How The Law Of Attraction Really Works

How The Law Of Attraction Really Works

– Have you seen the movie “The Secret” or have you read the book “The Secret”? Now maybe you have heard
of the Law of Attraction and you wonder exactly what it is and you wonder, does this actually work? Does the Law of Attraction work? You see, believe it or not, Law of Attraction’s not some
complicated, magical ritual or some mysterious, ancient secret, it’s actually very, very simple. I want you to think of like gravity is an unchanging law of
the universe, gravity. When I throw something in the air, it will drop to the ground. When you jump off a building,
you will hit the ground. That’s the law of gravity. You see, Law of Attraction
is no different. It is simply the ability
to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. In basic terms, all thoughts
turn into things eventually and what you focus on
expands, just like gravity. To understand Law of Attraction, first you have to understand this, that you always attract
into your life the people, the things, the resources, the ideas in harmony with
your dominant thoughts. It means that you always
attract people into your life in harmony with your current experience, knowledge and wisdom. It means that your life only gets better when you get better. It means that as a salesperson, if you wanna increase more sales, you want to close more deals or you wanna increase your income, you will only do that
if you become better. You want to become a better manager, you will only become a better
manager if you become better. You’ll only become a better father only if you become better. So today I wanna share
with you four strategies on how to actually apply Law
of Attraction in your life. Not touchy-feely, not theory, not woo-woo, foo-foo, tree hugging theories, I’m talking about how it actually works. How to use the Law of Attraction to create the life that you desire. Strategy number one and
that is confirmation bias. You see, as a human
being we seek information that confirms what we already believe. What does that mean? It’s very simple. Have you ever had this experience? I remember back then, my first
dream car was the Mazda RX8, the red RX8. I remember that that was my dream car, that I had it on my vision board. I look at that every single day. You see, what’s very interesting is the minute I put the
car on my vision board suddenly I notice Mazda everywhere I go. Everywhere, I see the Mazda
3, I see the hatchback, I see the RX8, I see different colors. I’m like, “Wow, everyone drives a Mazda.” But is it true, or is it
simply confirmation bias that because that’s what I focus on, suddenly I could see more? Or were they always there,
but I just didn’t notice them? That’s how our mind works. Let me give you another example. You’re watching my video and if you’ve been following
my work for any length of time, you could see that we
have a lot of subscribers, a lot of fans from around the world. Now you’ll notice, I want
you to look at a comment, I want you to look at a comment
for this particular video, any video that I have. It’s very, very interesting
that the same video, the same video that I
create, the same lesson someone would say, “This is phenomenal, “this is the best lesson I’ve ever seen.” Someone would say, “Oh, this sucks. “This is horrible, this is BS.” It is the same video, why is that? Because we seek information that confirms what we already believe. When you watch any one of my videos you don’t actually hear what I say, you don’t hear a damn thing that I say, you hear what you want to hear. You see, we all have a filter,
we all have this filter. Every piece of information
that goes through, that comes through our
mind, we have this filter, this is your confirmation bias. If it confirms, if it reaffirms
what you already believe, you will take that in. If it doesn’t, you will ignore it or you will fight, you would argue. And that’s why the same piece
of content, the same video, would provoke such different
reactions from people. I know that. It has nothing to do with what I say, it has nothing to do with what I teach, it has nothing to do
with what I’m teaching, it has everything to do with your belief, how you see the world, your world view. That’s it. Some people can take the
information that I teach and go out there, start a new business, take their business to the next level, make a six-figure income,
make a seven-figure income. Some people could take my information and not do a damn thing with it, not do anything with it and
say, “This is bullshit.” It’s the same piece of information. That’s why. Strategy two, how I make Law
of Attraction works in my life and that is I notice things, but I don’t pay attention to it. Now one time we were at a penthouse and it was raining
outside, heavy, heavy rain and I was looking over the windows and I was looking out there. I’m like, “Oh my goodness.” I’m like, “Look at the dark cloud. “Look at the pouring rain.” It was so depressing. And then Jenny walks by and
she’s looking at the windows and she’s like, “Oh, it’s so romantic.” I’m like, “Romantic?” Like, “What are you talking about? “This is bad! “We can’t go out, this is pouring rain.” Damn Vancouver, right? She’s like, “No, look at the mountains, “look at that, look at the light. “This is so romantic.” I’m like, “Are you and I
looking at the same thing? “What is going on here?” Well we are looking at the same thing. The difference is that she saw
beauty and I saw dark cloud. It is the same scenario. See, what you focus on expands. It’s like the filter I was talking about. Most people tend to change their
lives with more information without upgrading your filter. Jenny and I, we have a different filter. You see, you have to realize this, that it is not what happens to you, but how you think about
what happens to you that determines how you
react and how you feel. It is not the world outside of you that dictates your circumstances
or your conditions, it is the world inside of you that creates the conditions of your life. So you could choose, do
you wanna give it attention or do you not wanna give it attention? When you go home and you
complain about your work, when you complain about
your business, guess what. You go home, you complain to your spouse. “Oh my God, today, the
work, the job was so bad, “it was horrible.” You are reliving that experience,
you’re giving it energy. Your brother-in-law, your
brother, your sister calls you and you’re, “Aw man, let me tell you “about how horrible work is today.” You’re reliving that again,
you are giving it energy. Yes, it has already happened, but you can choose if you
want to give energy to it and that’s how you activate
the Law of Attraction. The more you give energy to something, the more you’ll attract those things and those circumstances into your life. Strategy number three. Now, when you’re not giving
attention, that’s good, but then slowly and progressively even eliminate noticing it. Not even noticing it. You see, you have to understand
the universe in some way is kind of a little bit raked against us. That’s correct. Let me prove to you. Here’s a garden. Now when you plant roses, what do you get? What do you get? Comment below. You get roses, right? Now, but what happens if
you don’t plant anything, and you don’t take time to
even take care of the garden. You don’t even pay attention
to it, what happens? Weeds grow. So it is not the case that
if you don’t plant something nothing will happen, no. It’s rather the case when
you don’t plant anything weeds grow and that’s how our mind works. So if you’re not constantly
feeding your mind, I call that mind feed, if you don’t constantly feed your mind with positive motivation, inspiration, something that moves
you towards your goals, practical, useful information
to feed your mind, you are not doing that
constantly, weeds grow. And that’s why personally
I don’t watch news. Because most news are
nothing more than negativity and they are just designed
to grab your attention, it’s just sensations. It doesn’t actually do much to your life, it doesn’t add value to your life, it doesn’t make you a better person except it scares the heck out of you. You watch enough news, you
don’t even wanna go out. You don’t wanna do anything. So I don’t watch news. If it’s important enough, guess what. My team, someone, will tell me. I’ll eventually find out. But most of the time I
don’t what is going on. I focus on what I do. I wanna protect this. I wanna protect my filter. I’m very, very careful
about how I view the world and how I upgrade my filter. And that’s why Law of Attraction,
it works all the time, it works 24/7. You cannot stop it even if you want to. You cannot stop it even if you’re not paying attention to it. So you could choose, you can choose what information you
consume every single day. You can choose what you pay attention to, you can choose what channel you watch, you can choose what videos you watch. You have the power to choose. Strategy number four. What you say to yourself becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy. So I wanna ask you a question,
I want you to comment below. Share with me one of your goals, maybe two or three of your goals. Go ahead, do that. Sometimes I will hear people
share their goals with me and they will say something
like this and say, “I want to be successful.” “I want to be successful.” Or, “I want to be a millionaire.” “I wanna be a millionaire,
I wanna be a millionaire.” Well, guess what. What you say becomes your
self-fulfilling prophecy. When you say that enough, guess what? You will get very, very good that wanting, wanting to be successful. Think of the universe, think of the universe
as kind of like a person that you are telling universe, “Hey, I want to be successful,
I wanna be a millionaire.” The universe is like, “Great,
your wish is my command.” And the universe is like,
“Okay, I’ll grant your wishes.” So guess what, your whole life
you’re wanting and wanting and wanting and not having. And then you keep asking the universe, the universe is like,
“What the heck do you want? “I already give you what you want. “You said you want it, I just give you, “You don’t say you are,
you just said you want.” Change your vocabulary. I am successful, not I want to be. I am a great salesperson. I am a great entrepreneur. I’m a great father. I’m a great son. I’m a great husband. I’m a great wife. I’m a great daughter. I am a millionaire. “Dan, are you saying that I go out there “and even though I’m struggling, “am I lying to people that
say I’m a millionaire?” No, this is not an external communication, it is an internal communication, what you say to yourself
all the time in your mind. Can you see yourself being that? Are your habits, your
behaviors, your actions, are they congruent with who you are? See, in my book “F.U.
Money” I talk about this. I said you cannot be a millionaire with $50,000 a year habit, period. It’s incongruent. You first need to see yourself
being that person first before you will get the results, not get the results first, oh then I’ll see myself doing that. If once I get a million dollars, then I’ll see myself as a millionaire. No, it’s the other way around. That’s how the Law of Attraction works. You need to see yourself
acting, thinking, behaving, not blowing money, I’m
talking about your mindset. Acting, behaving, thinking,
taking action, doing things, operating like a millionaire
before the results, before the money gets deposit
into your bank account, if that makes sense. Let me share an inspiring
story with you about Allison, one of my mentees. You see, Allison, using
the Law of Attraction, using the power of high income
skill that I’ve taught her, she paid off her car
payments in three months. Now, that may or may not be a
big deal for a lot of people, but for a single mom,
that’s a big deal for her. Because there were months before that sometimes she couldn’t even
afford to pay her car payment. And now she paid that off. Imagine that. This is her story. – Hi, HTC family. We are sharing a boom! Say it, Saul. – Boom! – What’s our boom? – We paid off our car for the whole– – Yep, we just paid off my car! Our car! So–
– That’s her car forever. – Yes, and this is, for some of you it may not be a big deal, but for me, I bought this car, I’m a single mom and so there were some months where I couldn’t even make my car payment. It was kind of a struggle
and so that I could, you know, I’ve never had a brand new car, so when we started looking
at the vision board I didn’t have clarity on
what would my new car be and I thought, “Okay, since
I don’t have clarity there, “what is a goal I can put up on there?” And it was to pay my car off. I put it up three months ago, to get my car paid off in three months. That was my vision board goal. And last month I had
to do $1,000 on my car, ’cause I made two car payments
and it had $500 of repairs. So I was able to do that and still pay extra stuff for my daughter for her baby shower and then I just had one final
payment that I just did. So boom. – [Saul] Boom. – Boom. Thank you, HTC. Bye! – Here’s another story. Rafael’s mom always wanted to go to Europe and Rafael made a promise to himself that once he made the money, he put that on his vision board, that he would treat his mom
for a trip, all paid for, to go to Europe. And you can see in this
video when he did that, notice the happiness and
fulfillment on his mom’s face. (speaking in foreign language) (man laughs) (speaking in foreign language) – Isn’t that wonderful? It is a privilege for me
to be able to do what I do to teach people, to give
people a high income skill, an alternative, but at the
same time also teaching them practical laws of success, teaching them how actually
the Law of Attraction works to help them to attract to create the life that they really deserve and desire. So I wanna leave you with
one thought and that is this: If this is something that you wanna do, I take all my students, all my mentees through
a seven week journey online from the comfort of your own home, a seven week transformation journey. Not only by giving you a skillset, but giving you the mindset that you need, upgrading that filter that you need to create the life that you desire. And remember, act as if all
your dreams have come true and then you challenge
your reality to catch up.

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