Gore Vidal clips- on social issues

Gore Vidal clips- on social issues

american literary icon and a provocative public figure he was often described as debonair aristocratic and irrepressible novelist he'd written from Broadway television drama to screenwriter there was a congressional candidate been an actor with igloo bader Vidal's reputation of my matey's galleries is of an agent provocateur he's a lively witty mind but very much enslaved by certain prejudices the dull I follow him in the press I follow him as a politician I'd follow him as a friend he is one of the players in American politics and has been over the last 30 years and more he's a witness to our American writers most of us aren't Williard on honesty it's just unbelievable he just doesn't he's unable to not tell the truth he had a rather quickly personality how popular to expect to porcupine the big pictures here I'm still trying to look natural I will take this occasion once again to speak louder sizzle particularly more time I know I was in I was an American soldier in the great race war in each Japan before I left to go to the Pacific we were given an indoctrination course on how to tell our exquisite allies the Chinese from our brutish enemy the Japanese so on a stage like this there were there was a life-size cutout of the native chinese you and there was another one of a Japanese the Chinese was tall slim and welcome japanese was bandy-legged buck-toothed some saloon these details were pointed out very seriously by an information officer with a point but the principal difference he announced as you complaining city is the pubic hair the japanese mystic and wiring or the chinese is straight and stupid i fear that i'll own raise my hand you ask what sliced anything newer to you I've always found though that the people the right to lifers I say thou shalt not cure must never kill a fetus but they're all in favor of capital punishment I've never understood this I think this is what an in theology we call a divine mystery well it was the first novel that had been published in England or America or any way as far as i know that dealt very openly with homosexuality as being a perfectly normal sexual activity until then all the books that had didn't attach two partners were exotic you had a homosexual tacular even almost nevada protagonist would be a minor character it would always be a ballet dancer or a hairdresser or something like that it'll be somebody quite effeminate and I was dealing with two all-american boys two young athletes one of whom falls in love with the other and this was very shocked after they set up the United States they set it up really that pursuit of happiness was rather dangerous phrase though it's also has its good side but we became really the greediest society on earth you know killing the Indians grabbing lands picking wars with other countries conquering conquering concrete and the society really was based on me me me so all the bright people went into business and if they left then I mean why become a senator when you can buy one God is blackmailer uh God is warden of the prison we created us all in His image probably a mistake and then allows us to run wild and punishes us or rewards us with his beaming vision of himself this is no god I really want to have any traffic with it all a man of the cloth houses every much as as much right as anybody else to support a political candidate he has every right to do it on television he has every right to get it's not clear does he help yes yeah a tax-free institution in America though this is the poor separation of church and state well we don't separate it quite that much if he wants to get out and talk that he the Reverend Falwell is for Reagan he can say he's for Reagan if the Reverend Falwell says you send me your money now once the money send me $25 waiting for check you know if you're dumb enough to send the money has every right you know this country was based on I never give a sucker an even break if he wants to get millions of dollars from hustling on television and then use it for politics he has every right but he should not be tax-exempt every religion the United States is tax-exempt he's the biggest rip-offs of them including the legitimately religions right along with the Blessed l ron hubbard of scientology fame and the South Korean Messiah these people are in business to mint money so i would say let them pick up as much money as they can and then have a man from the IRS come right in and say all right give us our share they should no longer be tax-exempt riders have shied away pretty much from say dealing with power the power I think I tend to agree with it Adler rather than Froy than most people who doesn't love they weren't as needing sex they were what they really want is power over another person which they get an emotional tough indeed how it is a fascinating theme this is one of the greatness of Shakespeare never did very little on a subject of love when you think about it and much much more on simply the will to power in men how it expresses itself what we have to do about it how we respond to it and I think that's been a theme and said in mind well I don't know I haven't seen him leaving way its turn out Charlotte and you know another thing that was and I wouldn't have much good to say about the administration known i certainly liked him he had a great sense of humor superb gossip there was nothing on earth he didn't know so he was probably the best company of any politician I've ever known and the least self-important Jack was restlessly firing away are they at a target and taste attempted can see would you like to try a shot or two at the target well he said I haven't shot a gun in some time didn't see because I've made four bull's-eyes in the rough then I one plant industry was looking at Jack said you know that boys got a cute ass that's a Tennessee that's the next president she had 40 is the bunam be President they're much too attractive for the American people I remember one evening at the White House Jackie slyly said oh why don't we go to the horse show Jack grown jeanneau no no it would just look in and he groaned and moan and complain but he said all right and he'd come what shall i wear and she's then put on this went out of the room came back in the bright red brick he said now things are going too bad in Europe can't wear red she went back she made about three changes ends up and I chanel suit I think it is so we get us a horse show and we end up there almost an hour and he is squirming and raging and gossiping with me behind her back and is telling me the entire plot of an Edgar Wallace novel about how a prime minister has been warned that he'll be shot by midnight cuz I had said you know be so easy to shoot you here they'll probably miss you and hit me and he said that's no great loss he was fun then I'd be red I'm nervous you have written lately of your intimacy with Reagan and with Nixon and that you've discussed the vietnam war with them and that you are satisfied with their positions since you were in favor of the invasion of cuba since you in favor of bombing the nuclear potentiality of china since you're in favor of nuclear bombing of north vietnam i'd be very worried about your kind of odd neurosis is being a friend of anybody who might be a president I would be adorable one of the candidates i would say bill buckley don't stay home but is a novelty in Chicago that is too bad I assumed that the point of the American democracy and Sundays you can that race are you doing I'd say shut up a minute Noah well some people would own at sea and the answer is that they were they were well treated by people who was precise them and I'm for ostracizing people who egg on other people to shoot American marines an American soldier I know you don't station pro crypto not say I can think of as yourself failing that but I'll only say it all night have now listen you've ever hear the only of Krypton Nazi let's stop rolling named eunice goddamn face that'll stay plastered gentlemen let's go then I all those my blackened reckon we go back to his pornography and stopped making any illusions of that I blame her two infantry in the last war you were not an answer you order your own Terry requisite who is Bill Buckley tonight bill bill come out now about Capote he was the most illegitimate literary figure we ever produced he was also a consummate liar he never stopped lying and I finally took him to court i sued him for libel and a one and he has to print the huge apology to me and one of his very last books in back to capote again did you say what I heard you had said when he died well I said it but I said it in private too blatant Epstein my editor who had run me from New York to say that Truman had ridden on ahead and crossed the shining River and I did say it well that was a good career move so he did say I did said but I did not say it to the public and Jason of course told everybody until I got full credit rating than stony-hearted at the loss of a cough prayer without price the greatest joy of the greater con in the diadem American literature to apologize huh I would apologize if uh if it hurts your feelings of course I know it hurts my sense of intellectual pollution well I must say I mean uh there's an expert you should know I would in some scores to settle well no I'll let the scores be settled most of my people live disapproved have gone to the other place so in the long run we go back to my notion that the only art form the United States has ever created is the TV commercial that is our art form and that's how we control people and the world of illusion since the world of false claims Mike I am so in touch with reality and you are so far updates and I cannot begin save your soul in the remaining seconds that are left to us

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