Government Union Collective Bargaining 101

Government Union Collective Bargaining 101

Recently, Wisconsin and other states have begun
to restructure generous government union benefit packages in the face of exploding state budget
deficits. But while news coverage has been extensive
there has been little focus on what exactly collective bargaining is, and how it works
in government. Collective bargaining gives unions a monopoly
on the government’s workforce: the government must employ workers on the
terms the union negotiates, and may not hire competing workers, so nothing can get done without an agreement
with government unions. Essentially union leaders, not elected representatives
have the final say. This un-democratic arrangement is new: even diehard advocates of private labor unions
like President Franklin Roosevelt and former AFL-CIO president George Meany strongly
opposed giving unions such power over the government. Unlike in the private sector, government
negotiators do not bargain with their own money – they’re giving away taxpayer dollars. Government unions spend millions of dollars
to elect friendly politicians who then turn around and award them generous packages. Government unions have a direct stake in keeping
government big, no matter what the voters may want. For
example, while taxpayers, including government union members, have a vested interest in keeping
their own taxes low, government unions actually campaigned for higher
taxes, [chanting “Raise my taxes!]
“Where’s the money, where’s the money?” and they’re aggressive moves have paid off: while private-sector unions have been in decline,
from roughly 20% in 1980 to less than 7% in 2010,
government unions have not. Today, 52% of all union members
now work for the government. Rather than eliminating workers rights – as
union bosses have claimed – Wisconsin seeks to restore them by giving state employees
the choice of whether they want to pay union dues. They also want to restore the rights of voters
to decide how their tax dollars are spent. Right now, government unions have the power
to elect the management they negotiate with, making politicians beholden to special interest
groups, not voters. It’s time to reform government, restore fiscal
sanity, and return power back to the people.

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100 thoughts on “Government Union Collective Bargaining 101

  1. privatize everything, profit motive will be the goal of the people who invent the robot to fix luke skywalkers arm and wipe your grandpas ass

    unions protect the worthless and give jobs to the parasites that seek to form collectives rather than produce something others want to make a living

  2. @11111110 Hey sparky. Andy Stern is on Obama's economic adviser board. He was the number one visitor in 2009 according to CBS White House reporter Mark Knoller. The very liberal Washington Post also ran the story about Obama's number one visitor. Richard Trumka is Obama's newest #1 union goon. I'm guessing you didnt' read the NY Times article where lobbyists stated the administration is meeting outside the White House to duck disclosure laws. Look that up in the logbook.

  3. @NCMan28025
    The mainstream media got something wrong? Color me shocked. You could take their word for it, or you can look at the logbook yourself. I count half a dozen people that have visited the white house several times more often than Andy Stern.

  4. The Democrats who ran are now saying they're coming back [unknown when], but at this point who cares? They're claiming "we're coming back to support the people", yeah like when they ran away not doing anything at all? Even if they come back now, the law is being voted in the Assembly Thursday morning [tomorrow], so either here nor there, the democrats/unions already lost.

  5. @mjames4040 many people getting out of college are also working for minimum wage, we're in deeper poop than expected.

  6. @666brainiac wait, so we're turning a blind eye to the deficit cause by our CURRENT president? He just threw trillions into an initiative that did absolutely nothing say hurt even more our economic recovery, and somehow you want to turn a blind eye to this? Who exactly was to blame for the housing crisis to which banks were forced to give loans to people who had no way of paying them back. It's not the republicans, their money grubbing! It's the democrats- "poor people need homes too"

  7. Ha! These tea party circle jerks crack me up. These so called "representatives" just committed political suicide. This is not democracy. You are mistaken if you think this video convinces anyone to follow your agenda; especially anyone with an IQ above 5. If you actually research the issue of collective bargaining it becomes obvious that this video is one blatant lie after another. Instead you'll attack me to confirm your bias and I could care less.

  8. This isn't too one sided saying union leaders donate to politicians and send it straight back to union. Corporations donate to GOP leaders and they send it straight back to them.

  9. @MrStrictlyStock Do you not have eyes to see the white hair of the people who serve you food, the cashiers, the maids, the lawnmowers, all the minimum wage jobs. The average age at my last three jobs was around 45 years old, comprised of people with multiple degrees ranging in age from 20 to 55.

    You live in a country of allegory and myth.

  10. @theaznfishy Two degrees, clean record, clean job history, and I actually show up for work on time. Literally 300 out of 302 applications go completely unanswered.

    Welcome to the Bush-Reagan economy. They like what they see in China and want to import that labor schema here.

  11. @666brainiac Reagan actually raised taxes, he didn't cut them. Reagan raised taxes to 'try' to balance the budget. Taxation is theft of private property. You also fail to recognize the difference between public and private unions. Both FDR and Jimmy Carter were strong advocates of not allowing PUBLIC employee unions to collective bargain because they are robbing taxpayer dollars to do so. Carter actually made it ILLEGAL for federal unions to collectively bargain. Carter was a Democrat BTW.

  12. Turning "power to the people" is how all this started in the first place.This is why our founding fathers didn't want a democracy. They didn't want the voters to be able to vote themselves other people's money.

  13. @MrStrictlyStock You get served every single day by common laborers, who work for minimum wage full time trying to provide for their families.

    What fantasy land do you live in where these people are well paid.

    If you can't afford to get served a burger at McDonald's then its time for you to stop treating your fellow workers with disdain and get angry at the corporatist takeover of the nation. Are you a slacker because you can't afford fast food?

  14. @MrStrictlyStock

    "According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, tipped employees are individuals engaged in occupations in which they customarily and regularly receive more than $30 a month in tips. The employer may consider tips as part of wages, but the employer must pay at least $2.13 an hour in direct wages."

    -United States Department of Labor

    "$30 A MONTH and $2.13 an hour is generous!"

    -An obvious goon for corporate interests

  15. @Turtleproof only a slacker couldn't afford anything better than fast food? Is a moderate to low income person who does not support labor unions a traitor to other non wealthy people? Do you belong to a labor union?

  16. @killerbandit What political party would I want to register with if I wanted politicians to represent people and not corporations or unions? If the corporatists have the Republican party and we know damned well the Unions have the Dumbocrats who should I vote for?

  17. @MrStrictlyStock You could always let Cass Sunstein, Obama's regulatory czar, choose your vehicle for you. After all he believes he knows whats best for you better than you do. Good old Cass, PrezBO, George Sorros and all the union cronies all under the same roof they'd love to have you for one big jolly Pinko picknick where all the government cheese, Obama Koolaid, borscht, goulash, pickled eggs and you could win a Government Motors Product for your troubles! Dont forget bullshit for desert!

  18. I'm going to throw up, this is DISGUSTING. undemocratic, can't hire 'competing' workers. give me a break, frame it however you want. Unions are BY THE WORKFORCE FOR THE WORKFORCE. The only people who don't want unions are corporations trying to degrade work conditions, which is WHY unions formed in the first place. Unions exist in every westernized society and are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT so that there is no abuse of workers. Anyone who agrees with this ad should be ashamed.

  19. @Benuhgan "set the situation straight" had you a job or knew anyone who's job was unionized, you'd not feel that way, you are unhuman if you side with those wanting to TAKE AWAY WORKER'S RIGHT TO UNIONIZE. You make me sick. How can you care so little about your fellow man that you'd wish them ill? how can you sleep at night? You are walking right into your neighbor's house and taking from the family next door, taking from their children. You won't do it in person, so you do it behind your vote.

  20. @aeonjoey dude, did you even watch and seek to understand the video? The government in this instance is basically a monopoly. Union leaders are bargaining tax-payer money with politicians, who don't really care how much they spend since it's not technically theirs. The tax payers have no say in this at all and the state has insurmountable costs to pay for pensions, benefits, etc for public employees since union leaders want more. These employees already get well above normal wages and benefits.

  21. @pineli02 Yeah,but private sector workers pay more for public sector workers benefits percentage wise in Wisconsin than public sector workers do.It is NOT a right when someone else is paying the majority of the cost for your so-called right.

  22. By what we see on the liberal media it is hard to tell that the total of union workers nationally is only a little over 600 thousand. Over half work for the government. Historically, the leadership has been and continues to be so left winged, progressive and generally corrupt that they have become mothing more than a cancer on this country and our economy. I was lucky. I had the right to quit the union and after 13 years I did just that. It is clearly time for them to go.

  23. @mjames4040 People do have a say and the right to bargain. They can show character, do a good job and negotiate a fair wage. If they feel shorted they can choose to move on to the next opportunity. No one needs a union for that. Unions are an absolute cancer.

  24. @MrStrictlyStock Is someone ghost-writing your comments? I was quoting you to respond to a point that you had already forgotten.

  25. @MrStrictlyStock You get served at any restaurant, and wouldn't have to cling to every single dollar if you actually made a livable wage.

    You're mad at the wrong people, friend.

  26. Ascribing lower working hours to unions is like ascribing the low cost of your computer to hagglers. While it didn't come about in as centralized a fashion, US workers in most places got the 10-hour and then 8-hour day before most of Europe, despite having a lower union membership. This is because the productivity of each worker was higher as a result of capital investment, and so each worker had more to bargain with. Unions were not the driving force.

  27. What this also does not say is the other things that collective bargaining also includes work conditions, hours worked, safety adherences, and minimum wage earnings. so now that they lost it they could be working in 110 degree rooms for 16 hours a day for 4 dollars a hour in asbestos filled rooms if the government felt like it.

  28. Germans are known to be conservative here in America when they build anything. Bush loves conservative catholic hispanics as well to bring down wages because of overflooded immigration. Does anyone see a trend anyone? Which group is actually being led into extreme socialism and don't even know it? Who really mimicks Hitler the most? Religious groups put strict policies to force more less socialism secretly on the state and local levels. Sign, signs everywhere is signs forcing change robot

  29. These unions do not represent all of America.Their membership has declined in every sector. They represent a money machine for the Democrat Party.They demand mandatory union dues from public sector employees which not only infringe on the 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech Rights of workers but they funnel the money to liberal candidates so they can get higher wages on the backs of the working class & middle class.The ends does not justify the corruption and bullying of the taxpayer & middle class

  30. @mikabass
    Funny how non-union employees have no problems with ANY of those things. Collective bargaining doesnt enforce any of those things you claim like hours worked, safety, minimum wage and work conditions. Those are ALL covered in regular Fedreal and State statutes that apply to all workers. None of it is "protected" by collective bargaining. Public sector collective bargaining just gets govt workers extra special priveleges that the rest of us have to pay for, but dont get ourselves.

  31. The talk is professionally done, but for factual content it gets a solid "F". Please stop misinforming the public. You can only foul some of the people some of the time.

  32. I will not say all the information is incorrect but I can say most is incorrect and misleading. This video appears as unbiased but is truly propaganda. To read or truly learn about the Union issues, good luck to anyone in finding unbiased documents published in the last 20 years. The truth will set us free.

  33. @MrStrictlyStock It's amazing that you're mad at the "union guy" for "getting fatter" when it's people like you and I that are getting reamed by private industry. In the United States, private businesses pay so little to their workers that they are dependent on government aid to stay alive. Minimum wage is death without food stamps, heating assistance, housing credits, and others. The government is what keeps us alive when private industry gets fat off our labor.

  34. We are not broke. The Heritage Foundation produced this, and several other propaganda flicks, with the intent of encouraging working people to blame teachers, the fire fighters and the police force for state's budget problems. Gov Walker caused the shortage of funds this situation by forcing tax cuts. The real root of the problem is that the corporations and the richest of Americans don't pay their fair share of taxes. We have been robbed by Governor Walker and the Heritage Foundation.

  35. @rvgmuhs07 General Electric paid no taxes in 2009. If they did, would this make a dent in the deficit? Absolutely. We don't need to balance the budget on the back of our kid's teachers. GE which had an affective tax rate of 5.5% in 2008 and 2007 15% while the Corporate rate is supposed to be 35%. How did they get away with free loading? Walker's goal is to break the Unions. This will not resolve the deficit, only drive down the wages of all working Americans. How UN-American is that?

  36. Bordering on comedy, this is a pathetic attempt to make public labor unions into scapegoats, while rewriting history. (Glenn Beck saying it, doesn't make it true.) For example, Pres.Roosevelt was in favor of collective bargaining. He signed: The National Industrial Recovery Act Of 1933, Guaranteed Collective Bargaining Rights For Unions. Also, public labor unions do not have the last say in labor negotiations. Public Unions are not the problem, corporate control of news media and Congress, is.

  37. @rvgmuhs07 It's not just GE, look at Bank of American, Exxon Mobil and other mega corporations. Teachers average $51,000 salary, $25,000 in benefits, with an MS degree. Without teachers, Johnny does not learn to read. Is that not an important job? Goldman Sachs CEO was paid over $18.6m last year and that was after we bailed them out, with tax payer money. Where is your outrage over that? Get real… A balanced budget would require corporations to pay their fair share of taxes to the IRS.

  38. @rvgmuhs07 Do you see jobs being created, with the record profits now being made by Exon Mobil, Goldman Sachs, etc.? Corporations can afford to pay taxes, especially oil companies, banks, insurance companies. They are taking the money and giving themselves bonuses, and pay raises, not creating additional jobs. A reasonable level of taxation for all ensures, good schools, roads, public health, parks etc. Compared to other professions requiring higher education, teachers make less.

  39. @rvgmuhs07 The deficit is not too big to fix with a more equitable tax rate. Why do you think taking away teacher's right to collective bargaining can fix the deficit, if closing corporate tax holes can't? Good luck teaching. I hope you will get your news from multiple sources and not just FOX News and Bill O"Reilly etc.. You will probably one day wish that you and your fellow teachers could negotiate (collective bargaining) a contract for a living wage, health care and a retirement check.

  40. @rvgmuhs07 Collective bargaining is democracy.It's co-workers negotiating as a group, instead of individually, with employers for an agreement on pay, hours and other working conditions. Without this right,  workers will suffer loss of benefits and pay. Labor laws were passes as the result of union organizing and pressure on government. You are very biased against workers and unions, and very pro corporation. Walker initially cut taxes on the rich, creating the budget crisis.

  41. @rvgmuhs07 Ending collective bargaining will save how much $? $20 billion/year could be gained from closing tax loop holes for big oil alone. Collective Bargaining rights were created by labor law and because corporate power is so strong, now being eliminated. While corporations make record profits in the billions, record numbers of working people have lost jobs, housing, healthcare. Obscene:Goldman Sachs gave out $16.2 billion in bonuses in 2010, averaging $500,000 to each employee.

  42. @rvgmuhs07 Basic math. To have a balanced budget, money coming in to IRS must = money going out. US needs something like $4trillion to balance the budget. Big oil, big banks, etc have mega loop holes and tax breaks and closing these would bring in billions, a lot of $. But that is not even up for discussion. Get through your head that this video is propaganda, and not based on fact. For example: Roosevelt was in favor of, and signed collective bargaining legislation. Look it up.

  43. @rvgmuhs07 Yep, watched the video. Pure propaganda. Example: Unions don't have the final say. Teachers are not paid a huge amount of $. $51,000/avg in Wisc, is low for a professional and they should have a right to bargain for benefits and healthcare. Corporate America is awash with cash. Record bonuses, stock market is up. CEO salaries,never higher. Why can't they help pay the deficit? Agreed, the system is broken. The top 1% are getting richer. Working people are suffering more every day.

  44. @rvgmuhs07 So, with your basic math, ending the rights of public unions will solve the $4trillion problem? Refute, yes! Public Union leaders do not force anything on the government, they negotiate a fair contract. $51,000/yr, is barely a living wage. Teacher education cost up to $50,000/yr. I have spelled out where I think the $ could come from to balance the budget. Corporate America is awash in cash. They don't pay their fair share. How about ending one of the 3, trillions dollar wars?

  45. @rvgmuhs07 OK, In your world, $100,000/yr, which is really $25,000 in healthcare, retirement, vacation benefits and about $51,000 in cash, before taxes, is a lot of money. In most areas of the US, that is barely enough to comfortably raise a family. Look at Wall Street and you will see where the real money is in the US. It is not in the pockets of our teachers.

  46. @rvgmuhs07 I said collective bargaining was part of labor law that was passed to protect workers rights. It, and other labor laws are now being eliminated, due to corporate power.Corporations(e.g. Koch brothers) make more profits when they drive down pay & benefits of workers. How has collective bargaining been abused? Bargaining is part of getting a fair deal for both parties. Now corporate tax loop holes, that is interference. Where do you think Exxon Mobil and Bank of America are going?

  47. @rvgmuhs07 I don't know where you get your information, but it is tainted, with corporate greed. I am ending this conversation. Good luck to you. Bye

  48. This video was created by the right-wing Heritage Foundation. Corporate propaganda. The video says Private Unions have declined since the 1980s. I wonder why? Reaganomics. Reagan shipped American jobs abroad. Reagan gave private companies incentives to ship jobs abroad with huge tax-cuts/breaks and no tariffs on imports. Reagan was a union buster. Public Unions are currently at a higher rate now because you can't ship government jobs abroad – govt. looks out for the public good. Simple as that.

  49. @Djmemez Capital flows where the return on it is greatest. Simple as that. If outsourcing is something you dont like, then support policies that increase the return on Capital IN the US. Libs support policies that create lower returns on Capital. Higher Corp taxes, more regulations and environmental costs, difficulty in permits, etc. REMOVING impediments to business is how jobs are kept. Texas has 37% of all new jobs, with only 7% of the population. Low taxes, less regulation.

  50. @kingmafi6699 The S&P500 represents 500 large corporations. Look up the PE Ratio of the S&P500. That is Price/ Earnings Ratio, or return on investment. It is 22.47 today, which means $22.47 invested for a year returns $1. That is just 4.45% return, hardly excessive! Gold cant be printed by Federal Reserve, so it stops phony money creation, and debt creation. It is discipline to avoid the bubbles in assets like the DotCom in Clinton, housing in Bush term. These bubbles form from Fed credit.

  51. @kingmafi6699 Please notice the lack of specifics. Your reply is limited to vague, general belief. Here is a specific, replying to CEO "huge payouts". William McGuire, CEO of United Health (largest insurer) made $124 million 2005. $10 mill of that was wage/benefit/fringe, the rest stock/options. Stock/options are GIVEN by shareholders ( owners), giving a share of ownership, at THEIR cost, out of THEIR pockets. United earns $70 bill, so CEO cost insured .00014 of fee, 7 cents per $500 policy.

  52. @luvcheney1 — You agree then that Reaganomics began the dismantle of private unions. At least you're owning up to it. Corporates taxes are currently at 7%, Capital gains tax is at 15% and the Federal Income tax at 35%. Under Republican President Dwight Eisenhower Corporate taxes were at 35%, Capital gains tax at 30% and the Federal Income tax at 91%. Wasn't the 50s America's Golden Age? Keep in mind America had to pay more WW2 debt than it currently has to for the ongoing 3 wars.

  53. Addendum: regulations had been a part of the US economy from the 40s up until 1979. Regulation keeps Wall Street in check. Keeps the Banks in check. Keeps Oil and Gas companies in check. Regulations help fight Corporate fraud, abuse, corruption and the like. Federal/State regulations help the public, you know that? If there were less regulations would be like China/Mexico – i.e., living in heavy smoke-filled air, wastelands and pollution. Big Business needs to adapt, not the other way.

  54. @Djmemez World competition is dismantling unions. Fact is, US consumers reject high prices. Taxes received BY the Federal Govt during the 1950`s were 17.3% of GDP. During the Bush term, they were 17.4% Pretty funny how a 91% tax rate gives same % of economy to Govt as a 35% rate. Why? YOU actually think the rich will not react, will not make the changes necessary to avoid stupid rates. John Lennon got shot, because the Brits wanted to tax all his money, so he got his ass killed over it.

  55. @Djmemez Sure, Govt regulators of Wall Street, and banking, oil companies really had things running like a top? Impressed by the Federal Govt, the Federal Reserve? I am not. I am impressed by Gold. The Govt, and the Federal Reserve can go fuck themselves. I am 59, and never financed a car in my whole life. My Daddy born in 1900, rejected debt as well. You go beg for crumbs, I enjoyed watching banking system fail, I profited. It isnt over, they print $ to keep collapse away. Great! For Gold, me.

  56. @luvcheney1 – Emerging markets? Yes. Cheap labor. However, who courted China in the 80s? Reagan. US consumers if they knew that a small business is hurt financially by purchasing at Wall-Mart would try to spend more money at the mom & pop shop than at Wall-Mart. The same thing applies with private union products are being outcompeted by cheaper wages/prices — the thing that many people forget is that they are essentially lowering their standard of living at the expense of cheaper products.

  57. Germany is an ideal example of how it creates its high-priced union made goods, sells them to emerging markets, US and other states in the European Union. Unions in Europe vary from 10%-30%, Canada's unions are at 30%. And so on. So, private unions are being crushed is because the US govt. has favored big businesses over unions since the 1980s. In the 90s the US had NAFTA crafted. Ilegal immigrants are cheap labor for big businesses. I wonder why won't Republican fight for them^ and business?

  58. 91% tax rate does NOT yield the same as 35%. Your logic is seriously faulty. Taxes regarding the GDP were higher in the 1950s. You're delusional. Republican President Dwight Eisenhower was very progressive. He spent money like crazy on the: interstate highway, G.I. bill, public works and highly favored unionization. He also said that any party which advocated the elimination/dismantling of social programs were "stupid and negligible" – still rings truth today regarding the American people.

  59. @luvcheney1 – President Reagan along with his cronies deregulated the: banking industry, Wall Street, Oil companies, switched the US to credit rather than money et al. Also known as "reaganomics". This supply-side economics isn't working, hasn't worked. It fact, it has slowly but surely destroyed this nation. The Federal Reserve is independent from the government, it's privately-owned. I am sure it gets some public money either forcefully or generously.

  60. @Djmemez Google "Office of Management and Budget Table 2.3", and then look up 1950-1959, and 2001-2008, and average together TOTAL Revenue, as % of GDP for each corresponding period. I assume you already know the 50`s had top rates for personal of about 90%, corp rate of 51%, and both were 35% under Bush? You "assume" rich, and Corporations will cooperate. Rich folks reorganize, Corporation just fucking leave the US, for better places. Calif = 43.8% tax, Canada = 16%. China = 20% OECD =24%

  61. @BNPPeace 1) GE is heavily into "green Energy", and Liberals believe in tax breaks to encourage non profitable energy forms 2) GE Capital is a bank, and is writing off previous, heavy losses from previous years, exceeding profit in year occurred, a legal, logical, common thing) 3) GE refuses to stay in US, and pay 35% taxes, when Canada is 16%, 31 OECD nations avg 24%. Also quite legal and logical. What moron CEO pays 43.8% in Ca, when 31 OECD nations are 24%?? Accept 56 cents, not 76 cents??

  62. @kingmafi6699 3rd world labor is no different than US labor was, during industrial development. "Exploitation" of labor, at low pay, enabled growth of industry, growing employment that began soaking up the surplus of low wage agricultural workers. Eventually, in US, and currently in China, the glut (surplus) of workers begins to decline, and wages/ benefits rise, as industry has NO CHOICE, to attract labor. Chinese, exploited labor much richer, today, than 40 yrs ago. Libs prefer poverty.

  63. @kingmafi6699 "Under capitalism wages have no reason to rise". You think present standard of living is same as it was in 1900? Chinese standard of living the same as before the freeing up of the economy in late 1970`s? Why are the vast majority of USA workers earning more than minimum wages in private sector, when only 7% of sector is union? Hiring labor in sweatshops reduces supply of labor, while increasing demand. Hi profit makes MORE demand for labor, greedy capitalist build more factories.

  64. @Killer13McCoy BIG BUSINESS has consensus of the fucking owners. The money a Corp gets belongs to the owners, not the workers. Now, Unions have a right to to lobby, but the right of the workers to choose to join the union is not respected in most situations. If I dont like a Corps politics, I am not compelled to own stock. If you had 10 cents, you may not invest in NewsCorp either. But, if you want to work at most union jobs, you MUST PAY unions. "Liberty" as an idea escapes you, fuckhead.

  65. @Djmemez Corp taxes are not at 7%. You are stating some statistic on an "effective" rate, which is pretending taxes on corp income earned, and kept, out of the US, and Corp income earned outside, and given a credit on taxes paid overseas against our own 35% rate when returned. The very REASON corp tax returns ARE LOW, is because most everywhere else on fucking Earth has lower rates than the US, and why pay fed and state rate of 43.8% in Ca, when 24% is avg of 31 OECD nations? CEO`s arent stupid.

  66. @luvcheney1 – The Corporate tax is currently at 7%, under GWB it was around the same level 7-9% percentile. The wealthy and corporations do cooperate in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. etc. What make US any different? Corporations and the rich paid higher (prior to the 80s) taxes in the US. Corporations have been leaving since the 70s, Reagan furthered this process in the 80s with tax-break/cuts incentives and no tariffs on importation of goods.

  67. @luvcheney1 – I checked the GPOacess site about the GDP and its calculation is wrong. I went directly to the WhiteHouse and got different (tweaked) numbers. I also went to the taxfoundation site. The rich nowadays pay almost the same as somebody making less than $380,000. Ironically, the 1920s-1929 the tax rate was at 25% currently what the 112th GOP House of Representatives is striving to do. The failed conservative policies of the 1920s isn't what America needs or wants.

  68. @luvcheney1 — Chinese workers are already demanding higher wages and benefits. It looks like American corporations will be coerced to raise Chinese worker's income or be penalized by the authoritarian state of China. Con-servatives prefer social-darwinism.

  69. Some American corporations use aggressive strategies to pay less — often far less — than their competitors abroad and at home. A Government Accountability Office study released in 2008 found that 55 percent of United States companies paid no federal income taxes during at least one year in a seven-year period it studied. The paradox of the United States tax code — high rates with a bounty of subsidies, shelters and special breaks — has made American multinationals world leaders in tax avoidance.

  70. @luvcheney1 General Electric paid ZERO taxes in U.S in 2010, because multinational corporations own Congress and the president. Why does Exxon Mobile get huge subsidies and tax credits? Same reason. Why did we bail out the banks and the insurance companies? Same. With corporate rule, we the people, have become the scapegoats and this means that workers have lost wages, benefits, and jobs. Our environment is being destroyed, our infrastructure in decline. The U.S. is looking very 3rd world.

  71. @Djmemez US Corps pay little taxes for a simple reason. They take profits out of the US. They have fled, stupid. 80% of all tax credits are the foreign tax credit. Then, some dumbass Lib figures a "what if" they paid on TOTAL income! That is where low percent taxes (actual, not statutory, come from). "What if" they HAD NOT FLED. There is a reason to flee, far lower statutory rates nearly ANYWHERE else.

  72. @Djmemez Corp tax avoidance is quite simple. Calif has a 43.8% corp rate (Fed 35% plus State 8.8%). Outsource, leave the US and pay 16% in Canada, or in 31 OECD nations pay just 24%. But then after a corp has left, a LIb will average out the zero a corp pays that is gone, with 35% of corp that is still here, and say they average only 15%. Get it, stupid?

  73. Why should anyone care? Google "Reagan's Liberal Legacy", he was a complete fraud, both libs and cons tend to have a childish view of him.

    Amusingly enough, FDR was against them.

  74. Collective bargaining and/or Unions in this country have all but been busted down to zero for working American's. Union's do not cause the kind of financial degradation that they are being blamed for. The top money grabbers of our time want Union's out of the way so that they can, work you for longer hours, pile unreasonable or extra amounts of work on the Employee, kill your benefits, and lower your wages.

  75. "There has been little focus on exactly what Collective Bargaining is, and how it works in government. Collective Bargaining gives unions a monopoly on the government's workforce." ….what? That's not the definition of Collective Bargaining, nor is it true. This video is very misguided.

  76. Wow, I can't believe this blatantly biased propaganda is masquerading as an educational video.  This is disgusting 

  77. ..There is a significant difference between private industry unions and gov unions, and it's the gov unions that make slaves of the tax payer. Private sector business must show a profit to allow for wage increase a private business cannot continue to pay higher and higher wages if there is no profit. While gov unions are not controlled by profit and loss.  To keep paying higher and higher benefits in a gov union ends up with the Detroit effect, where the city goes bankrupt,services fail or the Illinois effect where property taxes scream out of control and services to the people are greatly cut.. Further competition  and the market control private unions while gov unions have  no competition ,where when those gov unions expect an increase that increase comes in the form of higher taxes.FDR, Ron Regan,Jimmy Carter  all did not favor gov unions,since they recognized at the end of the day it was ,it is a uncontrolled tax on the general population.

  78. End gov unions now! This is the reason why states like NY and CA has such high state and local taxes and they can’t get anything done!

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