Glass to Glass Recycling

Glass to Glass Recycling

So, we are here today in
Lorton, at our I 95 Landfill Complex to celebrate true
glass recycling. Since the start of our Purple Can Club
program last spring, we have been really successful about
gaining glass in the program and having our residents
provide their glass from home. And that has allowed us to use
that material for construction aggregates at the beginning,
and now with the growth of the program a success, and how
clean our glass is, we actually are getting true
glass to glass recycling. So, we are taking some of our
glass that is being collected down to a processor to
separate it out to make new glass bottles. So, our success
has been really based on our residents and the residents in
our partnering jurisdictions as well, so we have partners
in Arlington, Alexandria, Prince William County, Town of
Herndon, Town of Vienna and that list is growing. So,
glass is an infinitely recyclable material and our
residents have really taken the charge to say I am going
to recycle this last product that am consuming, and that is
great for our environment. What it does, is takes it out
of the landfill and puts it back in the new product that
could be used for home insulation, for fiberglass, it
could be used for glass bottles, it could be used for
aggregates for our construction projects locally.
So, all those things are a much better environmental use
for that material then end up in a landfill. We are here
today to celebrate the success of the program so far and true
glass is actually recycling. We really appreciate the help
and we look forward to this program growing and mow
success in the future.

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