Headlines @ 2PM: Karnataka political crisis & more

Headlines @ 2PM: Karnataka political crisis & more

we'll bring you stories and updates from India in the world and from the world of business and sports as well and other happenings that are making interesting stories around the world but first the big news at this hour the Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy the secret trust vote on Thursday at 11 a.m. the Congress holds a legislature party meeting important bills to be deliberated in both houses of parliament today Motor Vehicles amendment pill and surrogacy regulation bill introduced in the Lok Sabha national investigation amendment bill also being discussed arbitration and conciliation amendment bill to be introduced in the Rajya Sabha rescue and relief operations continue in flooded Assam and Bihar has floodwaters inundated several new areas Meghalaya and Mizoram also on the grip of floods in neighboring Nepal to the flood situation remains grim the death toll rises to 67 in Himachal Pradesh at least 13 people died including soldiers and their family members after multi-story building collapsed insulins Kumar 40 this is 27 persons including 17 army personnel have been rescued the state Chief Minister orders a probe into the reasons for this incident in sports in a match of fluctuating fortunes England v New Zealand to win its first ever Cricket World Cup after an incredible super over and the epic final at Lourdes in London and after a tight match and super over England are found champions on boundaries count and not far from Lourdes Wimbledon chic sees the Novak Djokovic beating Roger Federer in the men's singles final after a tie-break thriller and this is Djokovic is 5th Wimbledon title also his 16th Grand Slam title let's begin with our top news as suspense over the fate of the Kumaraswamy LED

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