Government shutdown hits NC workers hard

Government shutdown hits NC workers hard

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100 thoughts on “Government shutdown hits NC workers hard

  1. Just get the federal employees to accept pay cut and use that as part of the budget for the wall. It's all about sacrificed a little for a greater gain.

  2. Good they always ate the fat of the land. Too funking bad we have Criminals coming in every day illegally.Suck it up spoiled bitch

  3. The only people who's paychecks should be on hold are the politicans in Washington. It's like your neighbor commits a crime & your the one who goes to jail.😫

  4. And where are the democrats? partying over seas like a bunch of horny teenagers. they don't care about what's going on!!!!! They'd rather have us go into a great depression than to work out a solution for this shutdown! just give trump the border wall money and end it already!!!!

  5. Republicans know the truth, but choose to bask in self-denial. If the Democrats give into the Trump shut-down, then the President will use that tactic time and again. It would be political suicide for the Democrats to cave in to such bullying, and Donald Trump knows that. And he knows Democrats will never do that. Yet, the shut-down continues, and millions suffer. Yes, millions, because those 800,000 federal workers have families too. So Trump’s shut-down has killed negotiations, while disrupting the lives of far too many Americans. The question for you to answer is, “Why did he do this?”

  6. WE LIVE in a "FREE SOCIETY" STOP "WHINNING" and find a J.O.B unless you have a PASSION for BONDAGE (PRISONS)WAKE-UP!

  7. Call the Democratic party to stop being so petty gif Donald Trump the money to build the wall are millions of Americans are going to become jobless and homeless or both and it's going to be the Democrats fault because everything can end in 10 minutes give the president the money to build the wall the American people demand it!!!!!! Now or you democrat supporters I'm learning first-hand how little the Democratic party carrots about the American citizen Democrats don't give a shit about the American citizens are putting illegal aliens above American citizens remember it when the election time comes around!!!!!!!!!!!!!👈🚨 common sense we need that wall the safety of American citizens in this country should be first priority we cannot allow illegal aliens to enter our country illegally just because they feel entitled or drug smugglers or gang members or human traffickers or criminals are rapists or unvetted undocumented people with diseases open borders is a problem it puts American life in danger give the man the fucking money unless I send this bullshit!!!!!!!!

  8. I'm going to get Mexico to pay for it, and they're going to be glad to do it……

    Damn my base is super stupid LMAO !!

  9. You morons blame our President, who is trying to save our country from foreign takeover??? I live in Los Angeles, where about one in thirty people are American born, the rest are foreigners, most of whom just walked into our country illegally. Grafitti everywhere, dirty baby diapers everywhere, because they are not civilized. I have even seen the women get out of a good looking car, pull down their pants and go on the ground. He is doing the only thing he can do.

  10. You morons blame our President, who is trying to save our country from foreign takeover??? I live in Los Angeles, where about one in thirty people are American born, the rest are foreigners, most of whom just walked into our country illegally. Grafitti everywhere, dirty baby diapers everywhere, because they are not civilized. I have even seen the women get out of a good looking car, pull down their pants and go on the ground.
    He is doing the only thing he can do.

  11. They only report the 800k gvt workers. How about a number that includes the contract workers and maybe an estimate of the workers affected by the no money for anything. All this for a measuring contest over a wall that is of dubious effectiveness. This makes the argument that he is helping the f…ing Russians damage our country. What a gift for Putin. Thanks a bunch McConnell you xxx Trump facilitator.

  12. Please lets help fellow Americans

  13. You choose to work for free, find another job then. Don't feel sorry for you, now you know how the poor feel!
    Build the Wall and you get a paycheck, Daa.

  14. How nice, put up the border wall funding, then negotiate, lol
    This guy thinks like Trump.
    How about, no border wall, and get paid. Border wall negotiations for future discussions.

  15. The Queen usurped our REPUBLIC in 1871. Federal Employees are useless Pork employed by The Queen. The Republic is The only true Government by The People for The people. Dis invoke yourselves from F.I.C.A. & VOTER'S REGISTRATION. Washington D.C. The District of Criminal's will evaporate and become Maryland once again. The Constitution can be fully restored…

  16. these red States shouldn't be crying. they voted for this. also they shouldn't apply for any govt "entitlements/handouts" since they and ALL Republicans wants to get rid of these programs… so cry me a river.

  17. I started a savings account when I was 14 years old! Dave Ramsey has money management videos just for Fools and there money .

  18. These are the same people who voted for trump on some racist shit in retaliation to Obama being president…feel the pain racist dumbasses

  19. Trump should fire every one of those that is furloughed and hire 1 million illegal mexicans. Immigrants at an eighth of the wages . This way he would have funding for the revenue generated from the low wages

  20. I said it before, with the Farmers and Coal Workers, if you elected Trump or allowed him to be elected by not voting I don't feel sorry for, so stop whining and reap what you sow. I feel this way, because many of them voted for Trump to hurt people who don't look or think like them and the others allowed themselves to be taken in Republicans' Anti-Hillary Propaganda. Now for the rest please hang in there, because this too will pass. hopefully these American voters have learned a valuable lesson and will vote in the Best Interest of all Americans, no matter their race, age, gender, class, religion or political party.

  21. There's a constitutional amendment that prohibits involuntary servitude. You legally can't force someone to work without compensation. Period.
    One exception is martial law/executive order. Both are already in effect.

  22. MarshaBW1
    Ole heads learned survival prep lessons. Federal workers not so much?

    My deceased mom taught us to “use it up…wear it out…make do or do without”. She was ole school and had lived through depression on a farm in the rural south. No one starved, went naked or missed church. Migrated north “up the road”. Everybody got higher education, trade skills and kept it moving. None worked for the Feds.

    Get a grip Federal workers. This shut down highlights how clueless and dependent some workers are. As a younger worker…I worked 2 full time…2 part time jobs for 9 months to get to next level. Delayed gratifications. Focused on needs not wants. Too bad workers didn’t prep for rainy days that are guaranteed to come their way.

    Little sympathy except for Military families. Kids will eat. They’ll have shelter/heat. I may be wrong but…with no income I assume Federal workers are eligible for Temporary Emergency Assistance up the ying-yang. FEMA funds millions to programs to prevent homelessness, utility shut offs, hunger. Check your local United Way for listing of agencies providing emergency assistance. These agencies work with private landlords/mortgage companies/utilities. They assist with emergency rent/mortgage payments/food vouchers/referrals/energy checks.

    Check local non-profit agencies and emergency services hot lines. Non-profits hand out food boxes, sponsor pantries and other items. Sign up for multiple program freebies. All you need is documentation of a “temporary emergency beyond your control”. Assistance is based on documented need, receipts, bills, etc. I am sure the DC region and all areas are loaded with such programs. Find them, Get busy. You have time and are likely eligible.

  23. Don't show up like for a week. See how fast they would rethink shit!!! To all my working ppl I wish everything works out for the best!!!

  24. Fastest way to end a shutdown is no body show up for work every federal worker just stay home . Then will see change. Russia and China are the only ones Winning here thanks Dump Trump

  25. Baby the heat finna get turned up even more baby boohoo now you know how I feel to lose pull yourself up by your bootstraps jackass what you complaining about white privilege

  26. those workers are gonna be homeless and on food stamps impeach this son of a bitch TRUMP!!! trump is gonna cause mayhem in this country!!!! all because he wants his dumb wall he is making the federal workers pay for it!!!! he gonna take food stamps away from the poor and cause a civil war in this country all over again!!! this man is not fit to help the people he is sacrificing peoples well being for his wants….

  27. That's a little misleading sir. You are getting paid just not right now. You will get your back pay when the government shutdown is over.

  28. What no one is talking about is the lack of financial education and discipline many of these folks have. If you miss one paycheck and are on the verge of not being able to buy groceries your problem goes far beyond this shutdown.

  29. Glued to cable news….um that's one thing that you can go without. (Cable) If you are are going to struggle by missing one or two pay days, you are living beyond your means. Might have to dip I to the savings? Thats what you should have savings for anyway.

  30. I say let the president have his way and build the wall and let us learn it's the Democratic party who don't let the president run the country correctly sheesh go Donald go

  31. Well give your self's a hand trump supporters You voted for a fucking dumb ass now you got a dumb ass that's messing up people paychecks and familys my momma always told me you never see the true colors of people I was never raise As an African American boy to hate another of their skin color I was always raised to treat people the same no matter what hell I was never even raise what racism was take it like this when Barack Obama was in the White House he didn't care what nobody thinks of him he did what he think was right for every American or not American the more you sign alone what you think is right Which is wrong You always have problems The longer you live Which wouldn't be that long the reason why we are having problems more than any nation in the world right now is because of racism If we take that off the table right now and we all get alone I guarantee you in the deepest part of my heart we would not have this problem you have to remember When trump got elected He made it sound good For the white America But at the end He's not doing it for the white American people he's doing it for himself because if he was doing it for the white American people he would not make them suffer The reason why trump Shut down the government is because he thought that white Americans had more money din African American people Which was not the case everybody is not financial stable and not only that food manufacturers do not want to come to work so we can be able to eat now we have to watch Out 4 bacteria And nasty particles because our food is not handle with care and You people should have choose wisely to vote for Hillary Clinton I guarantee you this would never happen People worry about the wrong thing like the emails that was none of their business it had nothing to do with American people or what she could have did why Americans have to take a step back and look At what he is doing that's Unbelievable wrong to African American people do white America No that when a African American person goes to vote it is not considered a vote it's re voted When a white person goes to vote that vote is Considered a voted so that is what the say so is and I just wanna say one more thing If God came on this planet right now and he acts the white American people Why are You doing this Do you think this is right and he tell you that it is Wrong You going straight to hell and one more thing I'm running for president of the United States in 2035….

  32. More fool to them that want to go work for a government that will drop them, any time they want, and for how long they want, if your job, can put your home, family out on the street, its time to get another job, Government jobs are not worth the hassle.

  33. as a union man , federal workers know , they could be forced too work , SAVE YOUR MONEY, i get laidoff and, have to collect umemployment , maybe they need a side hustle

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