How The DCCC Props Up Corporate Democrats And Squashes Progressives

How The DCCC Props Up Corporate Democrats And Squashes Progressives

what happens in the off term off-year elections is that the d-triple-c the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is supposed to help Democrats get elected in Congress but what they're for if you're a progressive and you want to get elected as a Democrat you first have to fight the d-triple-c because the D Triple C is not on your side again the D triple the Democrats would rather lose to a Republican than win with the progressive and Ryan Grimm and Lee Fang did a great job and the intercept and they broke it down with the D triple C's actually it says candidates who signed up to battle Donald Trump must get past the Democratic Party first because the key variable that decides party support is fundraising the D triple C's decision-making is often ideological in its result even if that was not the intent by focusing on dollars the party winds up with medical device executives rather than American government teachers or football coaches so what they're saying is the D triple C's they they go we've talked about this when you go hey I want to run for Congress their first question is how much money do you have how much money can you raise how many rich people do you know that's their first question and their analysis in the intercept is what does that lead to that leads to the Democratic Party ending up with candidates who are medical device executives instead of teachers and football coaches and that's a recipe for disaster which is why the Democrats got wiped out in the House and the Senate and state houses across the country they go on Democratic Party officials are not by nature moved to deep reflection by election losses as you can see by their loss to trump made them talk about Russia instead of examining the system which gave us Trump they have a plan and they're sticking to it the bad news for grassroots activists is that the Democratic Party's leaders cannot be reasoned with but they can be beaten so if Democratic leaders are getting that sense that 2018 could be a wave election much like 2006 it's worth looking at the last time the party swept into the house so in 2006 the Democrats had a grave election then they took over right because people were so sick of the Iraq war George Bush and Dick Cheney that the Democrats wiped out the Republicans in the off term and the way they did that was rahm emanuel his idea at the d-triple-c that year was again the same thing will go with corporatist to our center-right and screw over progressives and here's a couple of examples where that strategy completely failed but be here I'll show you this so that year Rahm Emanuel who institutionalized the proactive the voli endorsing candidates with a demonstrable ability to either fundraise or pay for their own campaigns Democrats that year beat 22 Republican incumbents and picked up eight open seats that had previously been held by Republicans and now you go well that sounds like a winning strategy right Jimmy ah listen a little closer because winners right history that strategy has become conventional accepted as eventually accepted as wisdom worth following but taking a closer look at the races themselves suggests that the d-triple-c was flying wine so now let's look at two races in California the d-triple-c backed a guy named Steve Wilson a conservative pilot against a guy named Jerry McNerney who Emanuel believed was hopelessly liberal aka progressive after McNerney beat Steve filss in the conservative in the primary upheaved emanuel said that the d-triple-c wouldn't be helping him in the general guess what a coalition of environmental groups got behind McNerney and instead McNerney won anyway in upstate New York Rahm Emanuel went with Judy and a lot a former Republican who was a tremendous fundraiser she was crushed by environmentalist and musician John Hall afterwards the d-triple-c shunned the races unwinnable and then he won so because the Democrats had a wave election in 2006 because people were so sick of the Republicans now they thought well Rob Emanuel strategy one it wasn't his strategy it was the off year wave that helped them win the suppressed Republican vote and the energized base of the Democratic Party it wasn't because Rahm Emmanuel's strategy of picking neoliberals over progressives but because they had a wave election and they picked up those 22 seats now everybody goes well that's the way we got to do it now which is a wrong idea even if they didn't think that they would still do it anyways because it's what their donor wants them to do so in district after district and no party is throwing its weight behind candidates who are out of step with the national mood that's happening now the d-triple-c known as the D trip from Washington has officially named 18 candidates as part of its red to blue program in many of those districts there is at least one progressive challenger the party is working to elbow aside some more viable than others like James Thompson who lost a close special election in Kansas and is again running for the Wichita seat in 2018 he said the d-triple-c is specific about why it wants candidates to raise money they want you to spend a certain amount of money on consultants and it's their list of the consultants you have to choose from he said those consultants tend to be d-triple-c veterans a memo the party committee sent to the candidates in December lays out some of the demands the d-triple-c made around spending but the increased party primary meddling in races in other parts of the country has come at a time when the d-triple-c is increasingly wedded to congressional moderates in somewhat of a reprisal of the Emanuel strategy the d-triple-c is leaning on business friendly Democrats to take back the house and for the first time since 2006 the Blue Dog Coalition those are the conservative Democrats that group that prides itself on promoting a socially conservative business friendly lawmakers has worked with the d-triple-c to select the party's candidates so for the first time since 2006 the Blue Dogs are working with the d-triple-c to pick the congressional candidates for the midterms the new collaboration is a stunning reversal for a party that has seen a groundswell of support for progressive ideas such as a $15 minimum wage and single-payer health care they are staunchly opposed by the blue dog wing of the party so I'll stop there and so all this tells you is that the Democrats didn't learn a thing from Trump's victory they learn nothing they learn nothing from being wiped out in the state houses from coast to coast they learn nothing from being wiped out in the Senate or the Congress or the house and and why is that not Nancy Pelosi told you when they she was asked after Trump won did the Americans want the change are the Democrats gonna change and she said we are not going to change because there's going to be a wave election in 2018 that's how things and you know at the top of the ticket they think that Hillary Clinton lost under in Russia James Comey yeah all this is Sarandon yeah so if they had a slightly better candidate than her then they would win which is reason why they love you know certain establishment candidates already yes already pushing back so in their minds they got it all figured out and they don't really care about the policy they care about I don't even know if they care about winning to be honest I think they they don't they care about having the money train cycled through so that their consultants everyone gets paid yes that's AB it's a big money graph that's what Judge James Thompson's talking about in Wichita they want and who do they want you to spend your money on they way you to spend it on their consultant so it's again it's a big just like Jenks ed Jenkins taught me this he said the reason why they would rather lose to a Republican than went with a progressive because if a Republican wins the gravy train keeps going if a progressive wins they all lose their jobs and that's it and they're not gonna address it and all the lip service and window dressing that the Democrats give like to give by giving you Joe Kennedy and their hashtag me too and we're gonna fight that's all it's all because they don't want it that the real problem is neoliberalism it's the system and the Democrats love the system and that's why when people tell me you gotta vote for Hillary Clinton your that's why they're wrong there are a hundred percent wrong we have to under are upend this system and we have to put real pressure on the Democrats or get rid of their party hey I hope you enjoyed this clip there's a whole hour and a half of aggressive progressives waiting for you at the Young Turks Network become a member and get access to all the content

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33 thoughts on “How The DCCC Props Up Corporate Democrats And Squashes Progressives

  1. The more People the Educate themselves to who's running the sooner we can make the DCCC a thing of the Past .

  2. Is this an expose on corporate politics. Is the DCCC a corporation that seeks a profit. Are politicians commercial products. Many questions.

  3. And the only way to stop this garbage? DO NOT VOTE FOR THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS. Even if Hillary was better on policy, Stein had a 0% change of winning etc. If. you. vote. for. the. establishment. candidate they will continue pushing establishment candidates. BREAK THE SYSTEM.

  4. So, don't vote for anyone endorsed by Blue Dogs or DCCC, got it. Let's just all vote Green in 2020 if Bernie not on ballot for some reason. I'm worried for his safety!

  5. Jimmy!
    So, should we vote for the person with the least money and exposure b/c that tells us they are being suppressed? We have a big problem in Wisconsin's 1st for Paul Ryan's seat. There are several on the left and if we don't consolidate behind one candidate then we run the risk of a split vote, and end up with Ryan if he's running again or some other GOP-er.

    You should do us a favor and interview these people again, or do some digging into their pasts to find out what ties they have!
    Or ask TYT's "investigative reporters."

  6. If conservatives really hated democrats, they would vote progressive. The dems would all get fired, as Jimmy just said. Hey, Bernie 2020, conservatives. Fire all of the democratic "leadership".

  7. I like it when Jimmy is on point and not being a Putin apologist. Cenk and Jimmy keep going after the corporate corrupt democrats. Also another reason why citizens united needs to be overturned.

  8. Trump's approval rating is now at 49%. The funny thing is, the polls never showed this until the SOTU speech got a 75% approval. I think they started to figure out that Trump was more popular than the biased polls would indicate. They have the pollsters ask the questions in a way to get the result they want. They are now seeing rising wages and many companies like Walmart and Wells Fargo are now giving 15 bucks an hour starting wage to all employees. I personally think Trump would work a lot better with progressives than he would old guard establishment Republicans. I'm a populist conservative and Trump doesn't want to expand on Obama's legacy of bombing the shit out of countries like Libya and Syria and creating huge refugee crises.

  9. It's called a "Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie" for a reason. The Capitalist State preserves the interests of the capitalist class. The working class have to take power and overthrow capitalism altogether.

  10. Last I checked to be a progressive you would actually want progress in the US, not committing racism towards one race, whining about the president, and denying economics in support of socialism, silly Turds.

  11. Notice how jimmy dore and Steve oh are the only ones that talk about corporate democrats. The rest of TYT is russiagate trash and sjw shit

  12. The DCCC never learns, I don't want a republican lite. I hope progressives still win. The establishment Democrats only care about their donors.

  13. This is why our country goes downhill because of the Democratic or greedy money hungry War idiots. They don't care if they kill innocent civilians Americans vets or even our allies that help us out from other countries. They go for all the people that have money and they make money off of us dying they are evil

  14. February 4 2018 there is footage of a girl getting raped by a cop in new york, I dont have the power to help her but I know u do… Please make it a story and get justice for this 17yr Iv been watching your videos everyday for over 6 years now and I haven't asked for anything just please do her a solid Phil and really cover this story.

  15. Get rid of all of them and elect new blood, so sick of all of them. The only thing the Trump voters are right about is we need change.

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