Government Contracting – Living Arrangements

Government Contracting – Living Arrangements

If you didn’t already know I’m a military contractor and currently working in Kuwait I want to show you where I’ve been staying the last few months I’m saying at the Ratana and the outside of the hotel is not very pretty actually doing extensive renovation because they’re building an addition Additional mall that’s connect to the hotel so a little disclaimer not all military contractors stay in a place that’s nice my support team that’s back in the States is great When you’re contracting your support team will greatly affect your work and traveling experience It’s already tough to be away from your friends and family for extended amount of time if your support team sucks The trip is going to be even tougher. I know other contractors who stay in crappy apartments and have a couple roommates They have problems getting paid reimbursed for company related expenses in general They just get little or no support take care of logistical stuff and paperwork I just had a buddy who’s supposed to be working in Iraq but was stranded on Camp Arifjan in Kuwait Mainly in part because of the lack of support from his company So I just wanted to thank My team back in the States Rob Antonia Page and Ariel for taking care of us And now I’m gonna check out the hotel So I haven’t quite figured out the bidet I understand that it’s supposed to be refreshing clean yourself but it just it just seems like a Great way to get wet toilet paper stuck to your a… So you’re just gonna check out the gym real quick Not a bad view from the gym Thanks for coming with me on this tour of my hotel. I’m just gonna rep these out. Don’t I finish up in the gym, but thanks for tagging along and Like and subscribe and all that other stuff

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