Hatriot Mail: Lying Cunning Jew (Which Can’t Exist)

Hatriot Mail: Lying Cunning Jew (Which Can’t Exist)

let’s get right to hatred mail this week. Quick reminder. What is hatred? Mail [inaudible]. It’s like a mandatory transvaginal ultrasound
for your mind. Patriot mail written by Patriots. Who hate David Pakman because America and
because freedom. Okay. This hatred male. I say this like it’s unusual. This hatred mail contain some contradictions. Let’s see if you can spot them as we listen
together. Pacman is a lying, cunning Jew. No, mr Pacman, you or anyone alive can be
100% Jew. Why? Well before there were Jews around homo sapiens
was already out there. Since Jews arose from people that were not,
you cannot be 100% if you claim you are, you must prove that the very first people were
Jewish and that no where along a millions of years long line that was dilated to even
the smallest extend and that is without even consider and that we arose from critters that
were not humans down to the very first living thing. Lot of confusion here, I’m allying cunning
Jew and also Jews don’t really exist according to this person which is, which is fascinating. I’m a contradiction as much as antisemitism
staples of a of hatred mail that we receive remembered. The best way to fight hatred, autism is to
use the coupon code [email protected] when you do that, you were supporting us. You’re getting 40% off with the coupon code,
Patriot 40 and it makes hatreds cry. It’s like a dream where you’re just trying
to punch someone and you can’t, you can’t land a blow. That’s what it feels like to a hatred when
they write in these screeds. And then people just sign up with the coupon
code Patriot 40. So take advantage of it.

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100 thoughts on “Hatriot Mail: Lying Cunning Jew (Which Can’t Exist)

  1. Antisemitic is a word that lost it's meaning a long time ago. I'm sure David knows Israel was complicit in 9/11, even he can't say it. He's a decent jew for standing up for Palestinians. I like those jews.

  2. “Never believe that anti-Semites are completely unaware of the absurdity of their replies. They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly, since he believes in words. The anti-Semites have the right to play. They even like to play with discourse for, by giving ridiculous reasons, they discredit the seriousness of their interlocutors. They delight in acting in bad faith, since they seek not to persuade by sound argument but to intimidate and disconcert. If you press them too closely, they will abruptly fall silent, loftily indicating by some phrase that the time for argument is past.”

    ― Jean Paul-Sartre

  3. Ok. I just had an uncontrollable LOL which caused me to spray my desk and monitor with 30 year old tawny port. Thanks David Pakman, you "cunning j*w"! Double LOL!

  4. the email's misspelling reminds me of my bad spelling; so it could be the keyboard and poor vision (old timer's disease), but really if your intent is to criticize a person, they should try better than that….(oh BTW my grammar and punctuation is my own)…I felt bad for the person because they wanted so badly to sound erudite by alluding to evolution (points for that)…I have a question that might be relevant, will the real DJT get upset him the Hatriot for bad mouthing Jews? No? Didn't think so…

  5. This segment is further proof of how someone can say so much and yet so little, simultaneously.

    At least it's worth a laugh every now and again.

  6. I have to post a second time. I think this is one of the funniest Hatriot Mail segments I've ever seen. Sad to think that over 30% of the American electorate both think and talk like this. Just freakin AMAZING!

  7. What a idiot weirdo. People like that belongs in mental hospital. I think the American school system is broken. Why else is there so many ignorant people on American soil?

  8. I'm going to overreach here and attempt to Steel Man this guy's argument. I think that he's arguing that Jews exist, but aren't a "pure" race because the ancient Hebrew racial/ethnic demographic only consolidated as an identity after recorded human history began.

    But by this logic, no pure human would exist because other apes predate humans. And apes aren't "pure" because other animals predate hominids.

    But it is reasonable to conclude that no racial or ethnic demographic exists objectively outside of cultural recognition/acknowledgement of such, implying that "race" is purely a sociocultural construct, like language is.

    If that's true, then there is no reason to be racist or Anti-Semitic because "race" and ethnic identity wouldn't manifest itself in human behavior in any meaningful way aside from cultural norms.

  9. Sentence construction weird read can write patreon always as again usual! And jew, very very jew!

    I'm trying to communicate with that hatriot.
    Gimme some slack guys, it's really not that easy!

  10. Oh my goodness 😂. I'm so sorry that you are having to deal with this stupidity. However the shear ignorance of the rant is kind of funny

  11. This. Hard to seriously respond to something so obviously flawed. Never know if it's someone from another country or a network troll or worse, a true to life, ignorance is pride moron…or illiterate children. Not hard to spot them but there are some that try hard to reason by virtue of history, but they just cherry-pick, make obscene comparisons and ignore compelling facts. The GOPs hand-book on how to 'win' at any cost… politically anyway.

    Don't be surprised if an actual 'playbook' of 'Political Conspiracies for Dummies' (to invoke), turns up.

  12. Holy fuck, the idiocy of the Trump base is just unimaginable. They transcend stupidity. Do you know why? Because FREEDOM and America! #Covfefe 😐

  13. The guy is right. If you look at what he's saying with intelligence, he…Hiiii nursey! Mr. Trumpybutt made a poopy mess on the bed and floor again. It went on Donnie jr's picsure two! I'n saree, I sorreeee.

  14. My FAVOURITE segment

    Jewish religion is a made up entity it’s not real

    We all evolved from the same species then created these religious concepts ourselves.

    Non of what he says makes sense.

  15. Let me try to be a Hatriot. Your a lying cunning Santa Claus. And also considerren that you are the socialist muslim-jew alliance with can't not no exist when they fight one another, who can also be a dog with a cat that fiddle in a damn zebra prison.

  16. ????????
    It’s almost unbelievable that such stupidity exists…………
    ……..but with every passing day it seems that such stupidity has become more and more common.

  17. Hatriot’s lack on punctuation (with spelling and grammatical errors) equals rambling.

  18. Using the same reasoning process, it would be a certainty that these people are 100% asshole. They have never been anything else.

  19. There was a time, that I can still recall, where this kind of message would have almost certainly been a ridiculous parody and too funny to be real, however…I literally know people like this now, and the laughter is combined with a sad sigh.

  20. I blame the pisspoor( hey if he can make up words, so can I) educational system in the US. I feel a little sorry for this ignorant moron.

  21. David, the funny part is my ancestry DNA came back 100% Jewish. We all found it facinating since my mom came back 97%. Since he is no longer with us, we can't do his, however was my dad 103% Jewish? Lol. Always amused at the haters. So clueless.

  22. Goddammit David, WTF!!? I'm watching this in bed and in the dark at 1130pm using headphones while my missus sleeps and was NOT expecting to burst out uncontrollably and rock the bed with that desperately restrained laughter! 😖😖🤣🤣 Thanks dude, I'm not gonna hear the end of it in the morning! 😫😫

  23. I tried to join and I chose to pay via PayPal. I went through the process but it seems it did not work. I did not want to give my bank card details.

  24. This is the reason why educated people say there is no such thing as race, and that race it is a social concept. The people who do believe in races are as stupid as this dude about history, and biology, and anthropology, and no doubt the full spectrum of ologies and onomies. They will take a wrong racist concept and apply their own dubious knowledge of the world to come to an even more ignorant position than is possible with just racism or ignorance alone.

  25. Hey on the upside at least the nut jobs seem to finally be accepting evolution is a thing.

  26. Jews arose from Homo Sapiens. True but this Patriot arose from knuckle dragging Neanderthals..P.S. What's the bet he's a Trumpist..

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