54 thoughts on “How Bail Reform Law Applies To Sexual Assault Cases

  1. Speaking from pure ignorance; in that, I have never actually looked into this topic, but From
    What I’m hearing… I kind of agree with this guy.

  2. With rape you should be in jail but if they want to get help and not just ack like they want help to get out to do it again. They have to show that they really want help .

  3. It does not always make you safe if you under a bounty hunter and you don’t check in then your not safe but If your family pays to get you out then you are safe.

  4. Well….
    Love is love.
    He just wanted to love that child! OF COURSE he should be allowed out!!

    Pandora's box will NEVER close.

  5. This judge is right about the money issue! That being said, sexual predators, especially those that prey on little kids, should be monitored strictly if not in jail until court! Especially if this isn’t their first accusation! There are those falsely accused, and sorry to say, kids DO sometimes say things that aren’t true! House arrest with ankle bracelets, at least they don’t pose a threat to any kids until court and conviction or proved not guilty!

  6. Sexual assault is not a non violent crime and someone should not be out on bail for a violent crime…period

  7. Bail works in UK don't know why it's a problem in US. It's good not to pay money for bail I think it's a scam for the justice system.

  8. The woman judge comes off as waaay too emotionally invested in her stance – Smug and borderline snarling on this national stage. Too much attitude! I can’t imagine she’s impartial in the courtroom.

  9. I was happy with her sentencing for Larry the fuckwad nassar but I’m totally with Darrel on this one 100%.

  10. The prob is that there is freedom in having nothing to lose… meaning the whole concept of bond is that money is an incentive to ensure you will show up to court. Lets say your bond requires you to pay $50k & your parents take out a second mortgage on their house to get the money. If you dont show up to court, they lose that money, they lose their house. Thats a pretty compelling reason to stick around

  11. No but they were arrested for it!! Cant just arrest anyone, (unless your a racist cop) theres reasons!! This dude keeps bringing it back to money!!! Tic toc till crimes are higher, worse, police departments are even more drained of money and resources to hunt them down while more crimes and LIVES ARE RUINED. Bad move, should of thought it out better.

  12. Bail reform only helps the offender. We must protect the innocent victims. We're not in a place with societys crazyness to be able to reform and save victims

  13. "Poor people are put in the same position as rich people". Exactly buddy that's equal. So what your saying is poor people deserve more. No it's America we are all equal

  14. The system doesn’t take child molestation/rape or rape of an adult too seriously.I hope one day that things start to change and sexual abuse victims see more justice.

  15. so then why not close everyone in, instead of letting everyone out. even if he has the right beliefs, he has the wrong execution.

  16. Bail reform places poor people in the same position as rich people. I think that statement is an indisputable fact. If people are truly innocent until proven guilty, it makes no sense to impose bail. At the very least, remove the requirement to pay money and simply impose necessary safety restrictions which should satisfy both sides of the debate.

  17. Sexual assault is not a violent crime, aa long as theres no marks on the skin, no cuts, no lost limbs, no black eye etc. There's a thing though, what if I tell you all people on alcohol, medication drugs that have sexual relations are all rapists. There is no consent while on drugs or alcohol so you tell me it's all violent crime too? So where's the freedom of using drugs or alcohol at home or outside ? Tell me Dr Phil. What about sadomasochism? What if a children plays on the floor and a dog starts to rape him, is that funny or violent crime?

  18. Judge Jordan: "…what you are telling the public is that money makes you safe."
    Judge Aquilina: "That is not correct. I do personal recognizance bonds…I put safeguards…I do lethality assessment…I put GPS tethers, I make them check in…I do all sorts of things…I have them take their medication…I put them under house arrest…the wallet does not drive this, safety does."
    Judge Jordan: "…you believe what I believe, conditions make people safe. Money plays zero role…"

    🤷🏾‍♂️My thing is why did she automatically take everything personally as if he was attacking her and she somehow still ended up proving his point….?

  19. Hasn’t crime jumped around 20% in NY since this started?
    Sympathy for criminals always puts the innocent at risk.

  20. The black judge told truth nobody clapped cause he told truth. If you got money you treated different truth make a you sit there and do nothing. Lol then got this racist dog dude on there you lost your wife to cancer wtf you on there for??? He abailsbondman isn't he?? Lol. Jump on the train even if Its not your train to be on!!!

  21. People I’m california: this is on our bill to vote for this month. Please pay attention what you’re voting for

  22. Would you be cool if someone molested your child and sliced your family’s throat all in one fail swoop be ok with bail reform?

  23. I think a financial incentive to show up to court dates is still a good thing (though I haven't looked at studies on the effectiveness of alternatives). Maybe the income of the accused should be taken into account and a suspended fine applied so that they don't have to front the money and the fine is waived when they show up to court.

  24. I’m on the dudes side. Bail is something I could never wrap my head around, like how does it make sense to get out early if you pay the jail??? There are people who have made a whole career off of taking advantage of people who need money for bail. The system is really broken and bail is one of the issues that needs to be fixed

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