Henry Rollins on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, 3/20/98

Henry Rollins on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, 3/20/98

all right let's meet our panel whether it's on The Steve Harvey Show the Kings of Comedy Tour in the movie ride he's always ceedric the entertainer hello mr. entertainer how are you Cedric I apologize the first assistant secretary of the California Republican Party Celeste Gregg yeah hello Donald Lee did he see you as always from MTV's alternative nation do CBS's Olympic coverage in Japan she's the girl so nice they named her once Kennedy hey kitten how you doing thanks for cover he's a writer and fucking Merkel former his band at the Rollins band his book is the portable Henry Rollins Henry Rollins okay well as you saw by our little sketch we're still obsessed with the president at least here at this show um and it was interesting to note that there was a kennedy auction I'm sure everybody saw that this week the memorabilia of John F Kennedy went on sale and everyone was safari you're talking about my garage sale right well we thought we'd do this issue because your Kennedy um but it just happened to fall this week and everyone was surprised because it did not really sell not to what they were expecting not nearly close to what they thought a lot of items they took off because people just did not buy them now Jackie Kennedy stuff that's old remember a couple of years ago they put that on sale a lot better stuff women have better stuff yeah period if you go into like Macy's you're gonna see nicer yeah better things I mean you even shoes bill I mean you know you got to think about that women have a lot better shoes better things Jackie had better stuff John had old trashy stuff he had dogs mostly stuff yeah I mean even as a president he didn't take care of his stuff very well no I don't think so I think that Camelot is dead now especially with what's happening in the White House and we have the president who emulates Kennedy so people are tired of it so who wants to have now memorabilia that represents a president that is started and is the role model of the current occupant of the White House me with the chicks that's what you mean yeah I think Jackie is clean he has an extra chick there's no dirt on her record at all Susan there's there's much more mystique surrounding Jackie oh sure she's way more enigmatic inskipp thirty years ahead if Prince Charles has a sale there's a big Prince drawers auction who's gonna buy anything but but Diana there's gonna be you know huge interest and it's it's much the same with with Jackie Kennedy well then let me ask is that appropriate that we would buy and be more interested in these stuff from the person who is really just the consort of the leader of the king then the person themselves I mean John F Kennedy was the president they they were trying to sell the watch he was worn when he was shot as leader of the free world didn't sell yeah but Jacqueline but Jackie's pumps did but I don't see that happening if 10 15 or 20 years from now the same thing is happening with the Clintons I don't think that anyone will be buying anything that is related or the Hillary on you know I can pick through things in the Arkansas goodwill yes I I think if there's a dress with a stain on it people will buy it uh that's what kind of stain DNA yeah you haven't read it yet like scandal just kind of devalues things and in JFK at this point is known more for his fooling around for more than more for his any of his policy or anything's he did as a president all you hear about is Marilyn Roe running around with him and it would hijinx him and his brother got up too it was only resident who's in office races right well look there there are two films you know that that basically are parroting his presidency while he's in office like when does that ever happen I read something that was right and it in the analogy was what if all the president's men had was released during Nixon if Nixon had stayed in office well that was released at the same time I mean it would have been except that primary colors is good for him and and all the president's men was bad for Nixon primary colors makes Clinton look great first of all he's John Travolta hello right second of all I've seen the movie it shows the gun yeah well it shows the guy to be very human it shows the side of Clinton that Clinton would like everyone to see that he is caring about people he's so caring that sometimes he's a little over caring to certain people well they were sort of oil so they this movie is so in favor of painting is because Hollywood tends to be very liberal very left-wing and always will favor those who stand on what they believe it very sauce hurry sit with Nixon the media and Hollywood wanna just to lynch him right you have nothing to do with the fact that he was a crook who was trying to undermine Constitution it was the Hollywood plot okay when do a panadol like what if dole where the person who was groping interns and and what if he was elected president have to do with one hand but you know the Titanic didn't hit the median hit an iceberg okay yeah Nixon you know wasn't undone by the media didn't do anything that and somebody else having done that is so don't don't get fast exit but the other thing on this auction is that is that I'm sorry no but the other thing is that that junior you know I mean the John Jimmy he didn't want they didn't want the kids Carolyn they didn't want this auction to happen which they another thing like with Jackie they you know they pushed this whole thing and so you know these kids are powerful kids and they said you know sure maybe people are being a little more special maybe they respect that whole thing I think you know knows what it in goes people have no respect and they didn't know because they don't read either everything so had nothing to do with it kid II thought I was in for a briefcase so I would be bidding at an auction for $1,000,000 for the president's watch would probably have a little bit more sympathy or at least a little more wherewithal you know as far as the president's donor cuz gosh looking at the time we're way over we'll take a commercial I'm sorry you were okay before this week got out I wanted to bring up this story which I think was one of the big stories of the week and I know People magazine agrees with me cuz they put her on the cover Mary Kay Letourneau the teacher from Seattle who is in jail because she is in love that's how I view it uh I admit I admit that it that it's unorthodox she is thirty five the boy is 14 he was younger when they started but the big story this week Mitzvahed have I know is he oh okay um but she is pregnant again that was the story this week with the second child by this boy so basically they're having a family and they're keeping the mother in jail because she won't conform to what society feels should be the perfect American family yeah yeah this it's perfect Oh -14 early absolutely sickening what a sick woman a woman who's over 20 years older and she raped this kid raped well come on she forced how do you know and how can you well how do you know that she didn't rape him how could a woman that she seduced him how can a woman rape a man I think that an older woman can manipulate a young kid and I don't think it's really healthy I don't think it's healthy for a kid who's gonna be 14 with two kids out in the world I think the that those children will grow up fairly damaged I think that kid's gonna grow up fairly damaged so you're on her sir yeah okay shame Bill Maher a damn shame I just wanted to say that because some help me want to stay on TV a long time it's a damn shame I see why they call you the enter to exit 30 but if it were if we're approaching your own girl I mean she's decided but it's not a 14 year old girl pending this woman are you I am completely defending not the woman only but the boy is well you were 14 when you have been able to take care of two kids oh I would have been able to take care of her so it's better than she's in jail it's better than she's in jail that's the way that's the good thing she can trick me see you say do you think children have the emotional capacity to raise other children I mean like we have enough problems in ER SIA T as it is with with men but not being present family like us and a 14 year old is a 14 oh really able to understand what it takes to raise a child and it'd be like a fun boring man in most of societies in human history 14 year olds were fathers but we're not talking about other societies no we're talking about our sick society talking about these we're talking victory might are really healthy societies it knows how to raise that is exactly what it is a sick society and we it goes back to why is it government has taking over control of the families the parents have no longer they see they're not in decision-making anymore so this is what's happening now but tell me you said it's rape how does a woman rape a man because doesn't rape involve an erection statutory rape statutory rape can be sponsored your circuit statuary it can be consensual it's just that the reason it's rape is because the woman is under 18 years of age like and basically what it is like she may have said hey I'm ready to have sex new but the law says no you're not until 18 years old you are not how do you fake an erection I don't think that's an issue being funny guys 14 I mean he's getting erection when he done 1 1 a lot of time is impeccable and that's the thing you gotta come in here I mean every five year old woman should have more sense than heaven I wonder they have conjugal visits like how does she get pregnant prison no she was out for a while she was out on parole and obviously their love was so strong that they still wanted to see each other yeah I don't understand why all of you who are so good what is love don't like define love if we could we would have but we can't it's something that happens between two people and these are the two people but but love can be defined at least a little bit as a 14-year old really capable of all the things having two children and a family and a deep relationship with a much older woman is he capable of processing all of that were you able to do that when you were 14 financing the the kids is well being as he gets ready to hit 10th grade all right well as usual the entire panel is wrong we'll have to take a commercial alright one more issue that happened this week that I just have to get to before the week ends the Ku Klux Klan wants to march in Cicero Illinois okay obviously the town fathers there are afraid there's going to be violence because when the Klan marches other people oppose them violence so what they are doing is the town is agreeing to distribute the Klan newsletter to every resident in Cicero if they don't March so in other words the town is doing their dirty work giving out their literature to prevent the clash between the Klan and whoever would oppose them when they march do you think this is right no newsletter no March they get no on both amen yeah that's it it's 1998 we're done with the Klan finally we're done we are moving to the next level and it's an old club and we're done with it and they don't get any nice little human rights and they don't get to have their marches and I'll get the other corny wrong right everybody the First Amendment uh gives protection to anyone yes symbol is a great amendment that I agree to protect I will defend free speech to anyone even those who I don't agree but the KKK symbolize hatred symbolize the worst name that but that's the point of the First Amendment and it's important is it being financed by taxpayers money is it it's silly that with Hitler what do you say I'm just saying like that's that's sort of placating them like you know why don't we just go give anthrax tested ah more right well he hasn't already that's one reason why we don't need you giving it bro do you like to launch it or why don't we tell the world how great fascism is if he promises not to uh well you're saying we shouldn't give out the newsletter no don't give out the news or anything like what stop they realize they're sort of extorting but do you think there should be allowed to Mars they are extorting yes should they be allowed tomorrow should be allowed to talk but they do of course they should if they do if they're allowed to march do you know I mean you have to set up the the police barricades like you do anything else I mean people have a right to us even if you hate them or not but you can't give them money to and help them do propagate because you got all you got all kinds of hate groups at that point now you know you got skinheads you need to give them ten thousand you know nobody likes you know you got the Nation of Islam you got to get him some money you got to give everybody money you know I mean you know I got a group of people we all die okay what I understand is the Klan wants to March they were afraid that there are there are Hispanic gangs and other gangs in Cicero who opposed them what's wrong with these people beating the crap out of each other I don't mind that I don't mind that you with that is not on pay-per-view bill and you're not gonna make a list yeah let's do it let's put on paper D on you papers yeah then it's worth if you're right if you're in a hate group you should expect to get a little hate when you Marge no doubt and if somebody wants to come somebody it is a good idea on their part like okay we're gonna threaten to do this but we're gonna get some money we're gonna pay for all these things we needed new robes new heads and all this stuff and it's like I bet I can't believe these these governments and like the city governments are giving in to it like what moron I know I mean whoever whoever is running the city manager of Cicero Illinois needs to be butt whipped he's too wimpy okay then allowing this stuff to happen it's not going to stop there right like your theory but it happens in neighborhoods where yeah I mean it's some people who don't hate him I mean it was if mayhem breaks out then you know they're gonna run in people's homes and cars I mean everything's open at that point so you can't I mean you many of you do it in a big field somewhere like in you know in the morning how's it know Marge this country is I think sometimes people abuse freedom of speech of course they do and it's about time why it's a great country everything Hey terrible thing to waste to us yeah okay I gotta take a commercial ready all right in our little time left in the break so Celeste you said our president our current president is a scum a liar and a womanizer no and my question is are those things always synonymous oh oh of course of course yes I mean if you're not married being a womanizer isn't so bad I suppose well and if you're married and your wife doesn't care it that's over

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50 thoughts on “Henry Rollins on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, 3/20/98

  1. Rollins just does his shit quietly, under the radar for decades, and finally the world (i.e., YouTube) catches up with him and racks up hundreds of thousands of views on each of the videos featuring him. The perfect example of cream rising to the top.

  2. Bill has always been a leftist idiot. Notice I said leftist. I don't like either fringe of the left, right, spectrum. But the leftist movement is more prone to fascism than anyone else. It's funny how if the tables were turned in gender on the whole 'love ' thing he would be on a witch hunt. Contradictions abound.

  3. I’m not left or right. I do think Maher is a cancer growing in American media for 20 plus years now though.

  4. A 14 year old boy might be stronger than a woman, but a 14 year old girl is wiser than a 14 year old boy. Rape doesn't always mean physical force, an adult woman, seduced a minor, that is sick and it is rape. No one at 14 thinks about their actions and how they will affect them years later! That is why 18 is the age, and even then I was dumb and reckless. Fun fact, Ruth Ginsberg thinks sex age should be 13! Bill is her great grandson lol.

  5. It’s Ced (Said) Cedric 😂
    I remember watching this as a rerun on a different cable channel… I just graduated high school and only knew who Cedric The Entertainer was 😅
    A 14 yo boy being sexually molested by a woman in her 30s is PEDOPHILIA BEHAVIOR. 🤢😷

  6. Rollins was a spectator for most of this dreadfully dreary discussion. Why did he even turn up at this show hosted by this smug, unfunny schmuck?

  7. People forget that Nixon passed progressive policy (not because he was a good guy of course) and it get's overlooked A LOT. He was scared of the people and did what they asked if they asked loud enough. You don't see that nowadays. The people's will is always undermined as if to say, "look, I know you elected me but you're naive and I know what's best."

  8. Ted Kennedy..I was hammered I don't know what happened to the girl………If that was my daughter Ted would be a headstone

  9. This an amazing watch, some 20 years later, now in the era of #MeToo and all the other shit going on today, this episode has a lot of eerie foreshadowing, iron/hypocrisy, etc.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  10. Hey Bill… Flip the situation.. What if a man seduced and impregnated an underage girl… Still the same definition you put forth then?? Doubt it…

  11. Pretty sure Bill is doing his job and getting his guests to debate with him. Probably not his real view points.

  12. Fucking Bill can't not be condescending. You know damn well he knew how to pronounce Cedric and also knew that Cedric doesn't consider "the Entertainer" to be his last name and go by "Mr the Entertainer."
    Bill is a world-class douche.

  13. Bill Maher is a fucking idiot. Fake erection?? Its human fucking nature to be aroused. Say a women had a gun to my head and stripped down looking like megan fox and said your gonna let me play with your cock or ima shoot you.. so shes playing with your cock. That shits getting hard idgaf.. doesnt mean you were down to fuck. Maybe you have a girl friend or want to save yourself for marriage or what ever.. damn bill is a fucking idiot holy shit

  14. Holy shit.. 35 with a fucking 14 year old??? Wow… if the guy was the 35 year old I bet his opinion would be different.

  15. So, . . . I'm confused. Is Kennedy an "Advisor" or is she a "Cultural Icon"? Because I never knew she was either one of those.

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