6 thoughts on “Gov. Lujan Grisham signs ‘red-flag’ bill into law

  1. This will create violent situations, when law enforcement go to confiscate the gun from the "dangerous person".
    The governor is projecting that dangerous people with guns will create violence.
    But I will guarantee you that when law enforcement go to take away their guns it will create a violent situation. People are going to get shot, maybe killed because of this red flag bill.
    Since it was her idea, the governor should be the one to take away peoples guns, instead of sending law enforcement officers into life-threatening situations.

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    @SanJuanSheriff @sjcso

  2. Regulate firearms! The only people who should be worried are dangerous people with guns. Vote progressive this upcoming election! #Bernie2020 #NotMeUs #PresidentSanders

  3. with all the violent criminals in Albuquerque and crime at a all time high the Governor wants to take your firearms and leave you unable to protect your family in a emergency just because a girlfriend /boyfriend or neighbor gets vindictive calls the police and puts a red flag on you.

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