Grimes “My Name Is Dark” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Grimes “My Name Is Dark” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

The day I created the song, I think I was just in a super bummer mood and I was doing this thing where I was chasing my worst impulses. People do relate to the worst version of themselves, I think. The song was originally titled “That’s What the Drugs Are For” and then I was informed that
I could not keep that title. I really wish the song was titled what the song should be titled because that’s its true title. When I finished this, I really just felt like a powerful demon. I was just like, “Yeah!” This track took 100 hours. Just in terms of the actual
engineering of this track, making it not sound like a pile of mush, but also still enough mush. ‘Cause I wanted it to
sound like roaring beasts. Leviathan in the mist, just scary, just giant behemoth kind of thing just being (guttural breathing). There’s a lot of reverb, but also needs to slap
on the drums and stuff. The demo was made in 12 minutes and then it was a nightmare of retroactive painting it together bit by bit. But then I just felt fucking
great when it was done. I knew when it was done. I was just like, yeah. The song is about when you don’t care if you live or die when
you’re so depressed that you’re like, “Whatever, fuck it.” That opening sentence sums
up the thesis of the song, which is truly not
giving a fuck, you know? But how that gets fun, too. You know, when you get so dark
that it turns in on itself and it’s like the Joker. I think I’d probably had a bad
press cycle the day before. I forget exactly what happened, but it sucks to be misunderstood, especially when you’re trying to talk about something nuanced or something that you really care about that is a complex issue or something. Although, I still stupidly keep talking, so I do not follow my
own advice here. I was just like, “What’s one
up from playing with fire?” Actually just going dark. Being an asshole,
willful ignorance almost. Political apathy or something. The calling my name lyrics just came out, but I think it’s like when you’re crazy. Friends or family or
people are being like ‘ey, but it’s like a distant echo. I think I was imagining a crazy bender. Back in the day when
I would be in Montreal and just fucking hole up and break into some building and hole up with friends and graffiti on the walls. Just be in there for 24 hours or something and have some crazy one or two day thing. When you’re like fuck
the world, fuck reality, fuck the things that need to happen. Just gonna be destructive. Why don’t I trust the government? I actually can’t, as a non-citizen. I’m just trying to get my green card and I just bless everyone. In Montreal I used to always just go and break into some
building, get to the roof, and just sit on the roof
and stare at the city. There’s this solitude and just being in the belly
of the city kind of thing, and it’s harder to do that in LA. The song has a real
Smashing Pumpkins vibe to me just ’cause it’s ethereal metal-ish. It’s about a similar kind
of raging helplessness. I think that’s a Nietzsche
quote, actually, that I stole. The line was just very evocative to me, making the decision to be good or bad and the specter of death
always haunting you. A big theme on my album
is this idea of new gods, modern post-technological gods. “Miss Anthropocene” is for the goddess of climate change or whatever. That was just summing on the song, pulling the song back to the album thesis.

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  1. Great! So now we’re giving credit for singers who can’t even sing so they can keep making money out of nothing!!! I crack up every time she calls herself an engineer.

  2. She doesn’t shower or shave! Disgusting 🤮 and she can’t sing. No wonder she is depressed; she knows she’s not worth it

  3. I don't get why she "had to change the song name". That feels so taken for granted but to me sounds like straight up censorship.

  4. I JUST SHAT MY PANTS THATS WHY I KNOW THE NAME GRIMES SHE SINGs genesis!? I LOVE THAT SONG its from the soundtrack to before i fall good movie greeeat soundtrack

  5. Alot of people love to roast old grimes for being weird but it's nice to see an artist really talk about their craft.

  6. Grimes: This album is from the perspective of a demon!

    Also Grimes: writes generic song with shit lyrics about things that literally everyone does and thinks she's edgy
    Demons would like to have a word with you

  7. I totally resonate with like feeling like such shit, that it "turns in on itself"- like it gets so bad, you get a kick out of it.

  8. Proofs that ANYONE can make music. Use computers and even you could sound like you could hold a proper note 😂😂

  9. Is she a goth or somethin cause she was sayin some weird stuff like she felt Lila demon and you don’t care if you die idk😂

  10. i just dropped the fourth song of my first EP. Im a german dude, that creates english music and i found my own vibe! Listen and relax with me. Soon more is coming! thank you love ❤ ❤

  11. Kinda off topic but am I the only one who thinks she'd fit the Enchantress in Suicide Squad (2) better than Cara Delevingne?

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