Hosts: Jeffery Epstein arrest shows deep rot in system, Greek Elections surprise world

Hosts: Jeffery Epstein arrest shows deep rot in system, Greek Elections surprise world

good morning everybody happy Monday so lots going on Jeffrey Epstein billionaire who's friends with Trump friends with the Clintons many other very powerful people is in jail this morning after having been arrested on new sex trafficking charges also there's new polling out we got to dig into that and Tom Steyer ministries we jump into the race Oh God all of that coming up today on rising good morning friends hope everybody had a great holiday weekend sagar my friend what are you looking at well we breaking news over the weekend that Jeffrey Epstein a billionaire or at least a hundred millionaire has been arrested it shows just how deep the rot in our judicial system is he was finally arrested this weekend by the Southern District of New York after a decade ago he was given a sweetheart deal by federal prosecutors including the current Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta in this deal Epstein who was accused of trafficking and using 36 underage girls with girls at his Palm Beach mansion was given only 13 months in the Palm Beach County Jail during which he was allowed 12 hours a day work releases and only after he was released from prisons work from prison were his victims even notified of the sweetheart heel that he was given the Miami Herald broke this case wide open last year in November 2018 with an exposition of the deal and the backroom dealings between Acosta and so many of Epstein's powerful lawyers that they use in order to keep him safe but most importantly they didn't just keep Epstein out of life out of a lifetime sentence in federal prison they kept his co-conspirators on top of Jeffery Epstein's arrest the a judge has recently ordered that thousands of documents including documents and name Epstein's co-conspirators from the early 2000 pages that were compiled by federal prosecutors in 2008 will be released in the coming weeks those are expected to those are expected to show just how deep some of this rot goes and I just want to say that I want all of these people brought down crystal this will include this could include President Trump it could include Bill Clinton it could include the madam and the modeling agencies and all Jeffrey gap scenes schedulers who he used I mean the details of this case are truly horrifying he used his private jet to shuttle young girls around the world and across different jurisdictions specifically in order to to stymie federal prosecutors and all that and also just to accommodate his repulsive jet setting pedophile lifestyle and this is one of those things where I just want to see every shred of document that there is it is a miscarriage of justice this ever happened absolutely it's disgusting that Alex Acosta is still serving a Secretary of Labor even though he was the one that worked out the rich man he needs to show you something he hasn't explained himself at all and there needs to be accountability there but more to the point this guy Jeffrey Epstein for so long it seems like this was one of those basically open secrets yeah but he knew I mean Trump talked about how he had an affinity for young girls right and for the longest time because of his money because of his power he went without facing any repercussions and to your point right we're not talking not that this would be ogre we're not talking about one girl we're not talking about oh I didn't know she wasn't 18 we are talking about an organized crime syndicate of recruiting and exploiting and assaulting young girls over years that is what he is accused of so finally maybe we're gonna get some justice and and people today are gonna learn a lot more some of the records are gonna be unsealed the indictments gonna be unsealed so we're gonna learn exactly what he's being charged with here but I completely agree with you everyone has turned away and looked in the other direction because of how much power and how much money this guy has had absolutely and you know we're looking we're gonna cover this to the end and everybody who is exposed to this should face justice crystal what's on your radar absolutely so um bear with me on this one something a little unexpected happened in Greece over the weekend something we were told isn't supposed to happen these days especially not in a country like Greece all the trends that brought us brexit brought us right-wing nativism brought us Trump were really evident in the country of Greece long before they were totally clear here that country has been a kind of a canary in the coal mine for the wild populist politics that have gripped now the entire world so you'll recall that in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis brought on by banksters here and around the world the Greek economy crashed it brought on the worst depression that an advanced nation has ever seen worse than our own Great Depression back in the 20s and 30s even today the unemployment rate in Greece remains at 18% that's how bad things have been at the time the government in the public held a lot of debt and because they were part of the eurozone they really didn't have control over their own monetary policy so they had to go to the European Central Bank the European Commission the International Monetary Fund for a series of bailouts and each of those bailouts came with draconian austerity measures which only really made the crisis worse so you had this massive economic collapse and at the same time Greece has also seen huge amounts of mostly Syrian refugees arriving on their Shores which of course has caused further political tension and strain and really overwhelmed their capacity to handle that influx so at the time of the crash there were basically two main establishment parties who had gone back and forth having control of government for literally decades these were the two main parties in town you had new democracy on the center-right and Pesach on the center-left now Pesach was caught holding the bag when the collapse happened and they were brutally punished by voters they went from literally being the top vote getter in the Hellenic Parliament to literally not even existing in just a matter of years that's how badly they were crushed so the other party new democracy that was the center-right party they were handed control of government but they soon lost control also to a brand new populist party of the Left called cereza which actually means coalition of the radical left so cereza ran aggressively against the austerity that had been imposed as the price of the Greek bailouts and their new leftist Prime Minister Alexis tsipras terrified the powers that be in Europe they were very uncomfortable with him but it wasn't just the radical left ascendant in Greece either at the same time a right-wing nativist fascist party called Golden Dawn was also gaining ground quickly going from registering 0.3 percent in total votes for Parliament in 2009 point 3 to becoming the third largest vote getter in 2015 legislative elections so a huge rise there so this was looking like the new normal in Greece right populism pushing out the establishment you've heard this story line before the fringes ascendant except that's not what happened over the weekend new legislative elections were held and the old establishment center-right New Democracy party defeated cereza quite easily actually meanwhile that scary fascist right-wing party Golden Dawn couldn't even manage the three percent threshold that is required to enter parliament they were crushed cereza itself under tsipras has really more from being a radical left party to being a much more center-left party tsipras has molded himself as a sort of international Statesman he is quite at home now with the European establishment they used to hate him so what does all of this mean I mean obviously the trends could be just unique to Greece certainly there are very specific dynamics at play here but Mabel's a whole political script that we've come to assume is playing out around the world isn't quite as set as it sometimes can feel maybe even facing economic stress and demographic change the allure of the safe and familiar establishment holds power and sagger you never want to make too much of these things right but to me looking at these results and really digging into what happened it made me think of the appeal of Joe Biden an appeal which frankly I struggle to understand and do not myself share but I think there's this sense that you know things have been so uncertain they've been so chaotic here's a figure right here's a party here's a figure that at least we're comfortable with and maybe we can just go back to them well you laid it out really well which is that they didn't just you know they didn't choose the establishment candidate when things all went to hell right they went through a series of populist populist uprisings and you know austerity and and their society really was on the brink of collapse and now after some sort of settling coalition they're like okay maybe we can bring the establishment back into power and I think that is a very interesting point it really could bear well for Joe Biden going into this election especially something of the economy changes for president Trump right because I mean look the economy in Greece is still not amazing you know 18 percent unemployment but is not nearly what it was I mean they were they were on the verge of collapse it was complete disaster that they were staring down and now they've got a little bit more stability and it's like okay let's just go back to what we know well we'll see yeah interesting very interesting trends to watch next upon rising the 2020 presidential race is in full swing as the candidates campaign platforms take shape one of the members of the Democratic field differs a bit from many of his rivals we'll ask John Delaney why he doesn't want to decriminalize border crossings and why doesn't believe that some of his opponents why he believes some of his opponents have hijacked Medicare we speak with him when rising continues

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31 thoughts on “Hosts: Jeffery Epstein arrest shows deep rot in system, Greek Elections surprise world

  1. He isn't friends with President Trump get that straight please!!! He had him thrown out of his Club by President.. Please report correctly..

  2. You should tell the entire story! Talk about Little St. James Island, that belongs to Epstein. Talk about Epsteins attempt to sexually harass the 14 year old daughter of one of Trump's employees at Mara Largo and how President Trump banned him permantly from any of his resorts and hotels. Talk about the first time Epstein was arrested how President Trump voluntarily went to make a statement to the police.

    Instead, you began your news by claiming "friend of President Trump" then you stated a friend of Bill Clinton. Where's the news stating Bill and Hillary both flew on the "Lolita Express" to go to Epstein's notorious evil island?

  3. From a private jet to a jail. Is pedophile Epstein going to make bail? Unlikely. Guilty? Probably. It's unlikely this guy will ever have another day of freedom. Say goodnight, Jeff.

  4. The only thing Acosta could do to see Epstein in jail was what he did! It was a STATE TRIAL IDIOTS!! Stupid Hill!!! Get some Real Reporters not these Ignorant once talking here,,, Please!

  5. It's time these disgusing pigs in high places are exposed and dealt with! And to think these pedophiles are even in the pulpits, using the name of the Lord, is even more disgusting!!

  6. Trump kicked Epstein out of Mar-a-lago after he received complaints about Epsteins conduct toward women, Trump hates the guy……………'s a Fact. Please don't say Trump is a friend of Epstein's, it's not true, you either don't know what your talking about or you are flat out lying……just sayin'


  8. President Trump threw JE out of Mar Alago because Epstein molest the young daughter of a guest. Trump also fully helped the victims lawyers with information. Trump hates pedofiles and also Epstein's ability to blackmail his famous customers who sexually used the girls. This case is also about the secret power Epstein has held over our public officials because Epstein would film them without their knowledge.

  9. "The Miami Herald broke this case wide open in 2013" actually Alex Jones (who has been banned from YouTube) has been talking about this dirtbag for the past 10 years.

  10. the world has known all this for years, your senate ,house, doj and swamp billionaires have been protecting it,

  11. Not just not-a-prosecutor Acosta and pricey lawyers covering up, but network of modeling agency people, chauffeurs, pilots, $200K/year round-the-clocks assistants, other handlers… (:-( Disgusting criminals, accomplices! (:-(

  12. WOW this CHANNEL SEEMS to be another SOROS SATANIC SLAVE PROPAGANDA TOILET Greek News SAD Not Fringes the CITIZENS RECLAIMING THEIR NATION vs Epstein — YAWNNN gold digging cock hungry young girls with sleazy Shieks seems pretty natural fit

  13. When will you Idiots stop.

  14. i have no person to live for, no person to fight for, no reason to hang on and keep suffering for. i have nothing which to live even one more day for. without any children theres no reason for me to hang on for. im to good of a person to ever fight for perverts to benefit from. you are disgusting

  15. it hurts to much i cant take it anymore, please send someone to kill me already, i cant stand the pain.

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