100 thoughts on “Herman Cain: Democrats are desperate to discredit Trump

  1. The economy is " good" …. house of cards when you do your research. We have a nasty bubble looming by no fault of trump, so props to him for keeping us afloat.

  2. in all fairness.nancy pelosi is IGNORANT to what


  3. Just imagine what those numbers would have been if the DemoRats hadn't spent $10 billion keeping Trump from getting $6 billion for our wall, forcing the government shut down in the start of the year ❓❓❓
    It could have been 4% maybe even 5% instead of over 3% that Obama never hit in 8 long years ❗‼❗
    Hey DemoRats, get the HELL out of the way of our country ❗

  4. Looks like they're about to pay the piper.comminism and lying are democrats last play hopefully we can throw them out ..

  5. I'm not gonna give credit to a fake news station like CNN or New York Times for FINALLY TELLING THE TRUTH ON SOMETHING! That's what they are SUPPOSED TO DO! Them scum are going down and I know they are all panicking inside knowing their rating are dropping like crazy and their viewers are dwindling to NOTHING!!!

  6. You both old fools should be ashame of yourself defending trump and saying that the Affordable care act is a business and the barr is honourable man when his clearly lying to congress and holding information from them……

  7. If the DUMB Dems adopt a tougher stance on ILLEGAL MIGRATION, GANGS and RADICAL MUSLIMS, they CAN defeat Trump !

  8. Exactly why I voted for Trump – why would a billionaire subject himself to the nasty dog fighting that is politics, when he could be sipping mai tai's on a private beach to the end of his days?  The answer (get ready liberals, this may be triggering) – because the man genuinely cares about the country and has nothing to gain (particularly monetarily) from his presidency besides MAGA.  Luckily we're going to get Trump through 2024!

  9. Democrats in power are acting like complete lunatics. Guilty people act like that.

    It makes me wonder how many of them will go down if AG Barr presses foward with investigations on the fisa warrant and the hoax document which started it all.

    If he looks into Hillary Clinton's email server will any of them go down for sending classified documents to her.

    Time to drain the swamp AG Barr

  10. Everyone I've spoke to have said they've gotten more hours and are getting regular pay increases. Happy employers, make happy employees equals more sales and more production. Thank you president Trump.

  11. Just investigate Obama and Hillary they are the masters of corruption , Democrats will never admit they wrong

  12. PRESIDENT TRUMP Rocks!!! HELL YEAH… I Love My PRESIDENT. I've Always Been Loyal. You Better Get On The TRUMP TRAIN or Get Run Over. 🚆❤🇺🇸

  13. Americans have been betrayed by the CRIMINALS in congress, FBI, DOJ, CIA, IRS, DOS, MSM. CONTEMPTABLE!. These monsters attempted to steal our rights & freedoms for their own personal power/control.  All this MUCK must be brought to justice NOW!

  14. If the economy drops to 2.5% I predict Democrats are going to start hurling themselves off interstate bridges into on coming traffic. LOL

  15. It's been said that what the Democrats have done to this Country, is WORSE than what Russia did. The democrats are the enemy, they tried to undo an election that they LOST. What an insult to the American people! Now their trying to impeach a man who has served this Country admirably. William Barr has an impeccable record! Seriously, I would be EMBARASSED to be a democrat today.

  16. Desperate to discredit Trump? Yes…yes they are. It's their job and responsibility when most of the country [and some of his own party] realizes this president may be doing more harm than good. If it's all legal…then they're just doing their job. You not a bright man Herman?

  17. Dems aren’t doing anything. Trump discredits himself as an idiot. No idea what he’s doing. It’s obvious to all but the stupid, eg. FOX losers.

  18. How can anyone hate a President who is doing a great job for us and our country in world view? MAGA and bless our great Pres. Trump to 2020 and beyond if possible.

  19. The FAKE main stream media are disgusting as they distort the news when it comes to the accomplishments of Pres. Trump. Obama bankrupted most of us who were investors.

  20. love how everything is going for us…(sad, that a little part of me is fearing the other shoe)i know there are a whole slew of other issues, but at least we're doing what we can, for the here and now…

  21. Trump amazing job. No one has ever been this successful. Trump is the best thing that has ever happened in US history. The Democrats are so insanely jealous and hateful of this President. They will be totally destroyed in the next election. Goodbye evil Democrats. Down into the hubs of hell you are falling. And all us Patriots stand on the edge of the abbess watching all of you lying cheating criminals fall into hell. Go Trump for 2020.

  22. US Dems haven't Lost It!Remember Sanity IS Painted with a Mustard Spoon and Isn't even Double Dipped!We also Save our Raisins!Saner than You!

  23. That 3.6% is, in reality a negative 3.6% in that there are not enough workers to ' FILL' all the jobs that are available! The 3.6% reported are likely people transitioning from one job to another, or leaving work to go back to college or to raise kids. Those folks are NOT unemployed, but counted as such anytime a Republican is president. With Barry, these folks were excluded from the count because his unemployment numbers were so high. But even when excluded, Barry's numbers were up around 17%

  24. Herman Cain will always be my top pick for president ! Even though the obummer admin made bogus infidelity claims and got him off the ballot! President Trump is doing amazing if we were unable to have potus Trump again id love to see Mr. Cain in office!

  25. We are so lucky to have trump and hes doing it for free we the people support trump we will back him

  26. If these Democrat professional politicians think they have a case, why not just impeach the President? Why not? Because they already know they would get nowhere with that approach so this demand for the unredacted report is just a tactic to keep gnawing at President Trump's shoes.

  27. Seems the dems hate seeing the USA succeed finally, they are stuck in their perpetual weird mental state of hate and blame

  28. The media is the Democrats barking dogs nothing more and they are just that dogs barking when you want to make love

  29. Pelosi needs to fix her district and do some work. She has no control over her people .she should retire. Mr. Cain is awesome.

  30. If fox takes of any more of my comments that support Trump, as a Trump supporter , I am done with fox….

  31. The dems started lying when they formed. They have always been in support of hate and control

  32. The good thing is that the people are waking up abandoning the Democratic party and jumping on the Trump train. All aboard its leaving and don't get left behind.

  33. "I’m disappointed in the behavior of the president,” Napolitano said in his video. “His job is to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States to uphold and enforce federal law… Not to violate it.”

  34. What the hell would she know abt hard working Americans?!?? She is so out of touch with this country!

  35. Reporting Reality- Thanks the numbers don’t lie even cnn could not twist the numbers enough to fool any thinking person.

  36. Cain was a good dude. I was pissed when they smeared him and he dropped out. I would've voted for a black man! Just not Obama, ever.

  37. Who's Prospering? Wall Street maybe but us little people down here are not doing well.
    I hate the Dems and Republicans equally, but that's a lie that the economy is well at all.

  38. Democrats can not compete with Trumps record, and they know it. When Trump crushes them again in 2020 they will have to slink back under the rock they came from.

  39. I am a Homeless Republican perhaps we could get a few issues on the 2020 platform?

    Like take all the money from HUD and build profitable homeless warming center camps it’s cheaper because we bring our own tents we just need showers, laundry, a dollar store, and a magical staff who can help us help ourselves and protect us from those who hate us simply because we are poor.

    Think smarter about your charity. Homeless camps can turn a profit if the right staffing manages your money.

    God Bless Donald John Trump he has taken the criminals off the streets they are safe again

    And there are jobs now to help us help ourselves

  40. <oh really, Pelosi?! How long aren't you already in politics to do something on what you mentioned about the economy?! "Think mirror!" Hypocrit!!

  41. Obama’s was a fraud, praise terrorist, lie to American. For a fact a lot of black peoples elect that person cause they believed that he would help them and also they wanted to see a black president. After 8 long years a lot of black peoples change their mind about this person. They realize that his “color “ did not make the difference. So the bottom line it’s not black or white or Asian or what ever the skin color, it is a person that can run this country for success. Why my president is so successful, because he’s a businessman and not a politician. That goes for a woman too! But when you try to reason with demon democrats their thinking is totally insane, no more common sense, they want to control your life with so many lies and empty promises. They will say anything to get voters. They will not work for the Americans cause they want to turn this country into a socialist communist country and that’s the truth

  42. OH MY GOD!

  43. REPUBLICANS view on economy (in general): have the money first, then risk. DEMOCRATS view on economy (in general): no money… no problem, gamble anyway!

  44. Quick experiment: watch these two gentlemen speak but turn your volume all the way down; now, notice their manner, professionalism, and decency. The sort of good men that make the USA what it is!

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