Government Canyon State Natural Area – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Government Canyon State Natural Area – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[rain and thunder] Rain falling on these hills trickles down through
fractured limestone and recharges the
Edwards Aquifer. And water from the Edwards
Aquifer keeps San Antonio alive. Less than 20 miles from downtown Government Canyon
State Natural Area protects water supplies by
simpling remaining natural. But this pristine wilderness of
more than 8,000 acres was almost lost to
urban expansion. A new town of more than
80,000 people was planned but the real estate bust of
the 1980s halted development. That created an opportunity
for a citizens group with a different vision for
the future of this land. “A group of 45 different
organizations” “formulated what is called the
Government Canyon Coalition.” “And the Government Canyon
Coalition had identified” “that this was a special space” “that needed to be protected” “in order to protect a
massive watershed.” “At the time I had City Council
people tell me it’s ridiculous” “nobody goes out and buys
land to protect their aquifer.” “Texas Parks and Wildlife
didn’t have the money.” “The Edwards Underground
Water District,” “which is now the Edwards
Aquifer Authority,” “didn’t want to be in the land
management business.” “Eventually we realized” “that we need to start thinking
about a partnership.” Government Canyon represents one of the state’s most
significant conservation success stories resulting from a public-
private partnership involving city, state and
federal government agencies, as well as a host of
community and environmental groups. With so many invested, different expertise and money
came to the table. “In order to manage
any piece of property,” “you really have to understand
what your resources are.” At Government Canyon, the
resources are historical as well as biological. The interpretive buildings
send a conservation message by design. “These cisterns will
collect rainwater” “off of these roofs.” “Our restroom facilities will
run off of rainwater.” “With us being so close to
the recharge zone,” “if we don’t learn to protect
these resources,” “who is going to protect them?” For Texas Parks and Wildlife,
this is Lydia Saldana.

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  1. Is this a good place to find snakes? Specifically Rattlesnakes. I am really interested in getting footage of one. Thanks!

  2. Awesome place to Mountain bike and bike. Beautiful place that i would recommend to go and have a nice outdoor activity.

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