How I manifested 100k/Year Using The Law Of Attraction and Masculine Energy (IT REALLY WORKS)

How I manifested 100k/Year Using The Law Of Attraction and Masculine Energy (IT REALLY WORKS)

uncle c,
back in the office. I’m titling this video today, manifesting
$100,000 a year with the law of attraction and why this works. Now,
first off, what I want to tell everybody first and foremost is that it is actually easier
to start your own business to learn a skill, valuable trade or craft that you can actually
perfect and monetize it. It is much easier doing that than it is working
for somebody and praying that you get promoted and get to a higher pay grade. Why is this? Well, first off is because there’s not many
business owners out there that have excess funds to actually pay you $10,000 a month
just for the hell of it. That’s the first reason the second reason
why it’s easier now than ever to make 100 grand a year is because you get to pick how
you’re going to get these clients. Like, do you want 10
clients in the year to each give you 10 grand. You want 20 clients each give you five grand
Do you want to clients to give you 50 grand money only follows value clients were only
going are only going to pay for your services when you have a service to give. Now I put in bold,
manifesting 100,000 a year is only possible if you are very good at what you do. This is the thing I don’t think a lot of you
get a lot of you a lot of you guys think that money is about finding a way to get it and
finding a way to get promoted or finding somebody to pay you it. It’s like no, no, no, no one is going to know
there’s no people on earth that is going to get $100,000 and pay you for something unless
you’re really goddamn good at what you do. And a lot of people say well, how do I act
like I’m an expert in the business? How do I act like I’m an expert in the field? Well, it helps to just be an expert in the
field. It helps to be an expert in your business. is where does this come into masculinity? Where does this come into law of attraction? I don’t know how much I can stress this point. But there is a certain level of confidence,
a certain level of swag, a certain level of charisma and masculinity that comes with knowing
that you have the ability to manifest wealth to manifest money. Now notice, I’m not saying manifest money
in order to buy a Lamborghini. I’m not saying manifest money in order to
buy a bunch of useless shit to get a bunch of women I’m saying manifesting money so you
know that you have a skill or value that somebody is willing to pay for. And the only way you’re going to get to this
is if you’re really goddamn good at what you do. Now,
with the law of attraction, the law of attraction will reward you in life if you’re willing
to put in the work. We all know this. We know that if you’re attracted to business,
if you’re attracted to manifesting wealth, if you’re attracted to money that all of a
sudden you’re going to be looking for these special
patterns in life that start to pop up so that way you can actually take on that obstacle
you can take on that challenge. You can overcome it, you can be a person who
can get to that situation and why is this coffee dripping all over the place? If you can do that, well, you’re now going
to feel a lot more secure in yourself. Now one of the biggest things that I’ve noticed
with anybody is that the reason why they can’t actually manifest the money or the career
is because they can’t focus. They lack focus. What I mean by this is they lack focus in
every single interaction. If you go to a family dinner, let’s say you
have a you have a family that’s out eating spaghetti at an Italian restaurant, and there’s
a family of five to six people. If you look at the mom and dad and all of
the kids, they’re all on their cell phones every time somebody has something to say it’s
usually interrupted by pattern interrupt of game and Instagram posts an email notification
a movie everyone lacks focus. Now if you are trying to escape your day job,
you have about three to six hours per night. Depending on how much you work to actually
put towards your real skill or path that you want to develop,
if you somehow have an excess amount of funds, and you can navigate the whole day into that,
well, all of a sudden you have, you know, anywhere from eight to probably 16 hours a
day, you can really zone in on your craft. But here’s the thing, fellas. If you cannot focus, you’re so screwed. Because the foundation of a business is all
about learning. Like not only do you like if you’re if you’re
going to start a business, not only are you going to have to learn how to set up the fundamental
basis of like, payment processors, email campaigns, your websites, but you’re also going to have
to figure out how to get leads. And then when you get a lead, you’re going
to have to figure out how you can sit there and close them, you’re going to have to actually
develop skills, you’re going to have to learn how to advertise, you’re going to have to
learn how to do all this stuff. manifesting $100,000 a year is super simple,
but it’s also super hard. It’s a different type of hard you see it’s
simple compared to Just sitting in the rat race of the nine to
524 seven. Because if you sit into that you’re you’re
banking on hope. And you just you can’t do that the only way
to escape that is to do real work. The reason why I think it’s easier to zone
in on the craft and to develop the skill to manifest the hundred grand is just strictly
because you sitting here in this other position is more pain and more struggle in the long
run than it is to just go over here and figure this shit out. Now this shit over here
is going to give you more fulfillment. Now, something I learned this month. Everybody who’s always said that making more
money doesn’t make you happier, I can truly attest to that. Now it’s not that I’ve made a substantial
amount of wealth for myself. But here’s the thing last month I’ve only
made about each month consistently I’ve been making 10 to 12 grand this month, I’ve made
almost 20 I doubled my income but guess what, it didn’t feel any different. Okay, which means that you have to play for
legacy. The only way you
develop this skill or craft or get really good at something that somebody will pay you
money for. is if you love what you do is if your efforts
are going to that is if you’re actually putting in the work day by day to develop that craft
to become better. Now the law of attraction will only reward
the people who put in the work. Because let’s say you get let’s, let’s say
you want you want a high ticket client, a high paying client, let’s say you want your
first $5,000 paying client, that client is only going to give you that cash, if you have
the skills to close him if you have the skills to make yourself a viable option. So that way he picks you, she picks you they
want to work with you, which means you have to develop your personality you have to develop
that masculine strength and confidence through the phone or through the interaction where
you can look that client dead in the eyes and you can look at him and say listen, I
know 100% for goddamn sure that I can help you. Here’s why. Here’s why. Even though it might be
A big financial investment for you. This is why it makes sense. And this is why I know that you have to do
this. This is why I know that I can get you to where
you need to be you are in this interaction with me for a reason. And it’s because I can help get you somewhere. If you can convey that type of energy of strength
and confidence through the interaction. It’s the energy that gets people to trust
you. But the thing is, is you can only actually
manifest that trust that wealth that creation, if you’ve put in the work to know you’re good
at what you do. Because if you ask somebody for X amount of
dollars for your skill or product or service, it’s not going to take long before you’re
out of business. If you’re very bad at what you do, meaning
you need to get good. Now, what you must remember about all of this,
fellas is that all of this focus, all of this stuff is really about sacrificing
because the law of attraction for you to manifest 100 grand a year plus if you’re wanting to
develop that means that you have to actually Take the initiative to develop,
to grow to pursue, here’s what so many people do if they want to start some sort of online
business, they build it. They put up the website and they think now
they did it. And then there it’s just crickets. Nobody, nobody enters into the website, nobody
contacts and then they think, well, I’m doing everything I can. It’s like, no, you’re not chasing the pursuit. You’re looking at everything as an end goal
and end destination. Here’s why. Certain people will win and certain people
won’t, is because they fall in love with the chase, not the money. There’s a scene in Batman in The Dark Knight
Rises where the Joker looks at one of the like, Commissioner Gordon or something and
he says something like, I’m like a dog chasing a car. He goes, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. Once I get it. Once I get to that car. Well, I wouldn’t even know what to do with
myself. That’s how you need to be as a business owner. That’s how you need to be as a man. There is no end goal. There is no destination. It’s like till you’re buried. The grave you’re playing for legacy you’re
playing to build a better future for yourself. And the thing when i when i mean legacy is
that legacy is when it comes down to something more than money. You see, with my endeavors with what I’m doing
through this camera with how I want to connect with men, I want to get men to start looking
at their life differently. Meaning that everything in their love life,
everything in their business, everything in their romanticism, everything in their respect
everything in their confidence in their charisma, everything is interlinked, you guys, if one
of the chain links is broken, your whole world is going to crumble. It takes an insane amount of physical strength
and mental strength to get through this entire game called life that nobody’s really talking
about on YouTube stems so much further than the term masculinity or dating now. What do I mean by legacy legacy means in my
situation that what I want to convey through my business through my messages is that I
want to build the best strength masculinity And dating company to ever help men that has
ever walked the earth. And when I say that I 100% mean it
now everybody says on my comments they go Casey you should have more subscribers or
Casey Why is your background just you and a wall with James Dean or why is there your
bed in the background? It’s because listen guys,
even though I’m making 10 grand a month, 12 grand a month, 18 grand a month, almost 20
grand a month. I’m still stand where it’s cheap. The reason for that is because I’m not buying
Gucci. I’m not out buying Supreme. I’m not doing this. So that way I can buy a club and a table and
bottleservice to front in front of three four girls and act like I’m the shit what I’m doing
this for as I’m doing this for legacy. So what nobody can see is nobody can see what
I’m doing behind the scenes. What I’m doing behind the scenes is investing
three to six grand a month and Facebook ads every single month. What I’m doing is I’m learning how to
actually connect one on one with men who are really struggling by getting a pipeline of
people to know about my products or services. Now
this isn’t me trying to sell you guys anything. This isn’t me trying to tell you I try to
brag about you like I live in. I live in just a normal, normal little apartment. I’m making a lot of money for my age. But the thing is, is I’m not balling out I’m
not changing the location because I can convey the same message right here. What you need to realize is that you need
to play this game for legacy and not to try to get respect from females not to try to
think that buying more ship will make you happier because the thing is, is the first
time I ever closed a client on the phone for $297 a month recurring every month I got a
rush of excitement in a rush and believe me when that when that sale went through, but
here’s the thing. When I close my first high ticket client at
three grand over the phone, it felt the exact same as three highs the 297 did. What I’m saying is that if you’re only doing
this to try to make money if you’re only playing this game in your life, thinking that
that’s what’s going to help you, you’re sorely mistaken because it eventually all feels the
same. You have to have something you believe in. You have to follow where your efforts go,
not what your passion is where your efforts go. If you tell everybody that your passion is
website design, and SEO Marketing and you want to build a big digital marketing company
marketing company, but six nights a week here at the skatepark, like know your efforts are
in skateboarding, you find a way to make that your thing where you can monetize that. Now,
when I say it, manifesting 100 grand a year through the law of attraction. What I mean by this is that the world the
earth will reward you through these things that will pop up in your life when you need
it. The thing is, is you have to keep your eyes
open. You have to keep your eyes open and you have
to capitalize on it. You have to have enough confidence and balls
to go all in on it. It’s like just when I was about to give up
on YouTube at video 360 or three

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14 thoughts on “How I manifested 100k/Year Using The Law Of Attraction and Masculine Energy (IT REALLY WORKS)

  1. What was the biggest thing that you took away from this video that you can implement?
    >> Dating and Masculinity Coaching ONE ON ONE WITH CASEY here <<

  2. I found Casey’s channel about a month ago when he had 1,300 subs. Since then he’s taking off like a rocket. I paid the money for his skills and I’m a satisfied client.

    Do it.

  3. Hello uncle C I have retained myself for nearly 2months now, how do I transmute that energy into something positive like my goals is there process??

  4. Best video I ever saw on law of attraction was from Elliott Hulse.

    General thing was. If you give 100% of your effort that’s 50% of the work and the universe will provide the other 50%

    If you put in 10% of your effort that’s 5% of the work, the universe will put in 10% of its effort.

    Universe only meets you half way to the level of effort you put in, opportunities are handed to us but it’s up to us to capitalise on them, to be aware enough to see them, and to continue putting in the work

  5. Hey C. Great content. I was wondering about semen retention; Do you ejaculate while having sex, do you even have sex?

  6. Ehh, actually the most important thing is financial freedom and which means making a lot of cash . Building a legacy is not too priority but being free is.

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