Gold Humanism Honor Society

Gold Humanism Honor Society

I'm Bob Irwin and I'm the founder of the gold humanism Honor Society here at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine gold humanism Honor Society to me is an embodiment of the values of empathy integrity and compassion toward patients means placing emphasis on characteristics that go above and beyond just treating the patient with medications being a goal teaming means striving to provide the highest quality and pathetic compassionate health care to patients from all walks of life one of the things I tell our students is that it's not just enough to know what is it but you need to feel this this is what makes you a holistic doctor I believe that humanism is the foundation of medicine because we're here to treat the person and not the disease as physicians we have to realize that we're going to be encountering people at some of the most challenging points of their life and we have to be there to not only provide them with medical knowledge but also support them and realize that emotions that they may be feeling we embarked on this project in 2014 and had a chapter formed in 2015 at that point time we were able to induct 15% of our classes of students into the gold humanism Honor Society people become nominated to be a gold human at University of Miami for going above and beyond for their patience for questions and characteristics such as who would you want taking care of a loved one or who would you want taking care of a family member when I was inducted it kind of was not only an honor but it was a reminder that my goals in the future being a doctor involved way more than just what I know from the books we as physicians are are humans and not just machines we're doctors and although we're doctors we also have fears and dreams and hopes just like everyone else I think that's something the gold name is in society stands for and humanism to me is all about balance in life speaking about you know well holistic care for patients but I'll think about well holistic care for physicians it's a real honor to be part of gold humanism Honor Society and I will continue to strive practicing humanistic medicine and continue to educate and demonstrate practicing humanistic medicine to future physicians as a group everyone wants to continue to strive to carry those values forward in caring for our patients in the future it's going to serve as this call to action to hold the values of humanism close to heart in every patient encounter and it's going to serve as this internal reminder that practicing medicine is really just the bare minimum of being a good physician we should all try and follow our students in remembering that the goal of medical care is to make people feel better healthier and to live better lives

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