Hannity: Democrats haven’t done a thing to better America

Hannity: Democrats haven’t done a thing to better America

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100 thoughts on “Hannity: Democrats haven’t done a thing to better America


  2. Republican George Conway: "If Barack Obama had done this, they'd be out for blood." And there it is, the elephant in the Fox newsroom. Leave the story exactly as it is, no fact or feature altered except the substitution of Obama for Trump, and ideologues like Sean Hannity, the perfect embodiment of confirmation bias, would flip sides faster than a light switch.

  3. Have you noticed republicans exist for the next time they can get close to our treasury to launder it into the laps of their wealthy campaign donors? How many times now? Their patron saint invited Pinochet and Mobutu to the White House because that's how he rolls. As in murdering thousands of innocent Latin American families by proxy. His administration had over 138 indictments and convictions. How is that even possible? Republicans don't represent us …not really. They have a following of gullible suckers who they've convinced they're the party of Patriots but how can you be a patriot if you're hostile to consumers and nearly everything that benefits the average middle class stiff? Even the cabinet appointments are hostile to the very postion they've been appointed to. They can't win a Presidential election lately by popular vote and have to resort to the welfare path to being elected. Its because the majority recognize they don't represent their interests save abortion and guns. Who better to lead around by the nose than evangelical Faith at the expense of reality types? You have to be fundamentally dishonest. Extinction as they're already obsolete. And is there a bigger tyrant than McConnell? Okay …Gingrich. Did you get your couple hundred bucks to keep quiet Grifters?

  4. After watching the hearings I just want to say it's beginning to look alot like Christmas looks like Joe senior Joe junior after this investigation is over will be spending some time in prison senior I guess I won't be able to run for president

  5. Oh and I just wanted to say Adam Schiff new nickname will be potato head and who's going to clean up all that pool I'm not talkin the dog pool of the coping dogs I'm talking the Democrat Party

  6. If Rep weren't fake, they would have gone after Trump's predecessor as much as they had gone after someone such Roy Moore!!


  8. Hannity and other criminal minds always say the system is rigged. Disgusting to bring Walmart and God into it. God will strike down with great vengeance upon FOX. Continue boycott of all FOX advertisers. FOX to die broke.


  10. If the comments in this forum are any indication of America's current mental health, we're in trouble. And it's got zero to do with the Democrats and everything to do with the predatory class of the GOP feeding a gullible (and unstable) part of the populace a steady stream of lies and conspiracies.

  11. I can see Hannity is getting nervous.
    We all know Trump broke the law, now you are changing the subject.
    This is great stuff

  12. Hannity is right about bribery law, but it can only be applied to Trump and Gooliani, the oddly absent guest on FOX as his lies have gone too far. FOX tolerates only certain lies, eg. WMD, Iraq War America fought for no reason. Thanks FOX, our sons’ and daughters’ blood is on your hands.

  13. Trump never asked about investigating the Bidens. I saw investigation of corruption and HRC's server. Bidens weren't mentioned.

  14. It should not matter whether citizens are Democrat or Replubican at this point because what is going on is wrong and illegal. There is NO proof of a crime but they're going after him anyway. What's going to stop this from happening to us if they can do it to the POTUS. This is scary, America. The blatant lies need to stop. We're paying for this show and if they win…100% guaranteed we lose in the long run and our children and grandchildren will continue to pay the price. Put your political affiliation aside and look at this without bias. I don't care if you hate Trump. That doesn't mean he deserves to be prosecuted for a crime he did not commit.

  15. lets make this argument not about Trump's actions but about Joe Biden instead, that way we won't have to deal with the facts of the impeachments hearings. Just stay on offense and we won't need to defend

  16. No way man,the protest rate is up. Attacks on innocent people bc of their opinion are at an all time high,and America is the most racist and divided we've been in 50 yrs

  17. Under Bill Clinton in the 1990s, the budget was balanced for the first time since 1830 when Andrew Jackson was the president. Republicans and conservatives just like to yak, complain and accuse others. They do not come up with solutions. It is always somebody's fault. America is sliding into fascism and Nazism under the Republican Party.

  18. Yeah great reporting Sean Hannity. You just forgot that the president is a complete liar and Trump University says everything a trump voter needs to know about Donald Trump Super Con man Sean you represent a dying world view dude sorry.

  19. Well this is good for a laugh ! LOL Typical nonsense I expect to come from you , LOL Fascist only Experiment = FOX ! LOL If Trump is really bettering America ? Why is, almost all his stuff,with his name on it ,including Ivanka Trump made In China ? LOL Is it because they love cheap labor ? Even when it cost Americans jobs ? Wow what patriots ! And by the way ,who's paying for the wall? Hint ! Not Mexico LOL

  20. human scum hannity lies and lies and lies and lies and the stupid believe him,… sad sorry state of gullible people, lemmings taken down the path by a propagandist willing to deceive the herd…. shame on him and shame on those who cannot think for themselves. Learn to investigate and check facts instead of being a gullible moron… bubble people is right but hannity applies it to the wrong side – sick and unholy -slime he is… vile and evil…. GOP haters, racists, uber rich holding back those who vote against their own interests – hannity PROJECTS – this is all about the GOP – raw hypocrisy

  21. How does the American People get rid of this Shifty guy, and get him out of office? What a fake he is. Wonder what his family thinks of him?

  22. Humpty Dumpty Institution. Let's see three ppl who holds top Government offices…Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Debbie Wasseman Schultz are part of a think tank put together to work with other members of Congress and UN Dignitaries, Crown Prince's, etc was co-founded by socialite heiress Constance Milstein in 1988. It was formed to help 'put all the pieces back together' after destructive things happen in various country's. Now the kicker here is who the Vice Chairman is….none other than notorious Jeffrey Epstien's brother Mark Epstein. Yep…the MUDDY WATERS RUN DEEPER AND DEEPER! THANKS FOR MENTIONING IT SHAUN HANNITY. IT NEEDS LOOKED INTO FURTHER BECAUSE THERE ARE MORE TESTICLES HERE THAN AN 8 ARM OCTOPUS.

  23. Hannity is by far the biggest clown on the Fox Network. Mr. Hannity , why don’t you stop insulting everyone who doesn’t agree with your political views ? Why don’t you stop referring to your viewers as “stinky smelling Walmart shoppers?” In fact, why don’t you start behaving like an adult ? Is it too difficult for you to refer to someone by their actual name ?? Would You, Mr. Hannity like it if You were referred to as Mr. Homosexual Hannity ? Or, Mr. Hannity The Unwanted Stepchild ??

  24. Schiff wont realize that he is being used by Soros until he(Schiff) in locked up in a 4×8 cell and Soros still running free!

  25. Adam Schiff is a LIAR. Just look at him. He is fake , liar , . It's a shame people who watch CNN , ABC, CBS and NBC are brainwashed.

  26. The Democrats are doing a good thing, they are patriots, they are upholding their oath to the Constitution, the country, the people of America by standing up to an individual who is unfit and inept for the highest office of the country.

    Hannity without due respect, malice, spite, hate, sycophancy and name calling amounts to nothing; they do not change the facts and evidence and you know that.

  27. Would Jesus Christ put children in cages and separate them from their parents??? Who do you follow? Jesus Christ or donald trump? Would donald trump DIE on a cross for you and give his life to save your soul???

  28. The next blood that will be spilled are that of the Democratic socialist pigs. And I would gladly help strap them to the post in front of the firing squad.

  29. the other reason is that they are the crooks that is why thhey have not let up on the president he wants to expose their corruption running scaredremember its we the people not them

  30. 🎵 Look at this photograph 🎵
    🎵Very time I do, it makes me laugh
    🎶 Why the hell is QUID PRO Joe so CORRUPT?
    🎵Cops need to lock him up. 🎵

  31. Some people are happy to go down in history , others don't mind if they go down in infamy , however it pans out Mr Schiff .

  32. "For our struggle is not against Flesh & Blood but against spiritual ( invisible) evil on both earth & in the heavenly realms above." Here on earth, the demanazies are the messengers of the EVIL. IF this nation dosent WAKE up & get back to its Godly roots evil will win.

  33. Insanity Hannity, all of FUXCARTOONNEWS, and all of ’Murka’s appalling fascists need to be taken out

    behind the barn and dropped where they stand. Let the hogs sort ’em out.

    Not a right-thinking individual in the universe would say, “Nay.”

  34. Republicans are destroying America. They've sold the country out to corporations and Wall street billionaires. A Two trillion dollar tax cut to the super rich proves how corrupt they are.

    Only Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren can save America. Get corruption out of politics. Vote Bernie 2020.

  35. The time has come for us to all come together and get rid of the democrats and the MSM. We have to boycott EVERYTHING having to do with them until they scream for mercy, until the MSM perishes! I'm tired of being part of the punching bag, it's time to fight back!

  36. I really don't see why Trump doesn't have the military rounded them up and put them under a firing squad all these Democrats are stateless traitors who have no rights

  37. Why is everybody so freaked out this party doesn't count anymore Trump is not going to step down when did Democrats say he's impeached and because of the Democrats still probably be martial law until all these phony politicians are rounded up

  38. As reports say: This is so redicualis, a hearing on President Trump when he did nothing wrong, when they should be investigating Hillary's MASSIVE corruption through the years. Murders called suicides,"Uranium one" selling 20% of U.S. Uranium to Russia, ( the real Russian collusion ) the Epstien connection just to name a few, which the left tries to cover up, and Waserman schultz for Seth Rich. Adam schiff should be in prison too. An investigation should be started soon of former fake president Obama for his treasoness "Project Pelican at a FL. port on going.

  39. Its amazing to me that people(Democrats) cant see through their hatred, and see what this really is. Another attempt to remove a duly elected president…a coup. The Democrats have done nothing for this country. I could understand if they weren't constantly attacking Trump and investigating every single thing he says and does. It's a personal vendetta. Plain and simple

  40. well American are you listening? this is our money doing nothing by self serving people we put into our gov term limits and work from home state then the people can see what these people do for their country

  41. Justice will come these Democrats are going out of hand no respect for the president family members why no judge out there stand up and ask Adam and his followers in court

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