How The European Parliament Works

How The European Parliament Works

The European Parliament consists of 751 members or MEP’s who come from 28 countries across Europe. It is the only directly elected part of the European Union. The amount of MEP’s each country has is based on it’s population. With Ireland having 11 in total. The Parliament is 1 of 6 EU institutions and it works alongside two of these: The European Commission and the Council of the European Union, also known as the Council of Ministers. The Parliament’s job is to build on laws and legislation that come from the European Commission,
to either approve them or reject them. They do this along with the Council of Ministers,
which is made up of the respective department heads of all 28 member states. The Parliament also examine and approve the European Union’s annual budget and spending, approve the appointment of the Commission’s Executive and elect it’s President. The Parliament is divided into eight main political groupings and each group stick together in the voting chamber,
known as the Hemi-cycle. The voting happens in the Hemi-cycle in Strasbourg, But a lot of the day-to-day work of MEP happens in Brussels. Where they are part of committees,
which there are over 20. Here, most of the work is done around
discussing, writing and making changes to legislation to be voted on. the committee’s revolve around areas such as; consumer protection, the environment, food safety, freedom of travel and most sectors of the economy. To find out more about the European Parliament and what it does, click here to watch our series inside the Parliament! (Captions Generated by Peter Clarke)

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