with it! Gerrymandering, political donations, echo chambers on social media and Orwellian campaigns – educate yourself (ie. watch John Oliver!!!)

  10. Wait… Hillary is #DeepState (And a demon, as sold by Trump & Alex Jones to #FakeChristian Mammon worshippers)…

    So how did Trump investigations not leak!?🤯

  11. "It's happening again." That's the most important thing they say. And because Trump is in the White House and his buddy Mitch is holding everything up in the Senate, nothing is done about it. Except now he is getting more help from other countries as well as Russia.

  12. What needs to happen is this: the next president needs to work with our allies around the world and promote a multinational embargo against Russia. Basically the same situation that we had during the Cold War with the old Soviet Union. Perhaps when the Russian people have had enough of black marketeers, and standing in line in the snow for four hours just to get a roll of toilet paper, they'll get fed up with Putin and get rid of him.

  13. the correct term would be deontology, not methodology : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deontological_ethics
    i think reporters must stop the messaging that reinforces republican partisanship; stop saying "the democrats are impeaching the president"! how about, the pro-impeachment members say "xyzzy" + the constitution. Justin Amash is NOT a democrat, maybe talk to him, for example. every time you say "the democrats impeachment hearings", you've created ANOTHER win for partisanship …

  14. Finally I can see the faces of the most corrupt guys in America paid by Clinton campaign sponsored by George Soros

    Hope they sell a lot of books because they will need the money to pay their lawyers

  15. Nunes is pushing this convoluted narrative that Russian meddling in the 2016 elections is a hoax… except when it comes to Fusion GPS. Oh so NOW Russia is responsible. Hmm so I guess it's a kind of "selective hoax" now?…. Yeah sure, makes perfect sense.. Oh BTW your cow just dropped a big dung cake on your head… again.

  16. Heard this news story today on a talk call in radio and did not even know this was going on, but the public can work to stop it. Mit Romney along with other wealthy Republicans want to buy the dot org (internet) and it is up for sale unless people protest (go to save the internet dot org) sign petitions and make your voice heard to not sale the internet as the repugs and romney will have more control over the internet (heard this story on the radio today, did not even know about it being up for sale except this group that is trying to not make it happen so that less interference gets in)

  17. Devin Nunes needs to either step down or be put in handcuffs for obstruction of justice, failure to register as a foreign agent…taking a secret trip to Vienna to meet up with the corrupt prosecutor for dirt on Joe Biden in 2018 on taxpayers money… Wake up America Trump and his cronies need to be removed from office

  18. If you want proof of deep state and who is dishing out fake news, go watch the impeachment hearings. You will be shocked.

  19. Can you put your hand on your heart and swear on your children’s lives that you knew nothing about RUSSIA and you had no part of the Russian dirt? Sorry, you have been, found out to be in the scam,mostly from your own bizarre behaviour!

  20. This is the truth of both public parties they are both do dirt too each other it going for year's what new is the out right BS .
    It a waste of time

  21. Trump obviously needs to be removed, so that he can face legal action as a non sitting president. I want all those congressmen that were licking his hole investigated. I know for fact Lindsey Graham is an intelligent man. Why was he such a lap dog for Trump? We need to investigate all of the Senate that supports him now. What crimes have they committed that gives trump power over them? If it just re election concerns, that should be made clear to the public. I feel the Media is asking the wrong questions, or afraid to.

  22. the fact that they didnt tell Christopher Steele who the client was
    is a very interesting subtlety.

    I ran into a similar circumstance with a lengthy dispute with a builder company,
    where they sent me a huge invoice where no prices had been given up front.

    british law is that if no price is given up front, you can only charge "reasonable price"
    and courts determine this by bringing in chartered surveyors.

    so I hired a chartered surveyor to evaluate the costs of SOME of the works,
    the builders had itemised after the event the labour and material costs.

    BECAUSE there was a danger of collusion, that the chartered surveyor could
    contact the builders and concur with their pricing
    AND in order to not bias the evaluation either way,

    I NEITHER told the surveyor who the firm was,
    NOR what their prices were.

    that way I prevented collusion AND the biassing effect of knowing what the alleged price was.

    from that I reduced the price by some 30%, and knew thus that it was daylight robbery,
    and I then wasnt afraid of going to court, because even after court fees
    I would be better off.

    But anyway, for us as onlookers it may seem unusual to not say who the client is,
    but when you are faced with a dangerous situation you ABSOLUTELY must not
    tell an investigator CERTAIN THINGS.

    As regards Christopher Steele, according to wikipedia, he was president of
    Cambridge University's Union Society, and as soon as he graduated he
    went into MI6 in 1987 where he remained until he retired in 2009.


    The Cambridge and Oxford University union societies
    are NOT unions! To become president, which is voted on,
    is often a stepping stone to high office in the conservative party.

    eg Boris Johnson the current conservative leader of the UK
    was president of the Oxford union society.

    Both Boris Johnson and David Cameron were members of the Bullingdon Club
    of Oxford university, as was David Cameron's chancellor George Osborne,

    that also is a stepping stone for the conservative party,

    Boris Johnson did both, he was president of the Oxford Union and
    also was in the Bullingdon Club.

    the Bullingdon Club is portrayed in the film "Riot Club"
    where the riot club is really the Bullingdon club.
    its for people very high up the british social hierarchy.


    the Bullingdon club is perhaps comparable to the skull and bones society of Yale.

    anyway, the fact he was president of the elite student society
    says a lot, not just anyone can become president, you would need to be
    politically adept quite young,

    had he wanted to he could have become a high level politician in Britain.

    both union societies are simplified models of parliament,

    its a testing ground for british conservative politicians,
    these are not left wing people.

    there is a video worth watching where
    the guy who cowrote Trump's art of the deal, Tony Schwartz,
    addresses the Oxford Union:


    but the main use of that hall would be for debates
    mimicking parliamentary speeches.

    perhaps someone should interview Christopher Steele,
    probably interview him in England as he could get into trouble
    in the US, eg interview by video link.

  23. Ha! This has to be the third or forth interview Glenn Simpson and his cohort from FusionGPS have done in the last couple of days.
    Man, they must REALLY be afraid of the incoming IG report.
    (It shows.)

  24. Fiona Hill testified that the dossier is Russian disinformation, and that Christopher Steele was duped by the Russians. Glenn Simpson disseminated Russian disinformation to US inteligence agencies.

  25. Shame on California for first electing Nunes and, now allowing him to continue to work for Trump . Pity us, we have to pay his salary instead of DJT.

  26. My fear is that Republicans have muddied the water with conspiracy theories. America is being gaslighted. And we are so far under, my grandchildren will be here for the truth of this massive mess.

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