100 thoughts on “Gutfeld on swing states turning away from impeachment

  1. Theodore Roosevelt had an idea submitted by Ted Barber, Austen Tx. 1907 To become an American .. assimilate to our values .. wave the American flag (only) learn English AND have loyalty to America ONLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET'S MAKE AMERICAN LAW NOW !!!!! WHO AGREES ?????????????????

  2. If women ran every country, on earth, within two weeks a world war would start, and not end, for centuries. They wouldn't call it a war. They might call it art. Genocide is the best defense. Some people say Obama is an idiot. Misses the mark. He is brilliant. He is also a chronic criminal. Fast and Furious was barely a sample. Juan is a one man circle jerk.

  3. Juan and his white supremacy complaint. Showing his true "victimhood." Where else but America could someone as idiotic as him get a gig on a news show panel?

  4. All those involved in this impeachment scam need to remember what the word of GOD says All liars shall have their part in the lake of fire. Like it or not, believe it or not , it's going to happen.

  5. Obama is pandering to women. Understandable since Michelle is the one wearing the pants & directing the show behind the scenes. Obama is the henpecked husband who just follows the "better ( or bitter ) half" .

  6. No choice. What are they going to go with? Jobs, soaring stock market, Americans 1st OR a freaking neutral gender Santa, banning Rudolph, open borders? Not hard to vote TRUMP!

  7. All of this nonsense is a crap and deserves no attention at all, I mean, we are all citizens, no matter what is the f… difference, and being divisive like that is in any shape or form helping the world to overcome the burden scattered all over any way. So I suggest that we are the same and we all need to realize it once and for all.

  8. It’s not the circle game because I find it offensive….
    I’m only going to say this Juance….
    Just because you make up in your mind that a game gesture is offensive doesn’t make it a white supremacy symbol.
    I personally find it offensive that I’m not a millionaire so now every $1 I own, I now see as $100 bill.
    Juan’s logic.

  9. When I was in the Marines in the early 90's we played the circle game and it's funny so many idiots like Juan fell for the 4chan joke of saying it's racist.

  10. Greg – for GOD's sake – encourage/let it happen/MAKE it happen that "token" democrat thin skinned, always perplexed by your positions and thinking, demonrat Juan – get a 20 year contract at MSNBC/CNN/ABC ANYwhere but where we who find his thoughts almost repellant, twisted and often UNbelievable espoused positions/thoughts/ignorant and backward and even repressive positions in line with THEIR thinking. He does represent a thoughtful and respectful expositor of a wider frame of reference that we can ALL learn from – just another MSM narrow viewpoint shrill and undecipherable mouthpieces for Soros/UN Agenda 30/NWO & Globalism and he is so hard to listen to that I love listening to all your other intelligent guests. Unfortunately he is not one of those. Wonder how good your rating would be without the irritation he causes??!

  11. “It’s racist because I find it offensive.” 🙄 Oh Juan. Get a life. Know what happens when you’re offended? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Grow a pair.

  12. History will record that Donald Trump was impeached and removed from the office of President of the United States in disgrace. History will also record that during his election campaign, Donald Trump was widely known as a liar and racist, who had failed numerous times in business, and had been accused of sexual misconduct, intimidation and coercion. I am curious how history will portray the individuals who continued to mindlessly defend this person.

  13. Juan, if it’s going to be such a close race will you find yourself another job senseYour wisdom and understanding is sub par?

  14. Here's something to pass on with your next show….. if voters paid more attention to what Trump does instead of Tweets or says….perhaps they could see where he is valued far more than prior Presidents who talked the good talk but failed to do what Trump has already done.

  15. Sounds to me Obama is making a pitch for Michelle. Heaven help us if she ever should become President! Has anyone notice that Michelle is showing up on the cover of several magazines lately??? What's going on?

  16. I found it very offensive when that horrible quarterback from the SF 49rs used to kneel down during the national anthem. Can I have him arrested?

  17. Juan Williams is a typical Democrat waste of skin and space. Trying to push the bullsh!t that the Cadets at the Army and Navy game were using racist hand symbols when you can pull up the very same hand symbols being done by the likes of Oprah and Obama. So if it is then Oprah and Obama are some seriously confused individuals, or more likely the asshats that tried to start this racist bs didn't check to make sure that people of color have actually used the same hand gesture. Wow what idiots.

  18. Ardern in public and on the press is all about diversity, open borders, love and kindness yet New Zealand has a horrendous recent history on refugees. NZ has some of the most restrictive, right wing , anti immigrant policies in the world. Their border checks are the toughest on the planet,.

  19. I'm 54 years old, northwest Minnesota,
    We have been playing the circle game since I was 10.
    P.S. must be below the waist!!!

  20. Aung San Suu Kyi's only crime is allowing Burmese people to benefit from Burma's resources and not selling out to multinationals. The rest is fluff.

  21. I am sure the Demoncats have the "best" of intentions for the USA but, you know what they say about the path to Hell and how that road is paved?

  22. the leftists are giving a bad name to veganism.
    do most Trump supporters fancy a "meatful" diet ?
    i shouldn't doubt it.
    but the fact is – RAW vegan diet (plus Shivambu Kalpa)
    is the "Road Less Traveled" that leads directly to health and longevity.

  23. women and men need to rule together, womens compassion is used against them and illogical and causes more destruction but mens aggression and lack of emotion causes destruction too

  24. GUTFELD, you are from the swamp muck. Poor Republicans don't want to send their money anymore. The hate is running rampant. My kids don't want to watch you anymore. My dog wakes up with trump fleas. All Women want their puzzy grabbed and let trump get stinky finger. Men love to be beat down and stomped on by republicans getting russian payoffs. SHUT THE HELL UP YOU COMMUNIST, TRUMP BED-BUDDY. AMERICANS WANT TO SEE IMPEACHMENT !

  25. Lol it is going to be a landslide. When a hardcore CT democrat like my mom ADMITS that democrats are a disgrace but only to me, there are millions of silent Trump voters, scared to say a word because of what the local governments, employers, social media and the violent "tolerance" of the left will do to them. Show support for Trump and you are instantly labeled racist, deplorable and xenophobic, but only going by the behavior they demonstrate on a daily basis which we will call fact. This week a 13 year old child was attacked by several other kids who are proud to be supporters of the party of tolerance and beat that bigoted, violent racist Trump supporting child into a hospital bed showing how morally superior they are. That t-shirt was just too much violence for them to stand by and allow it.
    The best part is, just like in 2016, the Democrats and the media believe the polls which were so dead-on with their 90% Hillary support. From the debates to election night, this will be the most entertaining year of my life. Stand in the middle of any decrepit, excrement strewn major city on Nov 3rd and the sound of mannish women screaming at the sky will be deafening. Conversely, stand in a clean, police respecting, non-sanctuary city like Charleston and you'll be in party central.

  26. Living under Merkel over here in Germany, I can definitely say that being ruled by a woman has ruined the country. Want more examples, look at the UK pre-Boris Johnson (Theresa May). Want examples of what happens if feminists lead countries, then check out Sweden. So – feels say one thing, facts say another. Sorry Obumma.

  27. Lots of opportunity for voter fraud in Florida. Absentee ballots let people vote from many locations including nursing homes. No documentation of citizenship required to register to vote. No documentation of citizenship at the polls; our drivers licenses are the same for citizens & legal residents; "USA" on the licenses just means Florida is in the USA; speaking English is a requirement of citizenship, yet the DOJ requires ballots to be printed (at tax payer expense) in Spanish too. Machines have failed; how do we know we can trust these? The punch cards were apparently not idiot proof, but they were fine.

  28. Isn’t it funny how she paused when she started to say Obama was married to a Woman but instead said “his wife”! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭

  29. How can the demo rats be stopped with this illegal one sided democrat partisan impeachment inquiry????
    Vote??? What a joke!
    They decided from the day President Trump got elected to impeach him!

    They have spent countless time and tax payer dollars on this inquiry. They could care less about the people who elected them in office. They would sing a different tune if there were TERM LIMITS!

  30. Johnson and the Conservative landslide victory in the UK will repeat in the USA. Democrats are far more left wing than Corbyn.

  31. Juan's body language says it all. He is rocking back and forth which is an indication of nervousness. He knows the Democrats are on the ropes but he fights on.

  32. The left have pushed and pushed and instead of people joining them it’s had the opposite effect more people are swaying right well not even right just staying sane the left will crash and burn and I will be there laughing

  33. I would probably be considered the most sexist woman alive. Woman should not be leaders! Not saying we can't but I think men are wired to be alphas and women are wired to nurture. It is against our DNA to lead, yes everyone is unique BUT we are genetically disposed to our natural roles

  34. I happen to be Liberian. Not everyone in this country (Liberia) would agree with your characterization of former President Sirleaf as a good leader. Some would even venture to say, far, far from it. But they can be forgiven because even I voted for her twice, and for understandable reasons.

  35. I don't care if you find it offensive it's okay because it's okay. It's the okay symbol you little freak. Obama used to do it all the time he's a white supremacist???

  36. It depends on tbe scenario there is no men are, women are, it just depends on what or who they are leading, just like its important to have equal party's Dems, Rep, only Democrats are to stupid to understand this and they want a Monarchy, which means one day we'll give them another civil war.
    They want to repeat history, cause that's all they know, no vision them Dems.

  37. from now on every president that gets elected with an opposing House majority will be impeached. they won't need any wrong doing to accuse the Pres of just innuendo will do and lie like crazy and waste three years of Taxpayers money. If anyone votes for thease morons to p8ut them back in office they should be shot.

  38. hope Obama comment is not a precursor to create a narrative to roll out Hillary or Michelle for election … ugh … hate being so suspicious Dems are so sneaky and manipulative.

  39. The Vaccine debate is not that complex. You either BELIEVE that the government should have FULL CONTROL over what is injected into you and your children OR YOU DONT. Its Medical Tyranny vrs Medical Freedom.

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