Hannity: Far-left Democratic Party hits new levels of radicalism

Hannity: Far-left Democratic Party hits new levels of radicalism

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100 thoughts on “Hannity: Far-left Democratic Party hits new levels of radicalism

  1. Does anyone believe this total NITWIT? Only Massachusetts could continually send this clown to congress year after year.

  2. We know what the dems are trying to do with all this socialist/communist talk. You all know that all these candidates are NOT actually interested in running for presidency. They only want to announce to the world that America is turning socialist to prevent businesses from coming to America…this will certainly stop the American economy. Please everyone, wake up!!!! The dems are actually NOT serious about these socialist agenda. Don't believe a word they say! They are "acting" to stop the economy and they just want to bring President Trump down.

  3. All these fuckers are rich so they could give 2 shits because they will be able to buy their way out of paying taxes as they do now. You and I will be the only ones to suffer. Its the only way to keep us slaves no matter what color.

  4. It's OBVIOUS 95% of YOU SPARKIE POSTERS THINK IF YOU CAN KEEP IT MEANS IMPOSSIBLE TO LOSE! Benjamin Franklin was asked, what have you wrought? Benjamin said, A Rebublic IF YOU CAN KEEP IT! IF YOU CAN KEEP IT!

  5. If you're a classic Dem, you'll be faced with picking from socialists. If you, correctly, despise socialism and it's destructive ways and value capitalism and prosperity why not vote Trump? Vote him and you'll get all the prosperity, market growth you want but most importantly escape socialism and all you have to do is put up with ranting tweets and brash insults which are so easy to ignore and mean nothing in your own day to day life.

  6. If you get people frightened enough you can convince them to allow you to do anything to save them and they will thank you.

  7. The Demoncommie Party is what it is! Green with envy!

    There's only one American party and that is Republican patriots!
    ☆TRUMP 2020☆
    Let's make the country red!

  8. America already offers low income people and single mothers educational grants!
    We already have plans to fix Obamacare and infrastructure.

    And NO…terrorists and convicted felons can not vote! That's crazy!
    Bernie is a crazy old man.

  9. David Roche,

    @ > "well I agree with Chris..try to explain it to the village idiots in here. "
    Apparently Chris has already explained it to YA. AT LEAST Chris communicated to YOU and it is obvious He has done the same with others.

  10. Democrats are desperate to get rid of trump because further investigations will lead to their imprisonment for fraud and treason!!!

  11. Hearing/seeing an overuse/repeating of "actually", "basically", "obviously" and other words/phrases? Learn more about the conspiracy on facebook @ColePhoenixWolvesforHitre. Allegedly.

  12. my choice to vote i chose Trump he won't go against my Christian faith and won't have inoçent blood sheed in the land. he please God. . babies should never be shorter for no. Reason.they behold the face of God day and night.

  13. The left are making people into extremists because of their hate and constant racism and violence and fascism and censorship and lies and fake news and I could go on and on and on. . .
    The left are beyond any measure the most dangerous and violent group in our current era. . . . these are very dangerous people. . .

  14. I feel like crying when I look at how far the left have fallen in reasonable thought and now they embrace and rejoice at racism and violence. .. what scum the current left have become. . . I feel sick. .

  15. Well. Well,, Sleppy-Joe is in the Democrat race now, all you old farts and split tails go back under the rock you crawled from, now the race is on. Sleppy-Joe and the Lone Ranger. Go, Trump !!!!!

  16. doug wiedinger said, "WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE POWER .."
    Chris Walker said, >"WE’RE A REPUBLIC !!!

  17. Hannity earns over 100,000 dollars a DAY, 7 days a week. That's over $40 MILLION a year. Do you Fox watchers not find this a problem? Sean is part of the super rich and has a lot at stake to keep things the way they are. Wake up America!

  18. Democrazys are done!!! Put a fork in them. Trump will eat them for breakfast! So excited that these Moran's believe in these radical ideas. Trump 2020 !!!

  19. Yeah well the problem is not with Barr or President Trump, but with the far-left pulling the attention away from themselves because they have had their "hand in the cookie jar" and don't want to be caught. This so called Russian Collusion was designed to thwart our President and now it is being used as a "Red-Herring" to keep the dogs off of the far-left trail. Investigate and expose!

  20. As long as we have the background checks for guns, then we should have a proactive system where the background checks will take seconds to complete, if you have a warrant or you are on probation then you should have an active file on you, a file that closes the moment probation as ended or cleared of all charges. This would be better than a ban on an inanimate object that as more safety features than a car.

  21. They caused trouble with Russia we must make peace with Russia and Israel with their neighbors .what will happen to our Democracy when they ruined it.

  22. So they can sell children as far as I'm concern they are the free money bums not the poor. She is a liar throw her out

  23. Do u realize utube I do not watch the news on TV anymore .omg how did that little nut even get as far as she did.funny we never see ourselves like others see us .good grief

  24. The Dems are calling me daily asking me for money for a loan I never got did they sell my identity to their friends

  25. Women do not know their place and when ya get one that's not stable they will say anything and not shut up look at me

  26. They killed Nancy Shaffer and sold the children of the poor they are bad and I see them stepping down and for the record we know how bad it really is

  27. A one world order agenda 21 30 and 50 is a fachist dictatorship that wants to control every aspect of our lives the poor will suffer and the children of the poor

  28. The fatherless if there is no fear of the Lord who will plead for the widow and protect the children. And who will police the police and the lawless?

  29. With those wackos saying Russia and Trump he thinks we are unstable and does not trust they lied on the President of the United States of America that we the people voted for Treason put them out of the white house they are making us look crazy. Good grief. Please I beg keep peace with Russia they made trouble when they lied is it a comedy show and I have to laugh to keep from crying

  30. I have lost faith in our government when a real Patriot knocks on my door with our door with my boys then I'll trust until then I put all my faith in Yashua

  31. Ive always hated politics. But 2016 got me hooked. Made me ask why, get curious. Jumped in the political pool..wow its deep, ugly, and dangerous. CORRUPT GET THEM OUT NOW

  32. Medicare for all leads straightaway to gulags, once you are cured your doctor will inform on you and you would be subjected to great hardship in gulags… so terrifying

  33. Bernie Sanders flew the flag of the USSR in his office when he was a mayor. He LOVED Communist Russia.

  34. Bernie Sanders sounds like an idiot. These people know they will not win the election, they just want the campaign money they will get a percentage of. Greed!!!!!!


  36. I fear for my country when I look at these pathetic, ignorant politicians. Those of you worried about Trump having the nuclear codes?!! God help us if any one of these crazy Dems get in.

  37. The US is heading towards a one party system. All the democrats need do is wait patiently for their voting base to grow by mass immigration

  38. This so called democratic party in USA has turned into Marxism. This is the real danger as any kind of radicalization. Future is not about identity politics as the democrats profess it but less politics, less binding rules, more power to the people as Donald Trump is doing, Americans do not realize how great this man is.

  39. Atleast Hillary Clinton faced her accusers….for almost 30 years she's testified hours at a time….
    COMMIE Drumps crew is hiding behind the furniture….refusing to testify….
    Were gonna have a new potus in 2020.

  40. Bernie is delusional— socialism/communist government does not makes money, it imposes and spends tax payers money while taking away all property rights and freedoms to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness in honest work.

  41. The think I dilike the most about this tot is how smug and sarcastic he is. After trump goes to jail this boy will have no arse to stick his nose up.

  42. We the people, are wiser now not to believe a Politician promise, just to get our vote. Then, after election, Politicians usually developed "Dementia" .

  43. Why do Bernie and AOC always give THEIR definition of what socialism is? They always say, "Well, in MY opinion, socialism means…" or "To ME, socialism is…" NO! NO! NO! It isn't what YOU think it is!! And of course, Bernie and the Dems want criminals to vote…because they will vote for the Democrats! They vote for who they relate to!!

    Trump and his administration could fix literally every issue and problem in the world and The far left Democrats would still say that everything is wrong. They will always find something else and ever since Obama they have gone off the deep end. They victimize the guilty and criminalize the innocent. They have gotten evidence that trump is clean and Hillary and Obama etc have broken the law and should be imprisoned. If it was trump that broke the laws they did he would've been impeached and executed.

  45. It's all a bunch of lies, it's unbelievable the rhetoric these Democrats repeat . Both parties know these fake promises would never make it through Congress, still many voters will buy these lies and vote for crazy Bernie, Pocahontas, or Creepy touchy hair-sniffing Biden.

  46. I’m from N.Y. and I hate our lawmakers. They are a bunch of fools and driving our city to the dumps.

  47. He did say he agreed with the Castro regime in the 80's saying it was a great thing. Wth is Bernie saying? He supported most Communist regimes there's film on him saying this exact thing.

  48. why only 95% of student loans..? where do they get their numbers…? not heard one candidate speak of the federal reserve. as a UK resident i see that as the problem in america that needs sorting before all others, as that fixes most of americas problems..

  49. If any country deserves critics it`s Israel, UN condemns it, the media stays silent. they shhot medics, children & international journo`s, the UN condemns Israel, media silence…A bottle rocket hits wasteland in israel injuring no one, the media is all over that…

  50. Dear Ms. Warren, aka pokahantus, Poland is outraged you escaped their hospital. You should consider skidaddling

  51. If these promises could be achieved do you not think somebody would have done it long before now they would have been claimed as heroes by the youth of the usa

  52. The original job of the press was to be the people's watchdog to keep the
    government in check and exposed when they worked against the people.

    The MSM abdicated their 1st Amendment special privileges and protections when they
    decided to side with the “deep state” Government & the Democrats AGAINST
    the people.

  53. Impeach Elizabeth Warren for lying about being Native American and taking advantage of affirmative action for years to get where she’s at!

  54. Hannity tries to spin Bernie as a Stalinist Communist….total propaganda. Bernie is a CAPITALIST who wants SOCIALIST reform for the PEOPLE instead of Big Corporations (subsidies/tax breaks etc)

  55. Chris Walker
    said, > "First of all STOP SAYING WE’RE A DEMOCRACY WE’RE A REPUBLIC !!!"
    Mr. Chris Walker! Benjamin Franklin was asked after the forefathers created the 1787-89 Constitution, Mr. Franklin! What have You created? Mr. Franklin said, >"A REPUBLIC IF YOU CAN KEEP IT!" It appears YOU, Chris Walker, think it has been KEPT!

  56. To:
    Chris Walker,



  57. What a LIAR!!! Bernie Sanders says he never supported authoritarian communism that existed in the Soviet Union?

    HE HONEYMOONED IN SOVIET MOSCOW – and there are videos to prove it!
    that is about as Russian communist as you can get! Even their nonsense about "Democratic Socialism" is deceptive
    because that is what Stalin called his form of communism. Now, it appears that these Congressional freshmen are
    Justice Democrats…. there is no "justice" for anyone who does not agree with the radical left in their policies.

    And Kamala Harris is going to overturn the 2nd Amendment by Executive fiat? Typical!

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