How Cattle Ranchers On The U.S.-Mexico Border Feel About The Wall | NBC News NOW

How Cattle Ranchers On The U.S.-Mexico Border Feel About The Wall | NBC News NOW

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100 thoughts on “How Cattle Ranchers On The U.S.-Mexico Border Feel About The Wall | NBC News NOW

  1. Is b***** that this family has to go through this wondering or thinking what day is the wrong family going to come into the wrong people and come in and take advantage of this family I highly doubt that they're 30 minutes or 20 minutes or 10 minutes away from anybody to help him this b***** isn't one of our American citizens that's gone through all this b***** that's not matter that he's living in a big old city or wherever he's at if he's in the United States ground we should be able to protect its like our land where do you see these people just whining and grinding all the time they've been dealing with this ship for the past

  2. The Left has destroyed the cattle Ranchers in The USA. I noticed the beef at many stores (besides being Double the price it was 10 years ago) It's imported from Mexico! WTF is that!?

  3. They should get a hold of (3rd watch security firm) they specialize in borderland security and they are worth having…

  4. I'm amazed NBC published something pro wall and admitting to illegal activity related to boarder crossing

  5. If I owned property on the border I would have tear gas traps all over and when they are tripped a trap They would be seriously tear gassed and then they Can Cry their way back ?

  6. Wow I’ve never seen anyone telling the truth🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  7. Fantastic job Simone. Like so many other comments, I would never have thought NBC would have actually presented the truth from an honest perspective.

  8. Rançh life like Farm life is very tough These people are of a special Breed. There land has been in. There family since before civil war .they are honest taxpaying citizens stIng facts. Dems say there no problem on. The Boarder. Trump will keep them Safe. Just hang in. There we all will prevail. Texas is its own country Texas Tough .🇺🇸🇺🇸🥀

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  10. The findings are terrorists planning attacks in the United States is a place to make Mexican forests.Quick way to enter the sea,Get a chance to escape from this region quickly.The drug will be available to help them lobby.

  11. Now stay off your own property cause the criminals have to defy our country to get their drugs in . And they don't need you catching them…😵
    Democrats thinking….Shoot em…..unruly humans ..

  12. Texas,New Mexico,Arizona,California is Mexico!don't ever forget that!if you dont like Mexican s go back north!y'all stole this land and wanna forget about it!!!!!this is our land!!!!

  13. If you're a Rancher, could you imagine having to spend "tens and tens of thousands of dollars" on repairs alone? Ranchers can afford that, this is insane!

  14. I can't be more proud of our Founding Fathers writing the Second Amendment into stone with our Bill of Rights. This is the only we can protect ourselves from the Great War on USA, clearly our government refuses to protect us.

  15. this video is probably just bait to get you to leave a like and comment so they can know who you are and call you racist tomorrow……

  16. Have to laugh at the assertion that most of the drugs are seized at the ports of entry, not at the points in between. That should be plainly obvious, duh. It also stands to reason that most of the drugs not being seized and making it into the country are happening at the points in between where there are NO inspections.

  17. most of the drugs are seized at the ports of entry ? WTF ? any democrat knows that if you do not like the law, you just ignore it. you do your criminal activity where the law is weak, like the UN-supervized areas. it is unbelievably stupid to think that smugglers would willingly try to send drugs past check points with dogs and guards when they can drive a mile away and cross without any problem.

  18. The only reason NBC felt inclined to tell the truth for once is because the DNC is starting to flip their position on border security

  19. To hear liberal democrat socialist tell it. Nothing wrong at the border, the government is stealing land from people and forcing them to stop poor people from a better life.
    Illegal is illegal. Stealing is Illegal, crossing the border is Illegal, seeking asylum by country shopping is Illegal, subverting the Constitution is Illegal.

  20. I love how he keeps pointing to where all the smugglers hang out and all the illegal activity in the area and the camera keeps panning and showing absolutely nothing going on LMAO.

  21. How horrible that Democrats would prefer to completely deny a problem even exists just in an attempt to discredit Trump some of them don't seem to care who they hurt and they are enabling crime by pretending it does not exist. I really hope America gets it's wall soon we are having border problems in Canada also and our Prime Minister refuses to even call the intruders illegal also denying a problem exists.

  22. I like that sleight of hand. “Most drugs are stopped at ports of entry”. Ok you mean areas where there is an actual presence of border defense?😂 Way to take a set of statistics and FLIP IT to mean the opposite of what it actually means. “We don’t need a wall, most drugs get stopped at the border according to border patrol!” Maybe cause they are actually accounting for the drugs they find. Kinda hard to account for that when you don’t catch them.

  23. We can't solve the problems of other countries. They have to be responsible for their own problems. We already spend 300 million $ yearly to fund social programs in Mexico as well as give their own Southern boarder security.

  24. Quite simply, come here legally or don't come at all, we are a country of immigrants, we need immigrants, just do it LEGALLY. If you have to break our laws to come here, you'll most likely break our laws while you're here, if you go through the process to become a citizen you'll most likely be some of the most productive people in our country.

  25. He should’ve shot the invaders!! Before that is so scary having stranger on your land!!!

  26. the democrats do not want it solved, that is their potential voting base. Really! the most drugs are caught at port of entry? think about why that is. It's not rocket science! They catch the most there because there is someone to catch it. If they are crossing where they will not be caught, then obviously they will not be caught.

  27. I hope this includes the indigenous people, the native Americans that here in New Mexico still have NO RUNNING WATER!!!!!! Please Fix this!

  28. Just build a wall already…Before you loose your cows…I agree Texas needs a wall….You have enough food to feed lots of large dogs ( get a jack russel to lead them on )
    I know many vet patriots would love to camp out with thier dogs alone the border if you asked.

  29. Too late NBC. Stay woke go broke. Flip flopping hypocrites. Looking out for your self interest. Money is your God!

  30. A port of entry will frack more because of it is monitoring section
    Who is to say how much escapes where there is no wall?

  31. The uncomfortable truth is that NBC is biased and has been ousted for it and now they are feeling it in the pocket.

  32. MR président Trump je vous aime tout mon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇫🇷🇫🇷🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘✌️✌️✌️✌️

  33. She may not have a job at NBC too much longer. Truth usually doesn't fit the Nbcnews narrative.
    After all, there is no border crisis, right NBCnews?

  34. NBC whattttttttttttttttttt do you really believe they care about these people that live on the border? If they lived there they would already have a wall and guys with guns protecting them

  35. people in those countries need to fight against the bad people and make their country livable .People in America need to vote the democrats out!

  36. She's so wanted this to be a partisan political news story and then when they started talking about a physical barrier and immigration reform the look on her face please go back and look at it it is f**** hilarious

  37. I live in texas, I see the end point result of all this immigration. Over 95% of it has nothing to do with asylum. Its just mostly central and South american men amd womennlooking for a job, and they send almost allnof their money down south across the border out of America and out of American jobs. Its purr economic exploitation. Has nothing to do with asylum from gangs and rapes apart from rare examples.

  38. Trump never gave up the wall he has been having it built why say that when it's not true. He is still having it built

  39. They crooked mega businesses pulled their head out of you know where and actually looked at some real poles and found the WALL is wanted by 80% of the population and they so need to be loved now .. Well I don't lov'em! They will go right back to lying! Once the poles become cloudy!!

  40. Killbox autonomous drones that use non-lethal methods like KO or tear gas, lase/paint targets with a couple x-rays worth of radiation so the sats/drones can follow the people anywhere and apprehend. Deliver to federal police of Mexico. 🇺🇸 🇲🇽

  41. We all know a wall is not enough. A great big wall slows people way down from just rushing over. Giving boarder control time to get to the area.

    Would you just leave your front door open? How about after that just letting them take whatever they wanted? Maybe even hand over some of your money to them every month as they’re living in your home. That’s no different. If you’re for illegals breaking our laws, you should be the first one with your door wide open, allowing them right inside.

  42. t's bad enough to be an outlaw and come in to a place you are not welcomed. But to destroy an innocent person's property and livley-hood…that tells you the lack of character of the scum we are dealing with. Pure scum.

  43. Globalist agender is not for the people and thats the mainstream brainwashed tripe they feed us day and nite. This is awesome to see people tackling the real problem that main stream media allways twist or avoids..BUILD THAT WALL. All the way from new zealand

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